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How to Make Mewing a Habit & Why


    Make mewing a habit

    So, first of all, you probably want to know what mewing is. In simple terms, refers to learning the correct tongue posture. By placing your tongue the right way, you can improve your facial features, strengthen your tongue muscle, and reap other benefits for your health.

    The challenge is that it should be done continually for some time so you can get the best results – making it a habit – now that’s the hard part.

    Mewing is not just simply an exercise; as proper posture, you need to do it correctly and all the time so that you can achieve the wanted results of altering the shape of your face and making it more attractive and well–defined.

    But, the fact that it should be done every day can be challenging. So how can you make it a habit?


    Our answer is – app. This app contains everything that’s needed to learn the proper mewing technique and achieve desired facial transformation results. 87% of app users confirmed achieving more refined and defined face features.

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    Let’s learn more about creating a mewing habit, if you should do it, and how you can keep it. In this in-depth guide, you’ll read about:

    • 📑How to make mewing a habit!
    • 📖Why is it important to mew every day using the proper tongue position?
    • 📌How long will it take for you to see the first results of mewing exercises?


    3 Reasons Why You Should Do Mewing Automatically

    Mewing is not a short-term approach, and the results may be different for different individuals. There are plenty of reasons why you should dive into mewing even as a young adult and keep the habit going for as long as possible. Naturally, the earlier you start, the easier it will be for you to create the habit and then let it happen automatically.

    Here are some reasons why mewing should be done even on autopilot:

    Gets Rid of Double Chin

    Double chin before and after mewing

    Mewing changes chin, i.e., it has been praised for reducing the fat around your neck, also known as a double chin. However, this can’t be done overnight. You will have to keep this technique for some time and at least for 20-30 minutes a day to see improvements.

    Shapes Your Jawline

    You can also transform your jawline by mewing. By pressing your tongue to the roof of the mouth, you’re engaging the throat muscles and thus pushing your jawline forward. Mewing also requires you to keep your mouth closed which pressures the bones in your jawline and so strengthening it and giving it a more defined shape.

    Improves Sleep

    Although many believe it’s not possible, mewing can actually help improve your sleep. People that suffer from sleep apnea and snoring can benefit from this advanced mewing technique, especially if they teach their bodies to mew even while sleeping.

    Redefine Your Facial Structure

    When you learn how to place your tongue when mewing, you can rest assured that in a couple of weeks, the most prominent results will be seen on the structure of your face. Aside from a defined jawline, mewing also helps with lifting the cheekbones and the bridge of your nose and may even cause your face to become longer.

    Is Constant Mewing Necessary?

    Face transformation after one month of constant mewing

    Ideally, you should actually mew all day long, even while sleeping, to speed up your results. However, that is not possible. There are other things you need to focus on, other things you need to do, so it’s very easy to forget to mew.

    Luckily, mewing 24/7 is not a must. The recommended amount is 20 to 30 minutes a day. Of course, the more you do it, the sooner you’ll see what mewing does.

    Ways to Make a Mewing Habit

    Before this posture becomes your habit and you start mewing constantly, you will probably unconsciously side back your tongue as you usually do. So, to make this tongue posture your usual habit, you can try to use a reminder, notifications from your mobile, alarms, write it down on some sticky notes, etc…

    But, the most efficient way to make mewing a habit is by using our Mewing Coach application, where you have all you need to make mewing part of your daily routine. You will find an in-depth tutorial on how to mew correctly, how to swallow and breathe properly while mewing, and what you need to avoid.

    With this application, you can make scheduling, reminding, and keeping track of your mewing exercise easy. It is the right place that will not just get you started but will make sure that you keep mewing long after you see the initial results. Our Mewing Coach app can help you make mewing your habit and show you that mewing really works as long as you practice it regularly and maintain proper tongue posture. app: mewing exercises

    How Long Until Mewing Becomes a Habit?

    Thousands of people have shown real results from constant mewing. Some people can see changes in only 3 months, but some after 2 years of mewing. So, do not compare to other people because each case is different and depends from person to person, their mewing technique, and body posture.

    But, the most important thing, when it comes to mewing, is to do it properly. And to do that, here are some tips you can try out:

    • Make sure you have proper tongue positioning while mewing;
    • Create support while mewing in your mouth (a vacuum  is created to support the front part of your head);
    • Know how to swallow properly because improper swallowing may lead to skewed teeth;
    • Say cheese and make a smiling posture to control your tongue and not let it slide away;
    • Use nasal breathing and avoid mouth breathing;
    • Use our application to learn how to mew properly and get speed-up results.

    Making mewing a habit with app

    What If You Miss a Day in Your Mewing Schedule?

    For most people, mewing can become a habit, even only mewing for 2 months, if they do it daily, every single day. But habits are different and vary per individual as everyone has a different discipline and a different goal.

    Everyday mewing is definitely better as you can see results much faster. But note that the amount of time you spend on mewing is also important. This means that if you mew 20 minutes rather than 30 minutes per day, you can expect to see the result of mewing a bit slower.

    Nonetheless, as long as you stick to your mewing technique, the results will come in due time. And even if you miss a day in your mewing schedule, don’t worry – you can continue the next day – but try to keep these gaps to a minimum.

    Be Consistent to See Results

    When it comes to mewing, consistency is the most important thing, so the crucial thing is to set a reminder for you to start mewing. The most common mistake people make when they mew is that they do not constantly mew or mew for a minute. So make sure you don’t do these mewing mistakes!

    On our app, you can schedule your mewing for each day at a particular time and get reminded to do it. This way, you can make sure that you are consistent with your mewing and see improvements in your jawline, checks, and even tongue strength in a couple of weeks. With correct mewing teeth positioning, they can also realign and give you a perfect smile.

    But as we said, this all will be possible only if you stick to your schedule and be consistent with the exercises.

    30 day challenge to make mewing a habit

    Conclusion: How Long Should Mewing Take?

    Well, there is no defined time for an individual to mew, but as we said, it is recommended to mew for at least 20 to 30 minutes daily. Don’t forget that this is a longtime practice – you can’t do it overnight.

    With time you’ll become more conscious about it and will start mewing automatically. There is even a harsher mewing technique, known as hard mewing, where you have to push the tongue harder to achieve better and faster results.

    But don’t think that this is the only way to achieve results – even if you choose soft mewing, the benefits will come. As long as you keep at it and bring mewing to a daily habit, you can rest assured that at one moment, you will catch yourself mewing automatically!

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