Mewing Before & After Results: 70+ Crazy Transformations

Mewing Before & After: 70+ Crazy Transformations


    Do you feel self-conscious about your facial features or jawline? If so, you’ve likely heard about mewing.

    So did he:

    Mewing transformation male

    Or she:

    Mewing results female

    And many others that tried mewing to achieve incredible before and after results

    Mewing is a powerful and natural face-sculpting technique, which celebrities were hiding for so long.

    Now it’s public, and you’re just 60 seconds away from getting a personalized mewing workout program.

    Take a quick quiz below to sculpt your face into the desired look!

    When father-son duo Dr John Mew and Dr Mike Mew developed this technique and exercises, they hoped to help people. Now their method can help You correct your posture and strengthen facial muscles, along with numerous other health benefits.

    🔎 In this comprehensive deep-dive into before and after mewing we present you…

    • 📝A Mewing Breakdown – we’re going to take a look at what mewing is, how it works, and so much more.
    • 💪 Reasons To Start Mewing – there are a ton of reasons why you should consider mewing. The mewing transformation potential for your facial muscles and overall posture is no joke.
    • 👀 Real Mewing Before and After Photos – instead of just hearing all about what mewing can do, now you can see the results of real people for yourself!

    Mewing before and after photos



    What is Mewing?

    First and foremost, welcome to this awesome and potentially life-changing practice! If you’d like to know more about the origins, the science behind mewing, and get a detailed breakdown of this powerful health practice, check out our page on what is mewing?

    It’s not necessarily a new technique by any means. However, it’s rapidly gaining momentum in the health and wellness fields thanks to the internet.

    Before and after mewing adult man jaw transformation

    To mew means to improve the symmetry in your face by correcting facial and bodily habits like tongue posture, swallowing, and body posture. This natural corrective cosmetic treatment has a variety of additional health benefits, such as helping with oral health, sinusitis, nasal congestion, mouth breathing, sleep apnea and many more.

    Mewing before and after asian

    How Does Mewing Work?

    In order to mew, you need to take your tongue and flatten it out, placing it against the roof of your mouth. The tip of your tongue must be placed just before the upper front teeth, but not touching them. The bottom front teeth need to be slightly behind the upper front teeth, with your teeth resting slightly on one another at the molars.

    This placement is where you should be placing your tongue and is considered the correct tongue posture. Through this, you’ll need to stop breathing through your mouth and begin nasal breathing to strengthen the muscles in your face and jaw. By doing so, you’re redefining your facial features.

    Those who spend even just one-month mewing, begin to understand how mewing works within their body. Just by adjusting tongue posture, the health benefits are enormous, and really show just how interconnected every aspect of our bodies is.

    Hunter eyes before and after mewing

    Is Mewing Legit & Does it Really Work?

    While there’s not much hard scientific evidence to support the claims of both John and Mike Mew yet, that doesn’t mean this isn’t legitimate.


    Because the results speak for themselves! Millions of people around the world have started their mewing evolution and they are seeing the results for themselves. Moreover, the orthodontist and health community is starting to take note of mewing effectiveness.

    Of course, progress takes time, but once they begin noticing it, they’re shocked by the mewing transformation they’re able to achieve.

    We’ll show you some mewing before and after pictures that will blow your mind, just to reaffirm that there’s merit to what the Mew’s are claiming their methods can achieve. Mewing obviously works for these people!

    Jaw transformation results of an adult man

    10 Reasons to Start Mewing

    Once you know how mewing works, you should definitely consider to give it a shot yourself.

    While mewing is by no means a producer of fast results, it definitely can deliver real results! Here are 10 reasons why you should start mewing:

    1. It fixes poor posture.
    2. It makes your face more symmetrical and increases attractiveness thanks to a stronger jawline progression, cheekbones, etc.
    3. Alleviates jaw pain.
    4. Provides relief from snoring.
    5. Improves breathing.
    6. Improves swallowing.
    7. Improves oral health.
    8. Reduces sinus infections.
    9. Decreases risk of temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ).
    10. It helps to correct speech impediments.



    Mewing: before and after

    How Long Does It Take for Mewing to Work

    Mewing isn’t going to produce instant results. Some mewing transformations occur faster than others. For example, changes to your facial appearance will likely only be noticed after 3 to 6 months, which can go all the way up to two years for some. However, in some cases, you can even see changes within 14 days. It’s the more noticeable changes that take time to see. This is why it’s important to maintain exercise and practice the right technique every day.

    Children might have an easier time noticing results as they’re working with an evolving body and are at an advantage for more rapid results because of their age.

    Adults are working with a body that’s already set in its ways. You might notice general differences in jawline and jaw health within 1 to 3 months for example, but really large, aesthetic changes may take a longer time.

    Double chin before and after mewing results

    Mewing Results Can be Achieved Faster With 3 Easy Steps

    1. Learn How to Mew Properly

    The first step you’re going to take is learning how to mew properly. At first, you might find certain aspects of mewing to be difficult, but with enough time and practice, it will become second nature.

    First, you need to close your mouth and seal your lips. Then, take your tongue and flatten it out against the palate. Your bottom front teeth need to be slightly behind the upper front teeth. Your teeth will only slightly rest on each other at the molars.

    Finally, your tongue should be stretched out, and the tip should be by your front upper teeth, but not touching them! All breathing needs to be done through your nose instead of your mouth because when your mouth is open, you’re no longer mewing.

    Mewing is a complex technique, but with our app, it’s more accessible than ever before!

    Anyone can enjoy our easy-to-learn exercises while also having access to loads of information, step-by-step instructions, and video guidance. With an app like this, you’re unstoppable on your quest to transform your facial appearance.

    Crazy before and after transformation pictures of mewing results

    2. Stick to Daily Mewing Routine

    One of the most important things about mewing is that it needs to become a habit.

    In the beginning, you will need to be extremely conscious of your tongue position in order to mew correctly. But, eventually, you’ll have made it a part of who you are and should be doing it unconsciously as a way of life.

    The best way to make mewing a habit is to ensure you’re doing your mewing exercises daily.

    With the app, you will easily get your mewing schedule, get reminders for exercising and keep track of your mewing progress!

    Mewing results male

    3. Take Daily Mewing Pictures to Track Your Progress

    A great way to track your progress is to take a picture of your face every day, week or month. These pictures will help you see the transformation over time.

    It might seem redundant in the beginning, but just like you’re making mewing a habit, you should be making this one too. Progress tracking means you’re constantly seeing your performance and the results you get will motivate you to keep going.

    With the app, you can upload your photos to the progress tracker to see your mewing transformation in real time!

    Jawline transformations before and after mewing

    Mewing Before and After Results: 70+ Real Examples with Pictures

    Mewing Before and After Women Results

    When women start engaging in mewing and the proper tongue posture techniques, they can see real changes in their facial shape. Mewing before and after pictures you’re about to see are impressive as they show the following changes:

    • A more prominent and pronounced lower jaw transformation.
    • Reduced, if not completely eradicated, double chin.
    • Jaw underskin tightened and reduced sagging.
    • Healthier, brighter, and tighter-looking face. This makes women look younger!
    Mewing before and after women results

    Correct Tongue Posture Before and After Mewing by Women

    Thanks to proper tongue posture, you’ll see a reduction in the sagging skin under the jaw and a tighter complexion.

    Correct tongue posture before & after mewing

    Women’s Nose Transformations Before and After Mewing

    The results of mewing before and after clearly show an improvement in the nose’s alignment and overall face structure.

    Before and after mewing female nose transformation picture

    1 Week Mewing Results: Female

    The immediate changes after a week aren’t substantial. However, that doesn’t mean they’re non-existent either. If you look closely, you’ll notice changes in the overall posture of the face.

    1 week mewing results female

    6 Months Mewing Effects on Women

    After a few months, you’ll begin seeing a reduction in the double chin, tighter neck muscles, more prominent cheekbones and a more defined jawline. Check out the incredible caption of a mewing woman before and after progress!

    6 months mewing results of a woman

    Mewing Results for Girls: Before & After Transformations

    It’s easy to see the effects of mewing before and after a period of time. The face looks far better than it did before. This is due to the exercises taking an inactive face and gradually tightening it up while reducing excess fat.

    Female Jawline Benefits from Nose Breathing and Perfect Oral Posture

    When you stop your mewing transformation dead in its tracks, there are likely to be some adverse side effects. When we are mewing properly, we’re breathing through the nose instead of mouth and that helps us not only to achieve great oral posture, but has it’s hygiene perks too. The benefits of oral posture include:

    • improved oral development.
    • maintaining a straight teeth alignment.
    • prevents snoring, sleep apnea, mouth-breathing, and teeth grinding.
    Female jawline after stopping mouthbreathing and adopting perfect oral posture

    Mewing Before and After Male Results

    Men enjoy similar facial benefits to what a female might experience, but the results can show up on their faces differently. For guys, it produces a more masculine appearance. The following photos will show the progress men experience from mewing.

    Mewing before and after male

    Mewing Transformation of a 23 Year Old Male

    Mewing at a young age, like 23, while not as effective as being a pre-teen, can still be effective and bring in rather fast results. The excess fat in the facial structure is clearly reduced thanks to mewing.

    23 year old male mewing results

    6 Months Mewing Adult Male Results

    Adults will see results slower. There have clearly been improvements made to the facial structure of the person in this picture, and that’s after six months.

    6 months mewing before and after adult progress

    1 Year Mewing Results of an Adult Man

    Now, after 1 year of mewing, the bones are looking more aligned, the fat has been removed, and their facial features look to be in a better position.

    Mewing 1 year results of an adult man

    Teeth Before and After Mewing Examples

    In the following mewing before and after pictures, you’ll see the benefits of this technique on your teeth. You can correct crooked teeth and straighten them, to an extent. Finally, you can learn how to not apply too much pressure to your teeth resulting in bruxism or teeth grinding. These mewing before and after pics will showcase the best practices that produce great results for your dental health.

    Picture of mewing teeth before and after effects

    Mewing Results for Crooked Teeth

    Crooked teeth will be a thing of the past, as seen in this mewing before and after image. Mewing does a fantastic job of getting teeth into the correct position instead.

    Mewing results for crooked teeth before & after

    Mewing Does Straighten Teeth: Before & After Results

    As you can see, mewing profoundly affects teeth positioning, helping them better align themselves.

    Mewing does help straighten teeth proof picture

    Mewing With Braces Before and After Results

    Mewing can actually help your braces in their mission to straighten your teeth. Here you can clearly see that mewing with braces has had an impact on the alignment of the teeth and the shape of the mouth.

    Mewing with braces results in before & after picture

    Positive Mewing Effects on Bruxism

    Learning proper tongue posture means understanding how to relax the jaw and where to place your teeth, leading to a decrease in bruxism. You to learn to correctly place your tongue in your mouth, which naturally teaches you to not grind your teeth when mewing.

    Bruxism before & after mewing progression

    Hard Mewing and Soft Mewing Before & After Results

    Let’s take a look at some before and after mewing pictures to see how hard and soft mewing can affect the results mewing has on your facial structure.

    Soft mewing is similar to how you’d do it in general. It’s not too forceful on the roof of your mouth or your teeth but does have a profound effect. Soft mewing is all about teaching you the proper oral posture.

    Hard mewing shouldn’t be done as frequently as is more like a hard workout for the face and particularly the jaw. It can be a great way to continue defining your face features.

    Hard vs soft mewing before & after comparison picture

    Hard Mewing Results with Before & After Pictures

    With hard mewing, you can see that effectiveness is clear on the more defined jaw and cheekbones. Additionally, the chin is what gets probably the best effects of hard mewing.

    Hard mewing results in before and after transformation pictures

    1 Month Hard Mewing Before & After Transformation

    After a month of hard mewing, you can already see some before and after differences in the jaw and chin shape as there’s a clear reduction in fat.

    Hard mewing 1 month results example

    Soft Mewing Before & After Results

    Soft mewing is how we mew in general and how the natural tongue posture should be. It targets the entire face and helps reduce fat and sharpens our jawline.

    Gonial angle before and after face exercises

    Hard vs Soft Mewing Before & After

    It shouldn’t be one or the other. Soft mewing is for all the time, while hard mewing is an every day exercise. You can see here that both provide incredible results, but hard mewing can’t be done as much, so if you’re relying on it solely, its effectiveness is reduced.

    hard mewing vs soft mewing transformation before and after picture

    Mewing Side Profile Before and After Progression

    As a result of mewing, you’re going to see your side profile look a lot sharper and more prominent while also being better shaped.

    Mewing side profile before and after results

    Mewing Before and After: Nose Transformation

    The nose before and after mewing does gain more definition as a result of consistent routine and overall face changes. More importantly, the position of the maxilla moves up slightly as a result of this technique and takes the nasal passage with it, allowing for the proper alignment of the other facial features.

    Nose before and after mewing result picture

    Mewing Before & After Results in Time Perspective

    In these mewing before and after pictures, we can look at mewing progress through the lens of time. It will become clear that you will notice numerous differences rather quickly while others take time.

    Age plays an important role in how long it takes for the mewing to show any signs of progress. You’ll notice in the position of certain parts of the face aligning and being where they should be in the first place.

    Mewing time for results before and after progression example

    Mewing 10 Hours Before & After Comparison

    10 hours before and after mewing results

    Mewing 15 Hours Before & After Example Pictures

    Before and after picture of mewing 15 hours

    1 Week Mewing Before and Afters

    Mewing before and after pictures after 1 week

    Before & After Mewing 2 Weeks Results

    Picture of before and after mewing results of 2 weeks

    Mewing 1 Month Result Comparison of Before and After Pictures

    1 month mewing results in before and after picture

    Before & After Mewing 2 Months Transformation

    Mewing 2 months transformation before and after results

    Before and After Mewing 3 Months Changes

    Mewing 3 months results example

    4 Months Mewing Before & After Results

    4 months mewing before and after results

    Before & After Showcase of Mewing for 5 Months

    5 months mewing before and after results

    Mewing 6 Months: Before and After Results

    6 months mewing results comparison in before and after picture

    9 Months Before & After Mewing Results

    9 months mewing transformation in before and after example

    Mewing 1 Year Before and After Progress

    1 year mewing results in before and after picture

    Mewing 2 Years Before and After Transformation

    2 years of mewing example in before and after pictures

    Mewing 3 Years Before & After Results

    3 years mewing before and after comparison

    4 Years Mewing Results Before and After in Real Pictures

    4 years results of mewing example

    Adult Mewing Results in Before and After Pictures

    In the following mewing before and after pictures you will notice the steady progression of male and female adults engaged in mewing. Their mewing progress is clearly showcased through better posture, less fat in their faces, and a maxilla that has been slightly lifted.

    Let’s take a look at the photos to understand the changing position of the facial features thanks to mewing while taking into account age.

    Adult mewing results

    40 Year Old Mewing Before & After Changes

    40 year old mewing adults before and after picture

    Adult Male Before and After Results After 1 Year of Mewing

    1 year of mewing adult before and after transformation

    Adult Female Before and After Results After 2 Years of Mewing

    Adult female before and after results after 2 years of mewing

    Mewing Results for an Adult After 2 Months

    Mewing before and after adults picture

    Mewing Results for an Adult After 4 Months

    Mewing results for an adult after 4 months

    1 Year of Mewing Before & After Result on an Adult

    1 year of mewing before and after adult results

    Mewing Before & After 6 Month Transformation of an Adult Male

    Mewing before and after transformation of an adult male after 6 months

    Mewing Before & After 15 Month Results of an Adult Man

    Mewing before and after transformation of an adult man after 6 months

    Mewing: Cheekbones Before and After Real Results

    As you can see, mewing technique has creates a major difference in the cheek area. The cheeks are more carved out and defined, leading to a more defined jawline and attractively prominent cheekbones as a result.

    Mewing cheekbones before and after picture

    Chin Before and After Mewing

    The chin becomes more inverted to reduce sagging, which in return decreases the appearance of double chin. It’s a clear example of the mewing transformation potential.

    Mewing fast results adult chin before and after picture

    Mewing Results on Weak Chin

    Thanks to mewing, you can see the chin no longer looks as weak as it once did. Instead, progress has set in, and the effectiveness of this technique has been positive, resulting in a stronger, more attractive chin.

    Weak chin improvement before and after mewing

    Double Chin Before & After Mewing Difference

    Nobody wants a double chin, and it’s clear that when you mew, you see results! The reduction in the double chin is evident in this girl’s image, and it’s all because of proper tongue posture.

    Picture of reduced double chin before and after mewing

    Receding Chin Mewing Before & After Effects

    When you’re mewing properly, you’re resetting the relationship between your neck and face by reducing the strain on the neck. This results the dramatic improvement of receding chin over time.

    Fixed receding chin picture of before and after mewing

    Face Transformation: Before and After Mewing

    Overall face transformation, expressed through before and after mewing pictures, shows a strengthened masseter muscles and maxilla. These two muscles being worked on makes your cheeks, jawline, and entire facial structure look much sharper than before you started mewing.

    Before and after mewing face change

    Jaw and Jawline Before & After Mewing

    Your jaw and jawline are bound to see results through practice and perfecting this technique. As you see here, its effectiveness cannot be understated.

    Picture of jaw transformation before and after mewing

    Jawline Transformations Before & After Mewing

    As you’ll be able to see that the mewing before and after clearly showcases a sharper, more defined jawline.

    Picture of jawlines transformations before and after mewing

    Jaw Progression From Mewing: Before and After Pictures

    The overall jaw, as shown in the photo, shows that with the teeth benefiting from the mewing technique, the jaw’s prominent in a more positive manner.

    Mewing jaw before and after

    Tongue Before & After Mewing Changes

    By applying pressure to your palate with your tongue, you make your tongue muscles stronger. Therefore mewing not only strengthens your tongue, but it’s also responsible for the changes that happen to the entire face.

    Tongue mewing before and after

    Correct Tongue Posture Before & After Mewing Results

    With the correct tongue posture, you can see that there’s a reduction in the sagging skin under the chin before.

    Correct tongue posture before and after

    Tongue Chewing Exercises Before & After Mewing Effect

    Mewing tongue chewing exercise is one of the most effective ways you can strengthen your tongue and improve it’s mobility.

    Mewing tongue chewing exercise before and after results

    Eyes Before and After Mewing Results

    In this mewing before and after pictures, you’ll notice the midface has moved up slightly, which creates deep-set or hunter eyes. Additionally, the tilt improves, making the eyes look less bulgy.

    Mewing eyes before and after

    By pushing the midface up and forward, you’re allowing each eye to get that more deep-set nature.

    Picture of hunter eyes before and after mewing

    Bite Transformation: Before & After Mewing

    You might notice here that the teeth seem to have become better aligned, which helps to remedy a misaligned bite. This can be a significant improvement for dental health.

    Underbite before and after mewing

    Underbite Before and After Mewing in Pictures

    This photo shows us that by mewing’s ability to define the jawline, you’ve improved mild underbites.

    Overbite before and after mewing

    Overbite Before and After Mewing: Real Transformations

    Mewing can take on your overbite and win. By going through the method, you’ll see improvement in your overbite, thanks to the contact your jaw is getting.

    Crossbite before and after mewing

    Crossbite Before & After Mewing Examples

    There are many examples of people achieving better teeth alignment, thus fixing issues with crossbites.

    Open Bite Transformation: Before & After Mewing

    An adult open bite can be partially fixed by mewing. You might consistently work on the jaw, strengthen it, and sometimes even correct your open bite without surgery.

    Mewing Effect on Lips: Before & After Results

    By constantly focusing on your lips and closing them, you’re going to be able to reshape, strengthen and adjust the overall shape of your lip shape, giving you a more desired look. As lips form a vital part of facial symmetry, you didn’t think mewing was going to skip out on the lips, did you?

    Check out these awesome before and after photos to see just how effective mewing is for your lips.

    Mewing effect on lips in before and after picture

    Asian Results Before & After Mewing

    The results among people from Asia are often some of the most impressive. This is likely due to intense discipline, practice to perfect the technique, and a desire to achieve mewing progress.

    Mewing before and after results on an asian man

    Kids Results Before & After Mewing

    A young girl or boy engaging in mewing are at an advantage due to their age. Working with a developing body means young children have a greater ability to get results, which shows in this picture.

    Kids results before and after mewing

    Neck Before & After Mewing

    When it comes to your neck, the mewing before and after photos show a much tighter neck. This is thanks to the reduced strain being placed on it and the combination of mewing exercises.

    Chubby Neck Before & After Mewing

    A chubby neck is no match for mewing. So as you better position your neck, you’re actively reducing the excess fat.

    Turtle Neck Before & After Mewing

    Mewing helps you better position yourself to improve your posture, thus reducing turtle neck- a result of bad posture- as shown in the photo.

    Posture Changes Before & After Mewing

    This technique, developed by British orthodontist John Mew, and his son Mike Mew, doesn’t just help with tongue posture but posture in general, as seen in these mewing before and after photos.

    Oral posture Before & After Mewing

    The main target of this technique is oral posture. While this mostly can go somewhat unnoticed from an external perspective, you do see changes to the facial structure as a result of good oral posture.

    Body posture Before & After Mewing

    What you’ll notice is that mewing makes it so that you’re not allowing your neck to be lazy and hold all the pressure. As a result, your shoulders are no longer slumped, your heads up straight, and your posture’s greatly improved.

    Hunchback posture Before & After Mewing

    Building on the last point, as you’ll notice in these mewing before and after pics from the start to this one before you, the posture improves from photo to photo. This is because they’re mewing properly.

    Mewing Before and After

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