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Hostage Tape Review: Yes, It Is Worth The Price


    Hostage tape review

    Mouth breathing can lead to oral and dental problems, disrupt your sleep, and even affect your heart. With each breath through the mouth, you’re missing out on the natural filtration system that the nose provides. When you understand the health implications, the switch to nasal breathing becomes not just advisable but imperative.

    Enter Hostage Tape, a brand that has elevated the whole market of mouth tapes. Their social media campaigns have popularized the use of mouth tape as a mainstream thing to try.

    But at the same time, Hostage tapes are one of the most expensive on the market. Is the price justified or are you better off with a generic mouth tape? This review will put Hostage Tape to the test.

    Hostage Tape
    Hostage mouth tape
    My Verdict:
    Hostage Tape is surprisingly flexible for something with such a firm hold. It makes the tape easy to apply even in the dark or with a lot of facial hair.
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    Best Mouth Tape
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    ZzzTape is the ultimate sleep enhancement mouth tape, expertly combining comfort, safety, and effectiveness to ensure a night of uninterrupted, quality sleep through promoting healthy nasal breathing. It's my personal choice and the best mouth tape in my opinion.
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    Who Should Wear Hostage Tape?

    Mouth tapes are adhesive strips designed to keep the mouth closed during sleep, encouraging nasal breathing. Hostage Tape enhances this basic concept with a formula designed to endure even the most rugged beard. While generic tapes may use materials like silicone adhesive, Hostage Tape employs a robust yet comfortable adhesive.

    Anyone plagued by interrupted sleep due to mouth breathing will benefit from this product. It is especially great for people who tried other brands but find the adhesive lacking. It’s especially true for men with facial hair.

    The brand has been around for several years, long enough to cement its place in the industry, and has garnered many positive reviews on various social media platforms.

    However, unlike other brands, they do not have a large selection of mouth tapes to choose from. Instead, they offer one type of mouth tape, self-titled as the “strongest and most comfortable on the planet.” I must admit that the focus on one highly effective product really paid off, and it, indeed, is the best mouth tape for sleep on the market.

    How To Use Hostage Tape?

    Since Hostage Tape offers a single-mouth tape type, your selection process is simplified. Competitors provide a range of adhesives and sizes, but here, one size fits every user.

    You can see why after removing the plastic backing from the tape and placing it over your mouth. You will see that the material stretches well and can fit almost any type of mouth. Then, you only need to press the mouth tape firmly, and the adhesive will secure it in place for the night.

    Expect an adjustment period when you start using Hostage Tape. Initially, it feels odd to sleep with your mouth taped shut. The brand recommends starting with short periods, like 10 to 15 minutes, and gradually extending the time. I found this approach to create a smoother transition.

    It’s best to use this mouth tape for at least 30 days for best results. But your sleep position matters as well. Stick to sleeping on your back or side. These positions make it easier to breathe through your nose, making the most of what the mouth tape offers.

    The only drawback with the application is that the hostage tapes are not reusable. Once you secure it, you cannot adjust it, as taking it off ruins the adhesive, which glues almost instantly.

    Are Hostage Tapes A Scam?

    No, they aren’t. While some articles question the effectiveness of mouth tapes in general, numerous studies and user reviews confirm their value. The issues raised against Hostage Tape often revolve around its price, but as someone who has tested the product, I can affirm its quality. Hostage Tape delivers on its promise and is worth every penny.

    All signs point to the brand being a genuine product. Let’s start with customer reviews. Both Amazon and YouTube feature positive testimonials about the effectiveness of this brand. Additionally, the manufacturer not only offers a 30-day money-back guarantee but also provides detailed instructions on how to use it.

    Material choice also dispels any notion of an illegitimate product. The tapes are made with a robust adhesive that’s not only strong but also less likely to cause allergic reactions.

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    I found that the adhesive did not irritate my skin, even when I had a beard. This means the product is well thought out and designed for actual use, not just for appearance.

    The most common complaint focuses on the product’s price. Some users assert that tapes from brands like 3M are just as effective but come with a lower price tag. However, after testing Hostage Tape, I must disagree.

    The adhesion is superior, the fit is better, and the morning removal is less of a hassle. Where one might need three or four generic tapes, with Hostage Tape, you need only one. In the long run, this quality justifies the price.

    Hostage Tape Reviews Summary

    Hostage mouth tape

    Aspects Hostage Tape’s Rating  Comments
    Effectiveness 5/5 Hostage Tape delivers what it promises. It effectively keeps the mouth shut, improving sleep quality and enhancing nasal breathing.
    Comfort 5/5 The stretching material adapts well to different mouth sizes. The tape stays in place without causing irritation or discomfort.
    Durability 4.5/5 The adhesive is strong and lasts throughout the night. However, once removed, the tape cannot be reused.
    Customer Experience-Feedback 5/5 Overwhelmingly positive reviews on social media platforms confirm the product’s effectiveness and value.
    Brand 5/5 Hostage Tape has been in the market for several years and has built credibility through its high-quality product.
    Value 4.5/5 While more expensive than generic brands, the higher quality justifies the cost. The tape’s effectiveness and durability mean less waste in the long run.

    Personal Hostage Tape Review

    The sheer noise and inconsistent breathing from my sleep apnea symptoms not only made my nights restless but also disrupted my spouse’s sleep. The poor quality of life became increasingly hard to ignore.

    Mouth tapes appeared as an affordable yet promising option after a quick search online. The testimonials and scientific backing made the results seem almost too good to be true. After trying several brands, it became clear that not all tapes are created equal.

    But Hostage Tape stands out. It excelled in every dimension that matters. The stretching material provided an excellent fit, ensuring that the tape stayed in place throughout the night. The adhesive struck a perfect balance: strong enough to hold yet easy to remove in the morning. I even grew a beard to put this brand to the ultimate test. There were no signs of skin irritation or rashes, and the tape worked flawlessly.

    The only drawback is common to all mouth tapes – the adjustment period. It takes time to acclimate to having your mouth closed while you sleep, especially if you’re dealing with clogged nostrils.

    However, if nasal breathing is not an issue for you and you’re willing to invest two weeks in adjusting, Hostage Tape is an exceptional choice.

    Yes, the price is on the higher side. But considering that you use less tape, the cost balances out in the long term. When it comes to health appliances, scrimping is not an option.

    Hostage Tape elevated my sleep quality and overall health. If you’re in a similar situation, I highly recommend giving Hostage Tape a try. You’ll thank yourself later.

    Product Benefits

    • Hypoallergenic and skin-friendly materials
    • Strong adhesive that holds securely in place while you sleep.
    • Surprisingly flexible
    • Best choice for men with facial hair
    • Easy removal

    Product Drawbacks

    The only drawback I can think of is that the black color might not be for everyone’s taste as it is highly visible.

    Expert Opinion About  Hostage Mouth Tapes

    Hostage Mouth Tapes speak volumes of their quality, but many are reluctant to order because of the controversial status of mouth tapes in the medical field. While the consensus isn’t unilateral, there are recent papers that affirm the effectiveness of mouth tapes.

    One such medical study, published in 2022, supports the efficacy of mouth taping for sleep improvement. This research demonstrated a statistically significant correlation between the use of mouth tapes and better sleep quality. While the study used generic mouth tapes, its results offer insights into the potential effectiveness of premium options like Hostage Mouth Tapes.

    The inherent limitations in the available studies should be noted. They primarily focus on generic mouth tapes, often ignoring nuanced aspects like the adhesive quality or the material’s adaptability to different facial structures. Hostage Mouth Tapes addresses these issues, suggesting that the benefits when using a quality brand could be even more pronounced.

    In comparison to pricier solutions like CPAP machines and mouthguards, mouthtapes represent a cost-effective approach worth trying. Specifically, Hostage Mouth Tapes, with its specialized features, stands as a leading choice for those seeking to enhance sleep quality.

    Other Sleep Tapes Worth To Mention

    CPAP machines, mouthguards, and mouthpieces have their merits, but Mouth Tapes offer a simpler and more cost-effective starting point for addressing snoring and sleep apnea. Those curious about enhancing their sleep quality should start their journey with mouth tapes.

    While Hostage Tapes are likely the best option for people with facial hair who need strong adhesives, there are other options you should consider. I have outlined the most important factors for making the right decision below.

    #1 Myotape vs Hostage Tape

    Myotape takes a unique approach by not covering the mouth completely. Instead, it wraps around the lips and employs an elastic pull to keep the mouth shut. One clear advantage compared to Hostage tape is that users can still talk while wearing Myotape. My Myotape review didn’t reveal any significant cons, making it a seemingly hassle-free option.

    Hostage Tape, on the other hand, adheres firmly over the mouth, providing a complete seal. It is especially useful for men with facial hair due to its strong adhesive. Moreover, the tape is surprisingly flexible, which makes it easy to apply to various mouth types.

    Your choice should hinge on your specific needs and preferences, whether that’s the ability to speak while wearing the tape or a tape that offers a more complete, firm seal. Given these considerations, I recommend trying one or even both to determine which best suits your individual needs.

    #2 Somnifix vs Hostage Tape

    Somnifix uses a hypoallergenic adhesive to hold the lips together and features a vent that permits some mouth breathing. The company claims to be the original mouth tape, having been on the market since 2015. It feels from their product and any Somnifix overview will tell you that it is of high quality and ensures minimal risk of allergies.

    Hostage Tapes, in contrast, provide a complete seal over the mouth with a strong adhesive. The product claims to be the strongest and most comfortable mouth tape available. It’s especially useful for those with facial hair and is easy to apply in various lighting conditions.

    If you have allergies and prefer a long-standing product, Somnifix is the better choice. Its vent also provides an extra layer of safety for those concerned about completely obstructing mouth breathing. However, if you’re looking for a firm hold, especially if you have facial hair, Hostage Tapes is your go-to option.

    #3 Dream Recovery vs Hostage Tape

    Dream Recovery Mouth Tape stands out primarily for its use of bamboo silk. This material is not only soft and breathable but also eco-friendly. Its unique fabric may appeal to those who are conscious about the environment and prefer natural materials against their skin.

    On the other hand, Hostage Tape focuses on ensuring a gentle and irritation-free experience, which is crucial for a product intended for overnight use. A strong adhesive keeps it securely in place, yet it can be removed easily in the morning without any residue.

    If eco-friendliness and natural materials are your focus, Dream Recovery is the ideal choice. However, if you value a hypoallergenic experience with a strong yet easy-to-remove adhesive, Hostage Tape will serve you better.

    Hostage Tape Review: Conclusion

    Hostage Tape lives up to its promise of delivering quality and effectiveness. It outperforms its generic counterparts in adhesive strength, material comfort, and overall durability. While the price point is higher, the long-term benefits justify the cost. For those struggling with mouth breathing and its consequent health issues, Hostage Tape is a worthy investment.

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