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Ryan Owen
Ryan Owen
Ryan Owen is an orthodontist who has years of experience helping people achieve straighter teeth and defined jawlines. He’s been involved in Face Yoga for 20 years and now specializes primarily in mewing technique. His work helped many people by improving their facial symmetry, jawline, cheekbones, and chin.
Emma Erickson
Emma Erickson
Emma Erickson is an orthodontist who has been in private practice since 2014. She is a member of a few orthodontist associations. In addition to her private practice, Emma Erickson is on various faculties of the University, where she teaches courses in orthodontics. She is a published author and a sought-after speaker on the subjects of orthodontics and facial appearance.

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Sarah T.
Sarah T.
Face Sculpting
I've been following for a while to shape my face naturally. Their face sculpting advice really works. My jawline and cheekbones look better now. Plus, their newsletter is full of great tips. It’s awesome how much my look has changed without surgery.
Mike D.
Mike D.
I was unsure about mewing until I found They explained everything so well, and I started seeing changes in my face. It’s amazing to see such improvements just from their advice. This website is a goldmine for anyone wanting to improve their facial features.
Jenna W.
Jenna W.
Oral Health
Teeth grinding was a nightmare for me until I stumbled upon They helped me find the right night guard and shared tips to manage my TMJ issues. It’s been a game-changer. My jaw feels better, and I’m so grateful for their guidance.
Alex R.
Alex R.
Sleep Health
Snoring and bad sleep were my big issues, but following tips from changed that. My sleep quality is so much better now, and my snoring has almost stopped. Their newsletter has even more helpful advice. It’s made a huge difference in how well I sleep.

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