Discover the 10 Best Exercises for Face Symmetry and Balance |

Discover the 10 Best Exercises for Face Symmetry and Balance


    Exercises for face symmetry

    Asymmetrical features are a common trait specific to humans, the bits and pieces of us that make us unique and special. However, on some level, all of us are influenced by facial symmetry and balance.

    Due to the attractive outlook, which gives a soothing feeling to the observer, people with symmetrical faces or a symmetrical smile are seen as more emotionally stable and content.

    Thankfully, there are exercises that can support anyone looking to improve their asymmetry and facial imbalance. If you want to achieve a balanced appearance and restore your self-confidence, you have come to the right place.

    In this article, we will explore the following:

    • 💆‍♀️ What is facial symmetry?
    • 💭 Specific practices to add to the daily routine
    • ✔ Ways to incorporate facial exercises into the daily routine


    Understanding Facial Symmetry

    Facial symmetry is the degree of proportion and alignment of the features on each side of the face. A symmetrical outlook is frequently regarded as more alluring and desirable and is usually linked to genetic fitness and good health.

    Due to brain stimulation as a response to visual symmetry, it is no wonder why we link it with beauty, as a trait valued and worshipped in many cultures.

    Even though it is an attractive feature, facial alignment is quite rarely seen among humans. This is due to the number of factors that directly influence our visual aesthetics, such as genetics, environment, and lifestyle habits.

    How can this be improved? Easily alter the general appearance of the face by enhancing your facial muscles and boosting circulation and lymphatic drainage with some of the best facial exercises.

    How to Determine Facial Asymmetry?

    One of the easiest methods to easily check facial asymmetry is to take a photo and carefully study your facial features. Check to see if the features are proportionate and evenly spaced on each side of your face. If they are, your face is probably symmetrical.

    On the other hand, facial asymmetry is present if you notice differences in size and length, such as one cheek or eye looking bigger than the other, or a cleft lip, for example.

    Facial Symmetry Exercises

    Looking for ways to achieve that symmetrical facial smile, or do you just want to enhance your overall skin elasticity and reduce facial drooping? Below we outlined some of the most effective symmetrical face yoga exercises to use in your daily self-care routine, with a special focus on mewing.

    Universal Exercises and Techniques Effective for All Facial Areas

    Whether you want to improve the appearance of the cheeks, jawline, forehead, or other areas of the face, you can implement mewing and other exercises for the whole face. This way, you can create a more youthful, radiant, and healthy self-complexion with minimal effort.

    1. Mewing Technique

    The mewing technique has become one of the most popular and effective non-surgical procedures for facial symmetry. Despite the scant scientific evidence in favor of this practice, many individuals who practice it report positive results of mewing method.

    So, how does it work?

    Basically, it involves moving the tongue to the roof of the mouth to help balance the features of your overall look. It is thought to support the maxilla bone and enhance facial structure by maintaining the tongue in the proper position.

    If you want to apply this method to improve your facial asymmetry, you can try out mewing for beginners, while realizing the importance of consistency. Check out our mewing guide on sculpting more attractive features and finally restoring your self-confidence!

    2. Facial Massage

    Face massage is one of the most effective ways to improve the skin on the whole face. By boosting your circulation and lymphatic drainage, facial massage can promote a more symmetrical appearance. Plus, it can tone, lift and sculpt your face by engaging the facial nerves and muscles.

    To implement face massage in daily practice, focus on inward and outward motions of facial parts like cheekbones, jawlines, and forehead. To prevent tugging or pulling on delicate areas of the skin, you can also apply facial oil or moisturizer to help the hands glide over the skin smoothly.

    Exercises to Improve Cheek Symmetry

    For those who believe their face appears uneven or unbalanced, there are a few exercises that can help improve cheek symmetry. The cheek muscles are toned and strengthened through the movements used in these exercises. Check out our guide on how to fix uneven cheeks through a simple cheek puff exercise.

    3. Cheek Puff

    As a resistance type of exercise effective for asymmetrical face, this technique is really simple.

    • Take a deep breath and hold it in your cheeks for 10 seconds.
    • After that, slowly let the air out.
    • The cheek muscles will become stronger as a result, and your cheek imbalance will be reduced to a minimum.

    Jawline Symmetry Enhancing Exercises

    If you feel you are unable to let go of your jawline and chin asymmetry features, there are ways you can balance them out. Below you’ll find some of the most effective facial exercises which can help you achieve a well-defined jawline and facial bones.

    4. Jaw Clench

    This isometric technique can help improve the jaw outlook by strengthening and toning the muscles around the jawline. Try the following:

    • Tilt your head back and clench your jaw firmly.
    • Let go and repeat again.
    • Do the exercise 10-15 times.

    5. Jawline Stretch

    This simple yet effective exercise helps create a sculpted and defined jawline and chin symmetry by applying these few simple steps:

    • Stretch the jaw as far to the left, then to the right, opening the mouth wide in the process.
    • Repeat this several times.

    Most Efficient Eye Area Exercises for a More Symmetrical Face

    Eye area movements can lessen the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as tone and strengthen the muscles around the eyes and brows. Here are two of the simplest techniques that cover the eye area and improve facial balance.

    6. Eye Squint

    Squinting the eyes is a quick trick that can help even out the area around the eyes. This can be done easily just by following two simple steps:

    • Use the index and thumb fingers to create a circle around the eye. Alter between squinting and lifting your forehead.
    • Using the fingers to press on the eye corners, squint and lift repeatedly.
    • Your eye muscles will become stronger, and your symmetry will be improved.

    7. Eyebrow Lift

    Eyebrows are usually seen as an underrated face area, even though they are one of the most influential aspects of our visual symmetry. Hence, lifting, toning, and strengthening the forehead and eyebrow muscles can intensify our attractive features and improve our facial asymmetry.

    • Lift and hold your eyebrow as high as possible for a short period and let go.
    • Repeat several times.

    Symmetrical Mouth Exercising Techniques

    Enhance physical beauty with symmetrical mouth exercising techniques that help tone and strengthen the muscles around the mouth. These exercises can be especially beneficial for people with asymmetrical mouth muscles or aging in this area of the face.

    8. Tongue Press

    There are many benefits of tongue exercises for a balanced outlook. Pressing your tongue can improve even a new or sudden onset of bell’s palsy facial asymmetry. It can also help strengthen the mouth and jawline muscles leading to a more symmetrical appearance.

    • Sit or stand in front of a mirror with a straight back.
    • Place the tongue tip on the mouth’s roof, behind the front teeth.
    • Press the tongue firmly against the mouth’s roof.
    • Hold for several seconds, then release.
    • Repeat the exercise several times.

    9. Lip Purse

    This easy yet effective technique enhances lip tone and elasticity. Plus, it can reduce lip incompetence, a condition where the lips do not close properly when at rest.

    • For treating lip incompetence, begin with pursing the lips.
    • Sit or stand with a straight back in front of a mirror.
    • Purse the lips as if whistling or blowing out a candle.
    • Hold shortly, then let go and repeat.
    • You can also lift the chin slightly and pout the lips for added benefit.

    10. Smile Stretch

    Do a smile stretch to create tension and resistance in the muscles surrounding the mouth and cheeks. Do the following to make your smile even more beautiful:

    • Begin this stretching facial exercise by sitting or standing in front of a mirror with a straight back.
    • Smile as widely as possible, making sure to show the teeth.
    • Hold the smile for a few seconds, then relax.
    • Then try stretching the lips even wider, almost to the point of discomfort.
    • Hold the smile stretch for a few seconds, then relax.
    • Repeat the smile and stretch motion several times.

    Tips for Incorporating Exercises into Your Daily Routine

    What is crucial for all exercises, regardless of whether it’s a face yoga routine or mewing, is consistency. Once you ingrain the mewing method in your everyday life, you will achieve the desired results for facial balance.

    The most effective way to use the mentioned tips is by applying them for a few minutes daily. For instance, mewing can be done by using the app to schedule a specific time of each day.

    By realizing the importance to be consistent with mewing, you can guarantee that mewing becomes a daily healthy habit. Within a few weeks, you can observe improvements in the jawline, checks, and even tongue strength, while evening out the muscle imbalances as well.

    Final Take

    You must realize the significance of adding consistent lifestyle habits to improve your attractive and healthy look and achieve your goal.

    By increasing the flexibility and strength of facial muscles and enhancing the jawline effect, you will never feel the need to spend additional finances on dermatologists and plastic surgeries. With non-evasive motions, stretching exercises, and resistance training, you can boost circulation and lymphatic drainage for a more youthful and harmonious presence.

    Once you ingrain the mewing method in your everyday life, you will never have to worry about the overall appearance ever again.

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