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8 Best Nasal Strips for Snoring in 2024


    Best nasal strips for snoring

    Snoring can be disruptive and cause tension between roommates or partners. If you’re dealing with a snoring problem and are unsure of how to resolve it, nasal strips designed to prevent snoring could be an effective solution. These strips alleviate pressure on the septum and help you enjoy quieter sleep.

    However, you might be wondering which strips are best for stopping snoring. In this guide, we’ll cover the top adhesive nose strips that can help curb snoring.

    If you’re interested in improving your sleep and ensuring others can sleep peacefully as well, continue reading to discover the most effective anti-snoring devices.

    🏆 Editor’s Pick: Best Nasal Strips 🏆

    Best Overall
    Hostage nose strips
    Hostage Nose Strips
    Superior grip, cost-effective, and guaranteed satisfaction for better sleep and breathing.
    Extra Strength Adhesive
    One-Year Supply
    $.41 cents / day
    100% money-back guarantee
    Visit Hostage
    Hiloi nasal strips
    Hiloi Nasal Strips
    Hiloi anti-snoring strips are safe, non-invasive alternative to decongestants and antihistamines.
    Wing-like adhesion
    Instant relief from a stuffed nose
    Better air during sleep and physical activities 
    Anti-allergic adhesive
    Visit Hiloi
    Honarable Mention
    Breathe Right nasal strips
    Breathe Right Nasal Strips
    What sets Breathe Right apart for me is their instantaneous relief from congestion.
    It can open your nose 38% more than allergy sprays
    Drug-free snoring aid 
    Instantly relieves stuffiness
    Helps take in air more easily 


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    The Science Behind Snoring Strips

    What do nasal strips do

    Nose strips sit on the nose of your bridge and slightly pull the nostrils so air passes through it more easily. And when you get sufficient air, you can stop snoring.

    Snoring strips have a spring-like action due to the plastic embedded within them, so you snore less. When you stick them on, they strive to straighten back to their original shape, and in doing so, they lift the sides of your nose so you don’t snore even if you sleep with your mouth closed.

    While these over-the-counter devices can help with snoring related to sinus, they are not a treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. If you have sleep apnea and wish to reduce snoring, you should get nose or mouth guards specially designed for deviated septums. For that matter, read our comprehensive buying guide on the best nasal strips for deviated septum.

    These devices stop turbulent airflow and keep your lower jaw forward so you’re undisturbed during side sleeping and breathe easier as air passes through your open mouth.

    But if you’re habitual of snoring or have seasonal allergies that impact your sleep quality, here’s how nasal strips can help in reducing snoring:

    Safe Choice
    Hostage nasal strips
    Hostage Nose Strips
    Hostage Nose Strips deliver a safe and reliable breathing solution. Crafted with skin-safe materials, they ensure a gentle yet effective hold, promoting optimal nasal airflow for a peaceful sleep experience.
    See Pricing

    Nasal Strips Improve Airflow

    Nasal strips improve airflow

    Adhesive nose strips increase the diameter of your nasal airways by gently pulling open your nostrils. The lesser nasal blocking, the more air can flow through your nose, making your sleeping position easier and reducing the rumbling sounds of snoring.

    Nasal Strips Alleviate Symptoms of Inflammation and Sinus Passage Blockage

    Having a stuffy nose can take the wind out of your sails. Whether due to a common cold or a sinus infection, inflammation, and a stuffed nose make eight hours of sleep difficult.

    But strips can help alleviate these symptoms by widening the nasal passages and allowing you to breathe better during sleep.

    Nasal Strips and Controlled Breathing

    Controlled breathing or paced respiration is a cornerstone in yoga, sleep, stress management, and athletic training. It involves consciously regulating your breath—controlling the rhythm and depth of your inhalations and exhalations.

    But what if your nose is blocked or restricted? That’s where you need to buy strips, and here’s how nasal strips work:


    Nasal strips increase in sports performance

    Ever noticed athletes with a strip across their noses? That’s because during high-intensity activities, every ounce of oxygen matters.

    Nasal strips can increase airflow, ensuring optimal oxygen intake through your throat and, consequently, better athletic performance.


    Controlled breathing is a key part of relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation. And it becomes smoother when nasal strips improve airflow so you can relax more.

    Improved Sleep Quality

    Poor airflow can disrupt your sleep, leaving you groggy and grumpy in the morning. Best anti-snoring devices can reduce snoring and contribute to a sounder sleep as they ensure a steady airflow through your nasal passages.

    Nasal Strips Benefits

    What I admire the most about anti-snoring devices is their harmless nature and instant impact. Since taking oral medication to manage snoring comes with multiple risks, you can use these OTP strips to enhance your inhaling quality.

    Here are some benefits of anti-snoring flexible bands:

    Our No. 1 Nasal Strips
    Hostage nasal strip applied on the person
    The ultimate choice for enhancing sleep quality. Their superior grip, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendly design make them the top pick for effective nasal congestion relief.
    Get Hostage Strips

    Nose Strips = Lesser Snoring

    Nasal strips reduce snoring

    Are you or your loved one cranking out Z’s louder than a lawnmower? Anti-snoring strips might be the answer. By opening up the nasal passages, they help air flow more smoothly, reducing those guttural vibrations we know as snoring.

    Reducing Nasal Stuffiness

    Stuffy noses can seriously disrupt your sleep, leaving you feeling like you’re fighting for breath. Nasal strips offer a non-medicated way to widen your nasal passages and alleviate stuffiness, making your nights much easier and restful.

    Breathing Right

    Nasal strips helps ditch the mouth breathing

    Snoring can be a symptom of blocked nasal passages, but it’s not great for you—it can lead to dry mouth and even throat infections. An anti-snoring nose strip or chin strap helps you ditch the mouth breathing as it detects snoring and keep your jaw forward.

    Lower Stress On Septum Soft Tissues

    Your septum, the thin wall dividing your nasal passages, can be under pressure if you struggle with narrow nostrils or nasal blockage. It causes discomfort, especially with a deviated septum. That’s when anti-snoring nasal strips relieve this pressure by gently expanding your nostrils, giving your septum a well-deserved break.

    Quick Relief from Allergens and Pollutants

    Suffering from pollen or dust allergies? Have pets at home? Or maybe it’s just the cold season? All these can irritate your nose and make you snore louder than usual.

    Luckily, anti-snoring devices can provide fast relief from these environmental triggers.

    Best Nasal Strips For Snoring: In-Depth Review Of 8 Products

    Ready to get one of the best anti-snoring devices? Here are my top recommendations to keep your throat and sleeping comfortably:

    1. Hostage Nasal Strips Review

    Hostage nose strips review

    Hostage nasal strips stand out as the number one choice in my list of top nasal strips. These strips are a blend of convenience and effectiveness, making them a perfect solution for anyone looking to improve their breathing during sleep or physical activities. Hostage strips are made with a unique formulation, offering extra strength to ensure your nasal passages remain open.

    Key Features of Hostage Nasal Strips:

    • Extra strength adhesive for a firm grip.
    • A one-year supply ensures long-term relief.
    • Affordable at only $.41 cents per day.
    • Comes with a handy bedside tin for easy access.
    • Backed by a 100% money-back guarantee, ensuring no risk in trying them out.

    The Hostage strips are crafted to cater to those who struggle with snoring or nasal congestion. Their strong adhesive ensures they stay put throughout the night, offering consistent relief. This feature is particularly beneficial for active individuals or those with a restless sleep pattern.

    The pricing is another major advantage. At $.41 cents per day, these strips are an economical choice. The one-year supply pack not only provides convenience but also makes it a cost-effective option in the long run. The inclusion of a bedside tin adds to the ease of use, allowing you to access the strips effortlessly during the night.

    Consumer Reviews and Ratings:

    Hostage nasal strip applied on the person's nose

    While exploring customer feedback, it’s clear that Hostage nasal strips are highly appreciated for their reliability and effectiveness. Users often point out how these strips significantly improve sleep quality by reducing snoring and easing breathing difficulties.

    Personal Evaluation (why I like it Most):

    I regard Hostage nasal strips as the top choice for their balance of strength, convenience, and affordability. They address common problems like snoring and nasal congestion effectively, making them ideal for a wide range of users. Their extra strength adhesive ensures they work throughout the night, providing undisturbed sleep. The 100% money-back guarantee also speaks volumes about the confidence in the product’s effectiveness. This, combined with their economical pricing, makes Hostage nasal strips a leading option in the market.

    2. Hiloi Nasal Strips Review

    Hiloi nasal strips

    The Hiloi Nasal Strips, crafted from Sunlace non-woven fabric with a silicone paper touch, balance comfort, and efficacy. The materials, coupled with a size of 2.6 x 0.75 inches, make for a perfect fit on any nose type and size.

    Each package comes with a generous 21 strips to ensure that your nasal airways stay open for a good night’s sleep or optimum performance during physical activities.

    Hiloi’s wing-like adhesion is a distinguishing feature, providing a gentle yet secure grip. Their unique design affords immediate relief from congestion, promoting healthier respiratory patterns. I appreciate this feature, as it’s made my nights significantly more peaceful.

    Also, I’d like to highlight that the potential side effects of these strips are skin sensitivity and rashes that usually result from careless peeling. So if you want to make the most of these strips, use them as per the instructions given on the packaging.

    Key Benefits of Hiloi Nasal Strips

    • Wing-like adhesion 
    • Instant relief from a stuffed nose
    • Better air during sleep and physical activities 
    • Anti-allergic adhesive 
    • Drug-free strips 
    • Made to fit all nose sizes and types

    Consumer Reviews and Ratings

    I’m not surprised Hiloi Nasal Strips are well received by consumers. They have a combination of superior design, anti-allergic components, and instant relief. Most hiloi nasal strips reviews and ratings highlight their effectiveness and convenience, sentiments I share wholeheartedly.

    These strips are, without a doubt, my go-to nasal strips to stop snoring, ensuring unobstructed sleep, whether it’s during a high-intensity workout or a quiet night’s rest.

    Personal Evaluation (why I like it Most)

    Hiloi strips are truly a game-changer for those dealing with allergies. The anti-allergic adhesive gives them a distinct edge, offering comfort without triggering allergic reactions. Plus, they’re drug-free, making Hiloi anti-snoring strips a safe, non-invasive alternative to decongestants and antihistamines.

    3. Breathe Right Nasal Strips Review

    Breathe Right nasal strips

    Breathe Right nasal strips, the most reviewed nasal strips on Amazon, excel in alleviating congestion and making quiet sleeping easier. They work by gently opening your nose, resulting in an impressive 38% increase in airflow compared to allergy sprays.

    If you’re after a drug-free snoring aid, these strips are a real game-changer. If you’re combating seasonal allergies or simply seeking a better night’s sleep, these strips may be your answer.

    Key Benefits of Breathe Right Nose Strips

    • It can open your nose 38% more than allergy sprays
    • Drug-free snoring aid 
    • Instantly relieves stuffiness
    • Helps take in air more easily 

    Consumer Reviews and Ratings

    With over 8000 consumer reviews, Breathe Right boasts a commendable average rating of 4.4, showcasing their reliability. This high rating hints at their broad appeal and success in aiding restful sleep.

    Personal Evaluation (why is it the 2nd best)

    As for my assessment, these strips are my second favorite choice. What sets Breathe Right apart for me is their instantaneous relief from congestion. The absence of drugs also adds a layer of appeal, making it a healthier choice for long-term use.

    4. Clear Passage Nasal Strips Review

    Clear Passage nasal strips

    Clear Passage Nasal Strips promise to offer enhanced respiratory support by opening your nose when you seek improved sleep quality. These strips utilize smart-flex technology to exhibit robust durability while offering 20% more coverage for a broader impact than regular nasal strips.

    Key Benefits of Clear Passage Nasal Strips

    • Their smart-flex patented technology holds up well
    • These strips offer 20% more coverage for better impact 
    • Improved sleep quality 

    Consumer Reviews and Ratings

    Customers also echo the benefits of these anti-snore strips, which reflects in a commendable 4.7-star rating on Amazon. It is a testament to the product’s efficiency and consistent performance in delivering a sound night’s sleep.

    Personal Evaluation (why is it in our top 8 list)

    What draws me towards these nasal strips is their impressive ability to facilitate better inhaling. The tangible difference in sleep quality is undeniably beneficial. The smart-flex technology instills confidence in the product’s reliability, and the additional coverage ensures they don’t slide off as I sleep through the night.

    5. Snore Strips Review

    Snore Strips nasal strips

    Snore Strips offer a different solution, if you want to try something other than a nose and chin strap to reduce snoring. Since they sit on your cheeks and gently pull the skin to broaden your air passages, you inhale in a more uninterrupted way. Snore Strips Nasal strips stop snoring and aid sleeping by opening the nostrils wider than standard nasal strips, based on the Cottle Maneuver technique, which gently pulls your skin away from the nose.

    Other benefits of these strips include being drug-free and latex-free. It makes them safe and convenient for various users.

    Key Benefits of Snore Strips

    • Based on a technique called Cottle Maneuver 
    • Can open nostrils twice more than standard nasal strips
    • Drug-free 
    • Latex-free strips
    • Hypoallergenic 

    Consumer Reviews and Ratings

    Although Snore Strips are not as widely reviewed as Breathe Right or Hiloi, their ability to open your airways is outstanding. Also, based on my experience, these strips surely do a good job of being gentle with your skin.

    Personal Evaluation (why is it in our top 8 list)

    I find these strips’ ability to open up my nostrils more significant than traditional snore nose strips. They provide me with a comfortable and sound sleep. The fact that they are drug-free and hypoallergenic gives me peace of mind as I lay my head down each night.

    6. InstaClear Nasal Strips Review

    InstaClear nasal strips

    Another option that made it to my list of best nasal strips is InstaClear. Designed with superior hold, these strips boast a 50% better adhesion than most of their counterparts. So if you’re worried about the strip sliding off as you sleep, drop that doubt.

    InstaClear strips gently open the nose to better airflow and significantly relieve congestion. You breathe without any intrusion with these strips.

    Key Benefits of InstaClear Nose Strips

    • 50% better hold than most strips
    • Immediate impact 
    • Relieve nasal congestion

    Consumer Reviews and Ratings

    I checked customer reviews of InstaClear strips on Amazon and wasn’t disappointed. Since these strips have over 13,000 customer reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.1., it indicates they are performance nasal strips.

    Personal Evaluation (why is it in our top 8 list)

    What I find most appealing about InstaClear nasal strips is their immediate impact. Their 50% better hold also ensures they stay put throughout the night and provides consistent relief.

    7. Massner Nasal Strips Review

    Massner nasal strips

    Here comes an economical option. The Massner nasal strips improve your night sleep and don’t cost a lot, either. Their dimensions of 2.6 x 0.75 inches and a smooth adhesive ensure a comfortable fit for users. These strips create a spring-like action that gently holds your nasal passages open to alleviate issues like snoring or nasal congestion.

    Key Benefits of Massner Nasal Strips

    • The large size of 2.6 x 0.75 inches
    • Their gentle, spring-like action holds your skin
    • Smooth adhesion 

    Consumer Reviews and Ratings

    The product has received over 4000 reviews on Amazon, achieving an average rating of 3.9 stars. It indicates a generally favorable user experience, attesting to the product’s efficiency and comfort while remaining best price nasal strips.

    Personal Evaluation (why is it in our top 7 list)

    I like Massner nasal strips as their size fits me better, and the gentle yet firm adhesive ensures they stay in place all night.

    8. asUwish Nasal Strips Review

    asUwish nasal strips

    The asUwish nasal strips are aimed at enhancing your comfort. Their primary function lies in the physical dilation of the nasal cavity, which enables better air to assist with snoring, nasal congestion, or deviated septum.

    These strips employ a simple yet effective mechanism: they stick to the area over your nostrils and gently lift the side of your nose to open up your nasal passages. This seemingly small shift improves air intake and contributes to better sleep quality.

    Key Benefits of asUwish Nose Strips

    • These strips dilate your nasal cavity 
    • Improve nasal microcirculation
    • asUwish strips don’t curl up 

    Consumer Reviews and Ratings

    asUwish Nose Stripes have over 600 customer reviews on Amazon and maintain a respectable average rating of 3.7. Such a consistent rating highlights their reliability and customers’ trust in these nasal breathing strips.

    Personal Evaluation (why is it in our top 8 list)

    Strong adherence that prevents these strips from curling up, coupled with the noticeable improvement in my breathing, made them my favorite.

    How to Choose the Best Nasal Strips For Snoring

    Guide on how to choose the right nasal strips

    When I set out to find a solution for my loud snoring, I fell prey to some useless brands that didn’t care about these strips’ user-friendliness. But after some trial and error, here are the points that helped me choose the best nasal strips:


    You should get an anti-snoring device that promises a comfortable fit and feels gentle on sensitive skin. They should feel like a gentle tug on your nose and nasal passage, not a squeezing vice that keeps you uncomfortable.


    Not all noses are the same size or shape, and the same goes for nasal strips. Some brands offer different sizes, so it’s essential to find a strip that fits your nose perfectly.


    Many folks appreciate nasal strips because they’re a non-medicated snoring and congestion relief option. If you prefer to steer clear of medicines where possible, these are a great choice.


    You don’t want your nasal strip making a break for it in the middle of the night. A good strip should stick with you through all your tossing and turning. Look for brands that promise a strong yet skin-friendly adhesive that won’t cause irritation.

    Immediate Relief

    When struggling with a sleep disorder, you want an instant positional therapy that goes gently on your soft palate. The right nasal or chin strap should provide immediate relief, opening your nasal passages as soon as you apply it.

    You should start feeling the benefits of an adhesive strip within minutes.

    Factors to Consider When Buying Nasal Strips

    Besides the ingredients and adhesion, a nasal strip you use should also be pocket-friendly and safe for the skin. So when you’re eyeing a nose strip to improve your upper airway and breathing problems as you lie down in a comfortable sleeping position, know these factors:


    An ill-fitting nose or oral appliance might not work well as it keeps sliding down as you’re in a resting sleep position. So, you should get strips that snugly sit on your nose bridge without coming off as you twist and turn during sleep.


    Let’s be real; you’re buying nasal strips for a reason—to get relief from snoring or nasal congestion, so only put your dime on it if it promises effectiveness. You can look at customer reviews and ratings to get a sense of how well the product works. A strip that opens up your nostrils effectively will lead to a more peaceful night’s sleep.


    Budget matters, and thankfully, nasal strips come in a wide range of prices. While it might be tempting to go for the cheapest option, remember that quality and effectiveness are key. Balance your budget considerations with the other factors on this list.

    Skin Sensitivity

    Some nasal strips have a stronger adhesive strip that might cause irritation or latex allergies. So you should prefer hypoallergenic options with medical-grade silicone adhesives if your skin tends to react easily.

    How to Apply and Remove Nasal Strips Safely

    Clear about the best nasal strips that can help with poor sleep? Great. Here’s how you can use these strips to experience their benefits:

    How to apply and remove nasal strips safely

    1. Start with a clean face and peel away the liner from the sticky side of the strip.
    2. Looking in the mirror, position the strip across the bridge of your nose. The tabs should be on the flaring part of your nostrils.
    3. Press down on the strip to secure it in place. Make sure it’s snug and comfortable, with no wrinkles.
    4. Breathe normally and feel the difference. The strip should provide an immediate effect, helping to open your nasal passages.
    5. When removing the strip, wash your face or take a steamy shower to loosen the adhesive.
    6. Gently peel the strip from each side towards the middle. Do not pull it off quickly. If there’s any adhesive residue, wash it off, and pat dry your face.

    Nasal Strips: Potential Side Effects and Precautions

    I stick to honest nasal strips for snoring reviews and won’t sugarcoat the, either. As per my experience, here are some potential side effects of using these sleeping strips to reduce snoring:

    Allergic Reactions

    Some people may have an allergic reaction to the adhesive used in nasal strips. Signs of an allergic reaction include redness, itching, swelling, or rash.

    Skin Irritation

    Prolonged use of nasal strips can sometimes lead to skin irritation, especially for sensitive skin. To minimize this risk, ensure your nose is clean before applying, and always remove the strip gently.

    Special Instructions for Using Nasal Strips

    Follow these tips to ensure they deliver the promised results:

    • How Long to Wear Them: Nasal strips are typically designed to be worn throughout the night, and you should remove them in the morning.
    • Who Can Use Them: Most nasal strips are suitable for adults and children over the age of five.
    • Disposal Done Right: After removal, consider placing the reusable nasal strips into a recyclable paper envelope before discarding it.

    Our Verdict: Choosing the Best Nasal Strip for Your Needs

    Best Overall
    Hostage nose strips
    Hostage Nose Strips
    Superior grip, cost-effective, and guaranteed satisfaction for better sleep and breathing.
    Extra Strength Adhesive
    One-Year Supply
    $.41 cents / day
    100% money-back guarantee
    Visit Hostage
    Hiloi nasal strips
    Hiloi Nasal Strips
    Hiloi anti-snoring strips are safe, non-invasive alternative to decongestants and antihistamines.
    Wing-like adhesion
    Instant relief from a stuffed nose
    Better air during sleep and physical activities 
    Anti-allergic adhesive
    Visit Hiloi
    Honarable Mention
    Breathe Right nasal strips
    Breathe Right Nasal Strips
    What sets Breathe Right apart for me is their instantaneous relief from congestion.
    It can open your nose 38% more than allergy sprays
    Drug-free snoring aid 
    Instantly relieves stuffiness
    Helps take in air more easily 

    As per my research and experience, the Hiloi nasal strips stand out due to their ergonomic design and swift effect. But let’s be clear: nasal strips aren’t a miracle cure as they don’t treat sleep apnea. But they can make nighttime more comfortable. Especially if you’re dealing with a congested nose, seasonal allergies, or generally noisy breathing.

    It’s always best to consult a healthcare professional if you have severe snoring problems. But if you want to buy nasal strips, give them a shot, as they’re generally safe.

    Best Nasal Strips For Snoring: Frequently Asked Questions

    Do nasal strips work for snoring?

    Yes. Scientists have conducted controlled experiments and found that nasal strips effectively reduce snoring.

    Are nasal strips healthy?

    Yes. The only side effect of using nasal strips daily is some possible skin irritation from the adhesive. Other than that, they do not include any risks and can only improve sleep quality by opening the nose air passage.

    How long can you wear a nose strip?

    Most nasal strips are not reusable, so we recommend using them for no longer than 12 hours or one night. The adhesive of such sleeping nasal strips might not work properly for longer periods.

    Do nasal strips work immediately?

    Nasal strips lift the sides of your nose, opening your air passages immediately. So yes, they work instantly if you don’t have a stuffy or congested nose.

    Should I sleep with nose strips?

    Many medical professionals recommend sleeping with nasal strips as they open your nasal passages, improving your sleep quality.

    Should I use a nose strip after I shower?

    Applying nose strips after a shower might increase their performance as the adhesive sticks to moisturized skin better. However, make sure that your nose isn’t wet but only moist after a shower.

    How many days a week should I use nose strips?

    You can use anti-snoring nose strips daily. In fact, using them every day might increase effectiveness as you get used to sleeping with your nasal airways open.

    Why do nose strips work so well?

    Nose strips work so well against snoring because they open up your nasal passage, increasing the airflow through the nose. It results in reduced mouth breathing, which is the main cause of snoring.

    How do you close your pores after a nose strip?

    Your skin pores might be open more than usual after removing nasal strips. It’s a minor problem, as an ordinary routine of washing your face with skincare products solves it.

    Are nasal strips better than nasal spray?

    Nasal strips cannot help if your nose is completely congested. Using a nasal spray solves this problem but with some possible side effects – burning sensation, dryness, itchiness, unpleasant taste, and even nosebleeds. Nasal strips have none of these risks.

    What can I use instead of nose strips?

    The most popular alternatives to nose strips are nose cones and nasal dilators. But they both work after being inserted in your nose, which might lead to nose congestion in the long run.

    Another alternative is to use a CPAP mask, but it is an expensive device. That’s why using nasal strips is the safest and the most cost-effective option.

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