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JAWLINER® Review: Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy


    Jawliner review

    JAWLINER is a revolutionary facial jaw trainer that can help you sculpt and define your jawline effectively.

    As the demand for a sharper jawline continues to rise, the latest popular tool is the JAWLINER 3.0, which has recently hit the market, and this upgraded version comes with enhanced features to add even more to the fuss.

    However, before investing in a jawline exercise tool like JAWLINER, it’s essential to gather all the necessary information beforehand, avoid fake reviews, skip over bad products with negative reviews, and find the best deal for you. Luckily for you, we are here to help you do that!

    In this thorough JAWLINER review, we’ll share all the essentials on the topic, benefits, and potential drawbacks, so keep on reading because your defined jawline is just around the corner.


    What is JAWLINER®?

    JAWLINER products have garnered a lot of attention from individuals looking to enhance their facial features. The JAWLINER brand has various innovative jaw trainers designed to target and strengthen the jaw muscles and improve facial esthetic and the definition of the jawline.

    The founders of the JAWLINER company wanted to create specialized tools that would optimize the jaw training process. The idea behind JAWLINER originated from the concept of chewing gum and elevating it into an exerciser tool. The JAWLINER products include the JAWLINER Fitness Chewing Gum in multiple flavors, and the newest edition – JAWLINER 3.0 Jaw Trainer, available in three different resistance levels. These products offer a unique and effective way to tone the muscles in the jaw area, providing individuals with the opportunity to achieve a chiseled jawline.

    How to Choose the Right JAWLINER Facial Fitness Exerciser?

    Start by getting acquainted with your JAWLINER. This German brand offers various models and resistance levels to choose from, so select the one that suits your fitness level and goals. Here are some things to consider before selecting the right one for you and making a purchase.

    • FDA-Approved Material

    JAWLINER comes with a German quality and highly durable design that can withstand the demands of regular use. These jawline trainers are made from high-quality food-grade silicone that is safe to use and tested by doctors. In addition, it’s also FDA-approved, and it’s made out of non-toxic material.

    • Resistance level

    1. Beginner JAWLINER 3.0 – Designed for those new to jaw training, beginner levels provide a gentler resistance to help you develop proper muscle engagement and control. This level is suitable for individuals starting their jawline training journey.
    2. Advanced JAWLINER 3.0 – Advanced levels come with increased resistance to challenge your jaw muscles further, and they are ideal for individuals who have progressed beyond the beginner level and seek more intense workouts and muscle development.
    3. Expert JAWLINER 3.0 – This option gives the highest resistance for individuals with significant jawline trainers experience and well-developed jaw muscles, as they provide the toughest workout to maximize muscle growth and enhance jawline definition.
    • Budget

    Consider your budget when choosing a JAWLINER, as prices may vary depending on the intensity and model. Ensure that the chosen JAWLINER product, whether it’s the exerciser or the chewing gum, or a bundle, meets your needs and offers value for money.

    In-depth Review of JAWLINER® Products

    As mentioned before, JAWLINER has several products in its shop. Below, I’ll take a closer look at the different resistance levels.

    JAWLINER 3.0 Beginner

    Jawliner beginner

    JAWLINER Beginner is the prime tool to kick off a regular jaw workout. It’s naturally designed so you can train and grow your jaw muscles by just doing chew motions on it, and it can help you create a well-defined jawline and confident look.

    The JAWLINER Beginner is the first intensity-level jawline trainer that is amazing to start out your jawline training practices if you want to make lasting changes to your facial features and outer appearance.

    For whom is it intended?

    The JAWLINER Beginner is the “starting out” model, and it’s a good fit for those that want to begin jawline chew training and build their facial muscles but have no prior experience.


    • Resistance: 60kg/cm²
    • Material: High-quality food-grade silicone, 100% BPA and PVC free
    • Quality: German quality standards
    • Certification: FDA certified, Certified by PICA Institute Berlin, and Tested by The Bavarian Health and Food Safety Authority (LGL)

    What I Liked About The Product

    I liked the beginner level of these jawline trainers, as they are amazing to start up and gain some jaw muscles in the comfort of your own home without stressing the muscles excessively.

    What I Didn’t Like About The Product

    While JAWLINER varies in intensity, the Beginner JAWLINER may have a bit slower results than other intensity levels, and that’s why it is best to start with the beginner level and, after being comfortable enough, move over to the next intensity level.

    RECOMMENDED Workouts USING JAWLINER® 3.0 Beginner :

    Basic Chewing Exercise – Insert the JAWLINER between your teeth and start with a comfortable resistance level and begin chew motion with a controlled and steady pace. Set your goal from 10 to 15 repetitions of chewing, focusing on engaging your jaw muscles throughout.

    You can follow the workout program presented below.

    1. Warm-Up
    2. Do some exercises
    3. Rest and cool down
    4. Repeat
    5. Do not exercise for more than 10-20 minutes, and only use the jaw exercises every second day for the purpose of not stressing the temporomandibular joint or tearing the facial muscles.

    Value for The money:

    The overall value for money is quite good, as the quality level of this jaw trainer is set up high, and the price is quite reasonable at €34.95.

    JAWLINER 3.0 Advanced


    JAWLINER Advanced offers targeted jaw training benefits with a stronger resistance of 70 kg, allowing you to shape and strengthen your jaw muscles for a more defined and confident appearance.

    For whom is it intended?

    The JAWLINER 3.0 Advanced is the second intensity in jaw training, designed to push your jaw muscles to a new level, and it’s best suited for people with previous jaw workout experience.


    • Resistance: 70kg/cm²
    • Material: High-quality food-grade silicone, 100% BPA and PVC free
    • Quality: German quality standards
    • Certification: FDA certified, Certified by PICA Institute Berlin, and Tested by The Bavarian Health and Food Safety Authority (LGL)

    What I Liked About The Product

    The JAWLINER Advanced provided a challenging workout for my jaw muscles and helped me achieve greater definition in my jawline, which I really loved. In addition, the engineering and design of this product were top-notch for a healthy bite and jaw joint.

    What I Didn’t Like About The Product

    Until you get accustomed to using JAWLINER Advanced, you might experience some initial discomfort and jaw fatigue due to the higher resistance level. However, after I took a few sessions, I adjusted just fine and found the right technique to minimize jaw pain.


    Hold without chewing: Hold the JAWLINER Advanced between your teeth without chew motions for 10 seconds, and then release. Repeat for 5 sets, focusing on engaging the jaw muscles during the holds.

    You can follow the workout program presented below.

    1. Warm-Up
    2. Do some exercises
    3. Rest and cool down
    4. Repeat
    5. Do not exercise for more than 10-20 minutes, and only use the jaw exercises every other day for the purpose of not stressing the molars or tearing the facial muscles.

    Value for The money:

    The advanced version is also priced at €34.95, and it offers excellent value for the money with its premium pricing, as the product’s advanced resistance level and high-quality lead to improved jaw muscle strength and a more attractive look.

    Jawliner 3.0 Expert

    The Jawliner Expert

    JAWLINER Expert is at the top of jaw training, representing the toughest and most advanced level of resistance in the product line.

    For whom is it intended?

    This German brand has taken an innovative approach to jawline training offering expert toughness resistance in its JAWLINER line, targeting the masseter muscle and providing a challenging workout for your jaw and facial muscles.

    The JAWLINER Expert is for jaw training experts, as it’s a highly advanced level.


    • Resistance: 80kg/cm²
    • Material: High-quality food-grade silicone, 100% BPA and PVC free
    • Quality: German quality standards
    • Certification: FDA certified, Certified by PICA Institute Berlin, and Tested by The Bavarian Health and Food Safety Authority (LGL)

    What I Liked About The Product

    The exceptional resistance level on the Expert model challenged my jaw muscles to the maximum and allowed for an intense workout and amazing results.

    What I Didn’t Like About The Product

    It was a bit of a challenge to get used to this intensity level, but it took a bit to get to the enjoyable workout. As the expert option is only for workout adrenaline enthusiasts, it could be too intense for some.

    RECOMMENDED Workouts USING JAWLINER® 3.0 Expert:

    Side-to-Side Exercise – Using only one hard piece of JAWLINER, move it on one side of your mouth between your teeth and chew with 10 repetitions, then re-adjust to the other side and repeat. This exercise targets different areas of your jaw muscles for balanced development.

    You can follow the workout program presented below.

    1. Warm-Up
    2. Do some exercises
    3. Rest and cool down
    4. Repeat
    5. Do not exercise for more than 10-20 minutes, and only use the jaw exercises every second day for the purpose of not stressing the temporomandibular jaw joint or tearing the facial muscles. The constant load of workouts may stress the molars, so do not work out every day, only a couple of times per week.

    Value for The money:

    The Jawliner Expert provides over-the-top resistance and superior quality, and it’s a great option for “workout junkies”. The investment in this expert training tool is worth it for its effectiveness and durability.

    How to Use JAWLINER 3.0 Exercising Tool

    JAWLINER is a trending exercise tool that is getting noticed all around the world. It blows any of the toughest chewing gum products out of the water. Training jaw muscles and elevating your jawline to the next level seems easy with this innovative jawline exerciser.

    If you’re ready to incorporate these jawline trainers into your routine, follow this step-by-step guide to make the most out of your jaw training sessions and get the desired results.

    Does Jawliner actually work

    Step 1 – Wash the JAWLINER

    To start, you need to take out your JAWLINER from its box and wash it with lukewarm water. Bear in mind that hot water should not be used.

    Step 2 – Prepare for the training session

    Sit in a comfortable position and make sure your mouth is clean and free of any chewing jawline gum or food debris. Proper hygiene is essential for a hygienic and effective jaw training session.

    Step 3 – Insert One JAWLINER

    First, insert one JAWLINER and position it on the last two molars on the right side of your mouth. Ensure it sits securely to prevent accidents or injury during exercise.

    Step 4 – Start Chewing Slowly

    This is the warm-up phase, so start chewing slowly and continue until you can feel the resistance that JAWLINER gives and hold it for 1 second. Then you can move the JAWLINER to the opposite side of your mouth and repeat the exercise one time.

    Step 5 – Increase Chewing Intensity

    Begin chewing fast to continue the warm-up phase, and do so mindfully for two more minutes. Transfer the JAWLINER to the opposite side and repeat the exercise.

    Step 6 – Insert the other JAWLINER

    Place the second JAWLINER between your left molars, aligning the tool properly. With this step, the warm-up phase is finishing, and the real workout stage is taking place.

    Step 7 – Start Chewing Slowly

    Start chewing slowly with both JAWLINER until you begin to feel the resistance of the tool, and hold for 1 second. Repeat these movements until your face become tired from the exercise or for about 2 minutes.

    Step 8 – Increase Chewing Intensity

    Begin chewing fast and mindfully for two more minutes. With this step, you have finished the set. The set needs to be repeated 5-10 times every second day for the best results of forming your masseter muscle and getting a chiseled jawline.

    Does JAWLINER 3.0 Actually work?

    By engaging and strengthening the masseter muscle, JAWLINER aims to improve muscle tone and enhance the definition of the jawline and make it more attractive.

    This sounds pretty nice, but is JAWLINER legit? JAWLINER USA is FDA, PiCa, and Food Grade Silicone certified, so it’s definitely legit. Also, JAWLINER offers an amazing 1-year warranty deal, and the high review score on TrustPilot of 4,5 stars is just an extra.

    So, let’s move to the big question, does JAWLINER really work? Training your jawline with a tool such as JAWLINER can really help you build muscle tone and scalp your jawline to be strong and well-defined, so the short answer is YES, JAWLINER does work.

    Is Jawliner legit

    Why is Jawliner 3.0 a Good Product?

    The purpose of the jawline trainer is to provide a targeted workout for the masseter muscle, which is one of the key muscles responsible for chewing and jaw movement. By engaging and strengthening this muscle, JAWLINER aims to improve muscle tone, increase jawline definition, and potentially reduce the appearance of a double chin.

    After training with these jawline trainers, many have reported growth in their masseter muscles which is a very attractive facial feature.

    Jawliner Gum Review

    Jawliner gum review

    JAWLINER Fitness Chewing Gum is a German chewing gum pack specifically designed for jaw training. You can get the benefits of regular chewing gum while building up your perfect jawline. The JAWLINER chewing gum is targeting the jaw and facial muscles, and unlike normal chewing mastic gum packs, this fitness chewing gum pack offers higher resistance levels to beat those weak jaws.

    How does JAWLINER® Fitness Chewing Gum work?

    By providing your jaws with resistance, this jawline gum works miracles during simple chew motions and can help train, tone, and sculpt your facial features. With their help, you can get rid of the weak jaws for life within a few weeks and expect an attractive appearance!

    For whom is it intended?

    The fitness gum is intended for anyone who wants to strengthen their molars and achieve a more attractive and strong-looking jawline. It’s the heardest chewing gum in the world, so it gives quite the resistance.

    Benefits of using JAWLINER® Chewing Gum

    By using these Chewing Gums, you give a nice workout to over 80 facial muscles! With this, you can achieve enhanced molars strength, a more attractive look, a strong jawline, and a healthier facial look. In addition, the JAWLINER chewing gum line offers variety of flavor options, such as mint, ginger/lime, and my personal favorite, cinnamon/honey. Yumm!

    Jawliner facial fitness gum

    What I Liked About The Product

    I loved the unique concept of this sugar and aspartame-free fitness chewing gum, which combines the enjoyment of a healthy and guilt-free chewing gum experience with the added benefit of jaw muscle training. It’s also 100% vegan, which is a big plus in my book. The German brand’s attention to detail and the quality of the product are on point, and most importantly, they provide results!

    What I Didn’t Like About The Product

    The price of the product may be a bit higher compared to regular gum.

    Value for The money:

    Overall, having a sculpted and beautiful jawline makes this product a worthwhile investment. JAWLINER gives amazing results with only 5 to 10 minutes of exercise a day, so… it’s a YES from me. If you take it a step further to complement this workout with the JAWLINER 3.0, you can get to your target jawline look even faster.

    Is it Better to Use Jawliner 3.0 Exerciser or Jawliner Chewing Gum?

    This question cannot be answered in another way, except that both JAWLINER tools offer many benefits; it all depends on personal preference. Chewing gum is easier to deal with, as you can use it anywhere, anytime, without others noticing that you are working out. It provides comfort and ease.

    On the other hand, JAWLINER 3.0 activates the muscles on a higher level and can provide more intensive workouts. However, whether you go for the JAWLINER Chewing Gum or the JAWLINER 3.0, the most important thing is to stay focused and train your jaw muscles regularly.

    JAWLINER Before and After Results Pictures

    Individuals who choose to use JAWLINER experience significant changes in their appearance and overall jaw strength, leading to enhanced jaw joint functionality and reduced jaw pain. With regular use, JAWLINER products can help you achieve a more aesthetically pleasing facial structure.

    Here are some before and after results to convince you!

    Jawliner before and after

    Jawliner before after

    Is JAWLINER® Dangerous?

    JAWLINER has been approved by the FDA, PiCa, and has been made with certified high-quality Food Grade Silicone. The product is safe to use, but still, do not forget to follow the instructions. These are the most important points to note before using Jawliner:

    • JAWLINER is a very hard facial fitness chewing gum, so you should use it for no longer than 10-15 minutes every other day.
    • It’s not suitable to use JAWLINER® strong chewing gum for individuals under the age of 14.
    • If you feel any pain during workouts, stop using JAWLINER® fitness chewing gum.
    • If you have any jaw problems, consult your doctor or orthodontist before starting with JAWLINER.

    JAWLINER Bundles to Fit Your Jaw Exercising Needs at All Levels

    What is very exciting about JAWLINER is that they have great bundle offers. With these offers, you get much better value for your money as by combining products, you get very affordable prices to get JAWLINER products. Some of my favorite bundle packs are:

    • Starter Bundle – With this bundle, you get the beginner + the advanced JAWLINER 3.0, so you can switch up and target the exact pressure levels you prefer at any given moment.
    • Advanced Bundle – For those aiming to become experts, this bundle pack consists of the advanced and the expert JAWLINER 3.0, which offers higher resistance levels for more intensive workouts.
    • Professional Bundle – If you like to diversify your workout sessions, this bundle is a must; you can get the beginner, advanced, and expert JAWLINER 3.0 at a huge discount price.
    • All-in-One Bundle – This bundle offers all of the JAWLINERS 3.0 and an extra pack of JAWLINER fitness chewing gum. This is a pack for winners and those who love jawline workouts.

    Where to Purchase JAWLINER®?

    JAWLINER can be purchased on the brand’s official website, with a user-friendly online store that provides a simple platform for customers to browse and purchase the product easily.


    The pricing of JAWLINER varies depending on the specific product and package chosen. Most prices range from €30 to €110.

    Shipping Policy

    JAWLINER has shipping provided to multiple countries. Their shipping policy includes various delivery options to accommodate customers’ preferences and needs.

    Refund Policy

    JAWLINER has a refund policy in place, so if customers encounter any issues with their order or are unsatisfied with the product, they can refer to the company’s refund policy for information on how to request a refund or exchange.

    There is no money-back guarantee, unfortunately, but JAWLINER offers an exchange of a defective product if it was purchased within the last 12 months from the online shop – completely free of charge.

    Final Thoughts

    JAWLINER is a company that offers innovative products that provide numerous benefits, including improved jawline appearance and enhanced jaw muscle strength. By following regular use of the JAWLINER 3.0, the JAWLINER Fitness Chewing Gum, or combo-jawline workout tools, you can achieve your desired results in no time.

    Whether your target is to enhance jaw muscles and shape the jawline or to get a healthier look, JAWLINER products have got you covered. Incorporating the JAWLINER into your fitness routine can contribute to improved jaw strength, muscle definition, overall oral and gum health, and of course, getting the jawline from your dreams.

    Hopefully, this in-depth review was helpful enough to get you started on your jaw training journey!

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