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Only proven mewing exercises and personal plans for improved facial symmetry, jawline, chin position, and more. Includes reminders and progress-tracking tools!
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4.7 Rating

Mewing Coach Is All You Need To Improve:

Weak Jawline
A weak jawline is not only unattractive - it's unhealthy. By shifting your tongue position with mewing, you can shape your jawline.
Mouth Breathing
Mewing fosters a habit of closing your mouth and achieving proper tongue position, which is essential for embracing nasal breathing.
Facial Symmetry
An attractive face is a symmetrical face. Achieve facial symmetry by working on your jawline and facial muscles.
Double Chin
Fat forms under your jaw due to weak facial muscles. Mewing exercises strengthen your jaw, reducing double chin.
Hollow Cheeckbones
Your face looks significantly older if your cheekbones are hollow. Mewing fosters forward facial growth.

Our Users Have Already Achieved Results. And So Will You:

of our users moved closer to achieving hunter-eyes
of our users improved their cheekbones
of our users defined their jawline
Man with hunter eyes, improved cheekbones and defined jawline Man with hunter eyes, improved cheekbones and defined jawline
of our users reduced old age wrinkles
of our users minimized mouth breathing
of our users got rid of double chin
Person with reduced old wrinkles, minimized mouth breathing and reduced double chin Mewing Person with reduced old wrinkles, minimized mouth breathing and reduced double chin

Get razor-sharp jawline

Start to feel that you are enough, become more confident, stop blaming yourself and let yourself be stunningly successful.
Reinvent your look
Allow yourself to be surrounded by the right people who will appreciate and accept you for who you are.
Improve your image for yourself & others
Learn how to deal with stressful situations, tackle anxious thoughts and overcome overthinking.
Boost your confidence
Gain the courage to embrace new opportunities, achieve your goals, and unlock your true potential.

We use science-backed tools to help make lasting changes

Dentofacial orthopedics practice
Facial muscle tissue engineering
Body neuromechanics
Posturology therapy

Mewing Daily Is Easier With The App

Mewing app daily reminders feature
Daily Reminders
Make Mewing a HABIT with customizable mewing and posture notifications
Mewing app personalized face exercises
Personalized Face Exercises
Follow along with expert-made video tutorials and step-by-step guides.
Mewing app progress tracking feature
Easy Progress Tracking
Motivate yourself with a convenient before and after photo comparison tool
Real people. Real stories.
Ryan Thompson says about mewing app: I actually tried mewing for the past year. In the beginning it was uncomfortable and weird... Eventually, with the help of constant reminders to do it, it became second nature and actually was more natural. I can say that my facial structure has increased. I have a much more defined and mature one. Especially around jaw. I'm going to keep on mewing to see how much can it do.
Tyler Davies review of mewing app: If you want to really form your face without diets and exhausting workouts, mewing is the way to go. You could spend hours at the gym and see no results, but mewing actually forms your face muscles. It amazes me how my face gets all tight after every workout - that means it works! gave me all the tools and helped me to really enjoy the process. I feel like a new person.
Agnes Remi review of mewing app: The tongue acts as the brace, pushing your teeth out. I think mewing is legit, I'm 35, been doing it for 5 months and my posture is better, my jawline is stronger for sure and breathing through my nose, so already improved my life regardless. Alsi it will always be hard to prove as it's a self reporting exercise. But look at my before and after pictures.

Our Promise

Dr. Mike Mew

Proper mewing technique, when used continuously, gets to the bottom of almost every problem that affects your facial features: weak jawline, misaligned teeth, asymmetrical or chubby face, double chin, turtle neck, bad posture, nasal congestion, mouth breathing.

Our team of experienced orthodontists and physical therapists has built a workout program that is accessible and affordable for everyone in need. Try it out, and we guarantee you will be satisfied.

Created and verified by orthodontist Dr. Mike Mew

Dr. Mike Mew