Brux Night Guard Reviews: Does This Mouth Guard Work? |
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Brux Night Guard Reviews: Does This Mouth Guard Work?


    Brux night guard reviews

    In today’s fast-paced life, teeth grinding or bruxism has become a widespread issue, leading to tooth damage and interrupted sleep. One effective solution is using a dental guard during the night.

    Boil and bite mouth guards offer a personalized fit by softening in hot water and then molding to your teeth. Among the available options, Brux Night Guard stands out for its fit and affordability. It also might be the best mouth guard for TMJ disorders.

    But how well does it actually protect teeth, and is it worth your investment? I’ve put this mouthguard to the test and read numerous Brux Night Guard reviews to help you make an informed decision.

    Read this review and learn if Brux is the right product for you.

    Brux night guard
    My Verdict:
    Brux Night Guard is a reliable solution for teeth grinding and clenching. These guards strike a great balance between affordability, comfort, and durability.
    Great Alternative
    Pro Teeth Guard night guard
    Pro Teeth Guard
    One of the best night guards I've ever tested. Highly recommended if you're dealing with teeth grinding, sleep apnea, TMJ, cheek or tongue biting.
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    Brux Night Guard: Who Is It For?

    Brux Night Guard is a creation of two partners who brought distinct perspectives to the problem of teeth grinding at night. They’ve crafted a guard that deviates from most traditional dental models. Brux night guards use dual materials for both comfort and durability. It’s also smaller than most, providing a less intrusive sleeping experience.

    To mold the Brux Nightguard, the impression process is simple and home-based. The first step involves boiling the guard, cooling it down, and then biting into it to fit your mouth. This user-centric approach makes it convenient for customers to achieve the perfect fit without frequent dental visits.

    Given its unique features, Brux Night Guard suits those who suffer from jaw pain, teeth grinding, and clenching exceptionally well. However, it’s not suitable for those with dental work such as braces, caps, crowns, or veneers. These mouth devices may interfere with the proper fit and function of the mouth guard.

    There’s a variety of dental guards that this brand offers. There’s the classic version, an ultra-thin model, and even a daytime option. If you value discretion, you may opt for the ultra-thin version. For those who grind teeth during waking hours, the daytime Brux Night Guard offers a suitable alternative.

    Reviews Of Most Important Aspects

    Brux night guard


    Brux Night Guard is highly effective against night teeth grinding and mouth clenching. Its design aims to redistribute bite force away from the back teeth, thus reducing bruxism and jaw pain. This mechanism can also protect from some TMJ disorders. While it’s not a medical solution for sleep apnea, its reduction in grinding and clenching can contribute to better sleep health.

    Many users have reported a significant decline in teeth grinding after consistent use. I have found the Brux Night Guard serving its purpose as well. However, it might not be as effective for people who haven’t successfully followed the boil and bite fitting instructions. Otherwise, it is a viable solution for several oral health concerns.

    Score: 4/5 ★★★★


    Brux Night Guard is more comfortable than I expected, especially given its price point. It is smaller than traditional dental guards, making it easier to protect teeth without feeling overwhelmed. The dual-material construction balances durability with comfort, a feature that significantly adds to the overall mouth comfort.

    Similar to what many online customers have reported, I found that the night guard fitted correctly, but I had to try more than once. The Night Guard causes no discomfort or pain. It is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable guards I have tested.

    Score: 4.5/5 ★★★★★


    The Brux Night Guard uses two different types of materials (hard and soft) engineered to be both comfortable and long-lasting. This blend ensures the guard remains effective over an extended period, even with regular use when you sleep. Customers have reported that the guard doesn’t wear out easily after half a year of use.

    Drawing a comparison to my own experience with Brux, which has withstood grinding for an extended period, I find that this night guard meets high standards of durability. Given its construction and the reviews, Brux Night Guard proves to be a robust choice for those concerned with longevity when fighting bruxism.

    Score: 5/5 ★★★★★


    In the realm of mouth guards, Brux offers a commendable price-to-value ratio. When compared to any dental guard or even pricier competitors like Pro Teeth Guard, it stands out for its affordability. While Pro Teeth Guard might offer a marginally better fit due to its different impression method, Brux provides sufficient comfort and durability at a lower price point.

    It also comes with a vented storage case and a travel case, adding extra value to the purchase. Many customers have expressed satisfaction with the cost-effectiveness of Brux Night Guard, stating it has saved them money. It is a financially wise choice for most people with various mouth health issues.

    Score: 5/5 ★★★★★

    Customer experience

    Customer experience is crucial in evaluating any product, and Brux Night Guard scores high in this domain. Many users have praised not only the effectiveness of the guard while you sleep but also the brand’s customer service. My experience reflects these sentiments about the dental mouth guard.

    The impression process is straightforward, facilitated by detailed instructions on the website. Although there are some negative reviews, they generally concern the teeth not fitting the guard. In my opinion, these complaints may stem from not following the guard molding instructions correctly.

    Score: 4/5 ★★★★


    Brux website includes a lot of detailed information, both about the product and the ethos of the company. It’s clear that the dental guard manufacturers took some time to prepare the guides and make the customer experience comfortable.

    Their YouTube videos are worth mentioning separately as they explain the process of using Brux Night Guard with a good sense of humor. However, such an approach might not be for everyone as, after all, people are trying to solve their medical issues.

    Score: 4.5/5 ★★★★★

    Personal Insights About The Brux Night Guard

    When I ordered my Brux Night Guard, I was intrigued by its promise of a simple customization process. The guard itself was an interesting blend of two materials, designed for both dental comfort and durability.

    I followed the ‘boil and bite’ steps: boiling the guard, cooling it down, and then biting into it to mold it to my teeth. To my relief, the fit felt just right. If it hadn’t, I knew I could easily remold the dental guard.

    I appreciated the flexibility to wear the guard on either my top or bottom teeth, depending on my mouth and how severe the bruxism is. I couldn’t find any information about a subscription service, which might have been a convenient supply of guards for the future.

    While the website didn’t provide an exact timeframe for customization of the night guard, I found the process to be around five to ten minutes long. From placing my order to receiving my custom-fit guard, the entire journey took two full weeks.

    Pros Of Brux Night Guard

    • Great price-to-value ratio
    • Fast customization
    • Durable

    Cons Of Brux Night Guard

    Some struggle with the custom fit

    Does This Night Guard Work Or Is It A Scam?

    Based on my experience and multiple customer reviews, Brux night guard is definitely a legitimate product designed to reduce teeth grinding.

    It has a 4.9-star rating on Google, based on more than 1,000 reviews. Customers consistently praise not just the night guard but also the customer service. It’s also praised as comfortable, as many users report no pain or discomfort while using Brux.

    From a value standpoint, customers highlight its cost-effectiveness compared to other brands. Its user-friendly and comfortable design makes it easy to mold at home, backed by detailed instructions. Brux night guard is definitely not a scam but a reliable and affordable dental appliance for those facing oral health issues.

    Experts on Using Night Guards for Teeth Grinding

    When discussing the merits of night guards, experts present a favorable view, particularly for boil-and-bite types like Brux. Initially designed for contact sports, these guards have been successfully adapted against grinding when you sleep.

    Research indicates that such mouth guards can be effective in addressing issues like teeth grinding, sleep apnea, and TMJ disorders. They can help prevent a range of problems, from jaw pain and headaches to worn dental work and broken teeth.

    Brux, a boil-and-bite option, offers affordability without a prescription, ease of home customization, and high-quality material composition. These features align well with the expert consensus that presents boil-and-bite guards as a viable alternative to custom-made night guards.

    Boil and Bite options are especially useful for those who can’t afford the latter or don’t want to undergo a more complicated fitting process. Importantly, mouth guards have been shown to assist in reprogramming jaw muscles and reducing TMJ symptoms.

    Custom-fitted guards tend to offer superior fit and protection, but boil-and-bite variants are catching up in terms of material quality and efficacy in fighting bruxism while staying more affordable. However, ensure you follow the specific molding and cleaning guidelines to make them effective and comfortable.

    Other Night Guards Worth Mentioning

    When comparing Brux Night Guard to other options, such as direct-to-customer or dentist-made guards, several differences stand out. Brux offers affordability, undercutting the costs of professional dentist-made options. It grants the user the ability to mold the guard at home, providing a unique fit that ensures comfort and security.

    Unlike many bulkier dental guards, Brux is notably smaller, which results in better sleep quality. But there is one caveat – Brux may not be suitable for those with dental hardware like braces, caps, crowns, or missing front teeth.

    Pro Teeth Guard vs Brux Night Guard

    Pro Teeth Guard mouth guard

    Pro Teeth Guard specializes in custom-made night guards fabricated in a dental lab in the United States. Unlike Brux’s boil-and-bite process, Pro Teeth Guard night guards are tailored for teeth grinding, clenching, TMJ disorders and other dental health issues.

    The company offers a 110% satisfaction guarantee, surpassing Brux’s warranty. Night teeth protector by Pro teeth comes with a free impression kit and diverse guard types — soft, dual-laminated, and hard acrylic. Their high Google rating of 4.9 stars speaks to customer satisfaction. However, they lack the at-home molding advantage that Brux offers.

    Cheeky Night Guard vs Brux Night Guard

    Cheeky custom night guard

    Cheeky Night Guard also focuses on custom-made guards, offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The night guards are made in a U.S. dental lab and designed for durability. Cheeky’s Google rating stands at 4.8 stars, which supports such a statement.

    While Cheeky offers similar guarantees and night guard diversity as Pro Teeth Guard, it cannot compete with Brux’s at-home customization and affordability. I recommend choosing Cheeky Mouth Guard if you have specific needs for a custom-fit night guard.

    Sentinel Mouthguards vs Brux Night Guard

    Sentinel hard dental night guard

    Sentinel Mouthguards present another custom-made option focusing on teeth clenching, grinding, and TMJ disorders. Their 90-day money-back guarantee and great customer reviews support this statement. I recommend looking into the best-rated Sentinel mouth guard – their 3mm durability night guard.

    However, Brux Night Guard edges out on affordability and the convenience of at-home molding. Sentinel provides various types of night guards, but like Cheeky and Pro Teeth, it requires sending impressions to a dental lab. It isn’t a complicated process, but it’s certainly less comfortable than molding night guard at home when using Brux Brux.

    Chomper Labs vs Brux Night Guard

    Chomper Labs night guard

    Chomper Labs and Brux offer solutions for individuals suffering from bruxism. Chomper Labs emphasizes a customized fit, offering night guards fabricated from robust, high-quality materials, with a focus on meeting individual needs based on the severity of teeth grinding, thus providing a more personalized approach to dental health. In contrast,

    Brux night guard introduces a boil-and-bite solution that is ready to be used almost instantly, making it a more accessible, albeit less personalized, option. The Brux guard is also more affordable upfront but might not offer the same level of durability and comfort as a custom-fitted guard from Chomper Labs.

    In summary, Chomper Labs is suitable for those seeking a premium, tailor-made solution, while Brux is ideal for individuals looking for a quick and budget-friendly option to alleviate bruxism symptoms.

    Brux Night Guard Guard Review: Conclusion

    Brux Night Guard is a reliable solution for teeth grinding and clenching. These guards strike a great balance between affordability, comfort, and durability. Not to mention that the boil-and-bite molding technique allows for easy at-home customization.

    When stacked against other guards, like Pro Teeth Guard and Cheeky, Brux stands its ground because of its user-friendly design and cost-effectiveness. Brux Night Guard offers a good price-to-value ratio and will help you get back your sleep from tooth pain.

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