Are Onyx Detox Foot Pads Reviews Fake? A Test On My Feet |

Are Onyx Detox Foot Pads Reviews Fake? A Test On My Feet


    Onyx detox foot pads review

    Modern foods are full of toxins, particularly fast foods that are loaded with preservatives and artificial flavors. The best way to protect oneself is simple: steer clear of toxins and be discerning in food choices. But Switching to a healthier diet should go hand in hand with detoxification – a process of expelling toxins to improve overall health.

    One popular method that has gained traction online is the use of Onyx Detox Foot Pads. The many reviews online claim that they draw out impurities from your system as you sleep. However, I’ve tested them in my quest to find the best detox foot pads on the market and my experience raises questions about their efficacy.

    Personal Experience with Onyx Detox Foot Foot Patches

    I tested Onyx Detox Foot Pads for several nights, adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions diligently. These pads are marketed as containing bamboo vinegar extract, Vitamin C, and green tea extract, all of which are touted for their detoxifying properties. I placed the pads on the soles of my feet and secured them with the bandage included. The promise was that upon waking up, the toxins would turn the pads black, thus revealing what was removed from my body.

    Pricewise, Onyx Detox Foot Pads are affordable at $4.97 for two pairs. Considering the purported benefits, this appears to offer a reasonable price-to-value ratio. Onyx Brands, the manufacturer behind this product, presents itself as a reputable company dedicated to health and wellness solutions. My experience ordering the product from Walmart was straightforward and it arrived promptly and in good condition.

    However, the entire experience fell flat when I actually tried to use them for several nights. I observed no coloring on the pads, suggesting that no toxins were removed. Despite the product description stating that the pads are infused with bamboo vinegar extract, Vitamin C, and green tea extract, I couldn’t detect any aroma, which I found quite peculiar.

    More importantly, my purpose for trying these foot pads was to see improvements in sleep quality and alleviation of leg aches. Neither occurred. I found myself questioning the 4.1-star rating and reviews that claimed miraculous effects, such as relief from arthritis and gout pain. Given my lackluster experience, I suspect that the high ratings and reviews could be fake.

    As a better alternative, I recommend Nuubu foot pads. In contrast to my experience with Onyx, these pads showed visible results and I felt an overall improvement in my well-being. Unlike Onyx foot patches, Nuubu actually delivers on its promises, making it a superior product in the market today.

    Effectiveness of Onyx Foot Pads From Customer Reviews

    Onyx detox foot pads

    Scientific research on detoxification methods indicates that cleansing toxins from the body can improve overall well-being. Onyx foot pads claim to clean these toxins while you sleep. Despite this, my experience contradicts the array of positive online reviews. I observed no noticeable change in well-being or detoxification.


    Detoxification refers to the process where the body eliminates harmful substances. Customer reviews suggest that Onyx Foot Pads effectively remove toxins overnight. Although the concept sounds promising, my experience did not demonstrate any signs of detoxification.

    Pain Relief and Relaxation

    People often experience pain due to various factors such as stress, physical injury, or fatigue. Online reviews rave about the pain-relief properties of these foot pads. However, my experience provided no relief or relaxation from foot aches.

    Improved Sleep Quality

    Insomnia or poor sleep quality affects many people. Foot pads are often recommended as a solution for these problems, as they can be incorporated into a bedtime routine. Unfortunately, I did not experience any improvement in sleep quality during my trial.

    Enhanced Blood Circulation

    Some foot pads claim to stimulate pressure points, improving blood circulation in the feet. Numerous customer reviews praise this aspect. Contrary to these reviews, I noticed no improvement in blood circulation in my feet.

    Natural Ingredients

    Onyx foot pads consist of natural ingredients like bamboo vinegar extract and green tea extract. While these ingredients are often linked to various health benefits, I did not experience any noticeable changes or even smell the aroma of the ingredients. I suspect that they are nonexistent in these foot patches.

    Stress Reduction

    Methods such as reflexology and aromatherapy are widely recognized for stress reduction. Onyx Foot Pads claim to offer similar benefits, with numerous customers attesting to this. Yet, my personal experience did not align with these testimonials, as I felt no less stressed after using the pads.

    Potential Onyx Foot Pads Side Effects

    Although online reviews usually paint a rosy picture, the odds of experiencing side effects are minimal. My experience further underscores this point, as I did not observe any noticeable effects—positive or negative. Yet, for the sake of a comprehensive view, some potential side effects need to be considered.

    Allergic Reactions

    Allergic reactions are extremely rare but still possible. For those sensitive to natural ingredients like bamboo vinegar or green tea extract, a mild allergic reaction could occur.

    Skin Irritation

    Skin irritation refers to an uncomfortable itch or tingle in the area where the foot pad is applied. Though this could happen due to the sensitivity of your skin to any of the components, it’s unlikely given that the pads are generally composed of natural ingredients.

    Redness of Skin

    Red skin is often a temporary condition that occurs in the area where the foot pad makes contact with the skin. If your skin is generally sensitive, there might be some redness. However, this effect is minimal and not long-lasting, especially since the pads don’t appear to have a strong impact.

    Mild Body Discomfort

    This encompasses a broad range of minor complaints from muscle soreness to a feeling of unease. It’s a rare occurrence and one that is more likely related to other factors than to the foot pads themselves.

    Onyx versus Nuubu: An Analytical Comparison

    Nuubu foot patches comparison to competing products

    When it comes to natural detox foot pads, Nuubu surpasses Onyx in every domain. Having used both, I can confidently say that the sensation after using Nuubu patches was tangible. Unlike Onyx and other foot patches, Nuubu genuinely felt like it made a difference.

    Onyx foot pads feature a mix of natural ingredients aimed at promoting health and well-being. However, the efficacy is dubious. In contrast, Nuubu contains bamboo vinegar, loquat leaves, vitamin C, and other plant extracts that synergistically work to attract and absorb toxins.


    Onyx Detox





    Quality of Materials



    Color Palette






    Side Effects






    Delivery Time



    Customer Support



    • Price: Nuubu may be more expensive, but the quality justifies the price.
    • Quality of Materials: Nuubu uses a scientifically formulated blend of natural ingredients.
    • Color Palette: Nuubu offers a wider range of aesthetic choices.
    • Effectiveness: Nuubu works. I felt a noticeable difference, unlike with Onyx Detox.
    • Side Effects: Both have minimal side effects, but Nuubu is safer based on my experience.
    • Smell: Nuubu’s pleasant aroma adds to the experience, unlike Onyx.
    • Delivery Time: Nuubu arrives quicker.
    • Customer Support: Nuubu provides exceptional customer support, making the buying process smoother.

    My suspicion is that Onyx Detox does not contain useful ingredients and thus negatively impacts the foot pad market. Based on my experience and other Nuubu foot pads reviews, Nuubu is unequivocally better. It simply works.

    What’s the Verdict on Onyx Detox Foot Patches?

    Onyx Detox Foot Pads did not deliver on their promise of detoxification and well-being enhancement. Despite the multitude of positive online reviews, my personal experience points to a lack of efficacy.

    As a contrast, Nuubu foot pads performed remarkably better in every aspect, justifying their higher price tag. If you’re looking for an effective detox foot pad, my recommendation leans towards Nuubu.

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