Does Mewing Change Your Face Shape and How? |

Does Mewing Change Your Face Shape and How?


    Does mewing change your face

    Mewing is a technique that improves the resting position of the tongue. But why does that matter? Can mewing change your face?

    Yes. Simply put, how your tongue sets after you close your mouth, can have an impact on your facial structure over time. With mewing, you correctly reset your default tongue position for a more defined face.

    If you’re interested in achieving a pronounced facial definition via exercises you can do anywhere, this article covers:

    • 📍What mewing does to your face
    • 📍When to expect the results to show
    • 📍The differences in the face before and after mewing exercises

    Let’s get into it!


    How Does Mewing Change Your Face: Real Life Examples

    Practicing regular mewing will impact your jaw structure and symmetry of the face shape over time – just make sure you know how to do mewing the right way first!

    Check out the before and after pictures below to spot the difference:

    Face and jawline before and after mewing

    You should know that improper tongue placement while mewing may change your face shape in the wrong direction if you are not doing it correctly. For that reason, we created a app, where you can find answers to questions like “what does mewing mean” and how to do it properly with the following features:

    • Learn the proper tongue alignment: Get detailed voiced instructions from Dr. John or Mike Mew
    • Track your progress: You can record your face shape for a before and after comparison
    • Identify your critical face zones: With our app, you can learn what you should focus on regarding critical facial asymmetries and how to repair them
    • Learn more about the jaw muscles: You will learn what muscles are needed to attain a proper oral posture and how to train them for the best achievements
    • Overall mewing benefits: Practicing mewing doesn’t only improve jaw definition; it also helps with sleep apnea, difficulties in breathing and swallowing, and so on.

    Download the app, and start your mewing journey! app: mewing exercises

    Mewing Improves Facial Symmetry

    How to fix asymmetrical face with mewing, you ask? By putting your tongue in a new and correct default position, you extend the muscles and readjust the jaw so you can do the exercise correctly. As a result, you get improvements as in the images below:

    Asymmetrical face before and after mewing

    Some lighter asymmetries can be fixed with a consistent proper tongue posture. However, in case of a misaligned jaw, you might need an orthognathic surgery and practice mewing post-surgery.

    Mewing Defines Your Jawline

    People claim that a sharply defined jawline is more attractive and appealing. With our app, you can keep track of your jaw development until you get your desired outcome. Check out the pictures below to see what consistency can do:

    Jawline before and after mewing

    It takes 30 days to develop a new habit, so go ahead – download the app, stick with it, and reinvent the way you look!

    Effectively Reduce the Double Chin and Sagging Neck by Mewing

    By practicing mewing regularly, you’re stretching your tongue and neck muscles, resulting in a toned neck.

    On the other hand, the pressure you apply and how you readjust your tongue smoothes the double chin and evens it out. Check out the face before and after mewing to see the difference.

    28 day challenge to a more defined jawline

    Mewing Helps You Slim Down Your Face

    With age, our facial muscles loosen, and lines form on the face. This can also happen after a significant weight transformation and can be bothersome for the individual.

    However, by practicing mewing, you will notice your muscular jaw forming, and the loose facial muscles will start to tighten again. Here’s what that looks like:

    Slim face after mewing

    You might need cosmetic surgery if the face still has extra skin after an extended period.

    Mew to Highlight Facial Characteristics

    Ultimately, one of the best features of mewing is that it improves the face contours. Check out some photos of clients with jaw-dropping transformations below:

    Face contours after mewing

    By simply practicing daily, you will notice a sharper jawline and cheekbones – all natural!

    Does Mewing Change Your Face? Scientific Evidence

    If you search online for evidence, you won’t find info that 100% backs up the mewing method or answer the questions if mewing reduces face fat, or if one should do mewing to improve facial structure. You will find however, lots and lots of incredible anecdotal evidence from people who have successfully changed their face shape with mewing!

    Yes, there is a lack of evidence because back in the day, the British orthodontist John Mew introduced mewing as a natural alternative to existing facial procedures.

    That’s when his son Michel or Mike Mew steps in.

    Mike is living proof that mewing works because his father practiced the theory on his son. In that vein, Mike pursues his father’s idea and has helped others achieve positive results, as seen in the examples above.

    When Do the First Mewing Results Appear

    Mewing results after one, five and ten weeks of regular mewing

    The first results occur in 10 weeks of consistent mewing on average. You may not see any results if you don’t mew correctly, so we suggest using the app.

    Otherwise, if you want faster results, you can practice hard mewing where you’d have to add extra pressure and do the exercises longer than usual.

    However, in this case, you must make sure to use the app because improper mewing may lead to ruined face and crooked teeth.

    You can avoid soft foods in your free time and get something harder to bite on to stretch the facial muscles.

    Other Face Shaping Treatments and Mewing to Improve Facial Structure

    It’s no secret that mewing can help if the facial structure needs toning. However, in some situations where the jaw deformity is beyond repair, you might need oral and maxillofacial surgery. You will have to support the surgery with exercise.

    Many ask, “does mewing help TMJ disorder?” Definitely! It’s a simple but effective technique that may be a life changer to someone.

    So, what are you waiting for? Get our app, and learn how to do mewing right away. Like you can clearly see from the examples above – when you pursue the correct mewing, face changes can be really extraordinary! So, the sooner you start, the better!

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