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Best Clear Retainers in 2024

After completing the teeth straightening treatments, many orthodontists recommend using retainers to keep the alignment preserved. Clear retainers offer a discreet and comfortable way to […]

How Much Do Retainers Cost in 2024?

Retainers are dental appliances that require a long-term commitment. Studies show that after the first three months of orthodontic treatment, 60% of patients wear retainers for […]

What Is a Permanent Retainer? 101 Guide

Orthodontic treatment is undoubtedly successful in helping you achieve straightened teeth and a radiant, confident smile. But the journey doesn’t end with the removal of […]

Do Retainers Straighten Teeth?

Seeking to straighten your teeth? Exclude retainers from your options, as they serve a different purpose than moving teeth to a perfected position. While a […]

How Should a Retainer Fit?

Your retainer’s fit is no small matter! A snug fit is key for orthodontic retainers to do their job: keeping your teeth in their new, […]

What To Do If You Lose Your Retainer?

You hear it everywhere: wear your retainers religiously, or watch your perfectly aligned teeth regress to their old ways. Several scientific studies, such as this […]

How Long Do You Have To Wear a Retainer?

Retainers serve a straightforward purpose: preserving the outcomes of orthodontic treatments by keeping teeth straightened. Orthodontists advise wearing retainers for at least 10 years post-braces […]