Best Mouth Tape for Sleeping: A to Zzz Mouth Taping Guide
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Best Mouth Tape for Sleeping: A to Zzz Mouth Taping Guide


    Best mouth tape for sleeping

    In today’s fast-paced world, a good night’s rest is essential if you want to have the energy to survive the many challenges of the day. But this is difficult to achieve when you have a sleeping disorder.

    Usually, mouth breathers and people who suffer from sleep apnea or other breathing conditions find it hard to fall asleep and stay in a consistent deep sleep.

    In a search for a solution to these problems, brands have invented mouth tapes claiming all kinds of benefits that come with their use, including high-quality REM sleep.

    🏆 Editor’s Pick: Best Mouth Tape 🏆

    Best Mouth tape
    ZzzTape mouth tape
    ZzzTape is the ultimate sleep enhancement mouth tape, expertly combining comfort, safety, and effectiveness to ensure a night of uninterrupted, quality sleep through promoting healthy nasal breathing.
    Check Price
    Hostage mouth tape
    Hostage Mouth Tape
    Hostage Tape is surprisingly flexible for something with such a firm hold. It makes the tape easy to apply even in the dark or with a lot of facial hair.
    Check Price
    Honarable Mention
    Dream Recovery mouth tape blue
    Dream Recovery Mouth Tape
    Dream Recovery mouth tape combines the comfort of organic bamboo silk with a hypoallergenic adhesive for a secure yet gentle fit.
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    In this article, you’ll find:

    📋 A comprehensive guide on mouth taping and how to mouth breathe

    💋 A review of some of the best tapes and strips for mouth taping

    🤔 How this technique works and the safety of its use

    Let’s get you on the fast track to beauty sleep!


    The List of Mouth Tapes We Tested

    In my quest to find the best mouth tape solutions, I delved deep into research and hands-on testing. I meticulously evaluated each brand for effectiveness, comfort, and safety. I tested each product, experiencing their unique features and assessing their impact on sleep quality. These top-rated mouth tapes represent my comprehensive journey through extensive trials and thorough analysis, ensuring I offer you insights based on real, first-hand experience.

    1. Best Overall: ZzzTape Mouth Tape.
    2. Runner-Up: Hostage Mouth Tape.
    3. Honorable Mention: Dream Recovery mouth tape.
    4. Best Eco-Friendly and Comfortable: Jawliner mouth tape.
    5. Best Lip Shape Tape: Dryft Sleep Strips.
    6. Best for Comfort and Size: Pap MD Mouth Tape.
    7. Best for Mouth Breathing: Somnifix Mouth Strips.
    8. Best If You Don’t Want Your Mouth Covered: Myotape Mouth Tape.
    9. Best Hypoallergenic Mouth Tape: 3M.
    10. Best for Versatility: Azazar.
    11. Best Clinical Quality: Nexcare Mouth Tape.
    12. Best Variety in Design: Medihealer Mouth Strips.
    13. Best Hypoallergenic for All Ages: WesGen Sleep Strips.

    What is Mouth Taping?

    Mouth taping

    Mouth taping involves putting a special tape over your mouth to keep it closed while sleeping. The goal is to stimulate nose breathing instead of mouth breathing.

    People who have difficulty breathing during sleep or suffer from sleep apnea or other medical conditions that cause breathing problems use mouth taping to tackle these issues.

    Is it Good to Use Mouth Tape for Sleep?

    There are numerous benefits of taping your mouth at night. First, you must consider all the nose and mouth breathing differences affecting your sleep. Nasal breathing is not only beneficial for improving the quality of sleep but also for reducing snoring and achieving more efficient blood oxygenation.

    Mouth breathing is the underlying cause of many conditions related to low-quality sleep, including long face syndrome. You need to be aware of how mouth breathing can impact your face and take action.

    Taping your mouth at night to stop mouth breathing can be the first step towards weaning off that bad habit.

    Mouth Strips vs Nasal Tape

    The purpose of these two tapes is the same – to promote nose breathing, but the benefits and the way these two practices are performed are not the same. Mouth strips are used to keep the mouth shut while sleeping, whereas nasal strips are used to keep the nostrils open.

    What do nasal strips do

    Mouth strips improve sleep quality by reducing snoring and eliminating obstructive sleep apnea. Nasal tapes also allow you to catch some quality z’s by ensuring you breathe deeply.

    You should use nasal tapes if you have nasal congestion or obstruction, but the ultimate choice depends on personal preference and need. If you have any health conditions, especially those that affect breathing, it is important to seek advice from medical professionals or a sleep specialist before making a decision.

    Is Mouth Taping Safe?

    It’s important to consult with a medical professional and see what kinds of special medical tapes they will recommend before you start wearing mouth tape. If mouth taping is done without any research and with any kind of regular tape such as duct tape, it can lead to obstructed breathingmouth puffing and other more serious sleep disorders.

    There isn’t enough research yet that can give conclusive evidence on the side effects of mouth taping. Anecdotally, it is said to cause skin irritations, rash, and allergic reactions, all of which can be avoided with a simple medical consultation.

    Do doctors recommend mouth taping?

    Medical professionals recommend mouth taping only to individuals who have tried different treatments without much success and don’t have other options. Recent research discovered that mouth taping is quite helpful in cases of mild obstructive sleep apnea and recommends it as a good alternative treatment.

    Safe Choice
    Applying ZzzTape mouth tape
    ZzzTape mouth tape offers a secure and safe sleep experience. Its gentle yet firm hold, made with skin-friendly materials, encourages proper nasal breathing.
    Visit ZzzTape

    Quality and Types of Mouth Tapes

    What tape is best for mouth taping sleep?

    There are several kinds of medical tapes that you can use for mouth taping. Let’s look at their differences, advantages and possible side effects.

    Medical or Surgical tape

    Medical tape is made from a flexible or non-woven fabric that is gentle on the skin and doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind. Some advanced gentle mouth tape has been specifically designed for the mouth and are more breathable and hypoallergenic.

    Surgical tape is stronger and more durable than medical tape because it’s designed for use during surgical procedures to secure a medical dressing on the skin. It might not be the best option for sleep mouth tape due to the strong adhesive that it uses. It can cause great discomfort and, in some cases, severe irritation.

    Hypoallergenic Micropore Tape

    Hypoallergenic micropore tape is mainly used for securing medical bandages or dressings and is not suitable for the delicate skin around the mouth. Micropore tape may also not be breathable enough during the sleep, and it can cause discomfort and irritation as well.

    Reusable Mouth Tape

    Unlike the rest of the tapes on this list, the reusable mouth strip is specially designed for sleep mouth taping. It is made from flexible, breathable, and sensitive materials, intended to be used multiple times.

    Although hypoallergenic medical grade tape is safe for use, it can be very unhygienic if not cleaned properly. Before using it, read the instructions carefully. Good oral health and good sleep hygiene are a must in order to prevent bacteria buildup on the tape and the risk of infections.

    Also, the reusable mouth tape isn’t everlasting and can lose its effectiveness. That’s why it’s advised to be replaced every once in a while.

    Benefits of Mouth Taping at Night

    Here are some of the claimed benefits of using mouth taping for better sleep.

    • Using Tape to Stop Snoring

    Taping your mouth shut while sleeping prevents loud snoring in a mouth breather. You start snoring because the soft tissues in your throat hang loose and block the airway. A closed mouth forces you to switch to nasal breathing, which bypasses blocked airways and leads to snoring reduction.

    • Taping Mouth for Sleep Apnea

    Mouth taping helps to prevent sleep apnea by encouraging you to breathe through your nose. Make sure that your nasal airways are open before taping your mouth closed at night to avoid gasping for air. Nose breathing will also prevent dry mouth and alleviate other issues that arise from OSA.

    Is taping your mouth shut better than CPAP?

    Mouth taping can be a great addition to a CPAP machine. It prevents you from swallowing air and feeling bloated after using a CPAP and reduces the chances of reversing to mouth breathing completely.

    • Mouth Taping for TMJ

    TMJ is a condition affecting the joint that connects the jaw with the skull causing severe pain in that area. When you breathe through the mouth, the tongue relaxes and puts a lot of pressure on the lower jaw.

    When you have your mouth taped, you take off the strain on the jaw and minimize the chances of getting TMJ problems.

    • Mouth Taping Bruxism Prevention

    Bruxism, better known as teeth grinding, is a condition where you unconsciously grind and clench your teeth, causing jaw pain. Bruxism is often related to mouth breathing and can cause discomfort and additional strain on the jaw joints.

    Mouth taping is recommended to prevent teeth grinding caused by OSA, where mouth strips minimize the possibility of airway collapse

    • Mouth Taping Blood Pressure Regulation

    Nose breathing brings in more air and allows you to use the full capacity of your lungs. This ensures efficient blood oxygenation and raises nitric oxide levels, which leads to a better energy supply to your cells.

    All these processes relax the body, relieve stress and subsequently lower your blood pressure.

    Our No. 1 Mouth Tape
    ZzzTape mouth tape reduce snoring and improve sleeping quality
    ZzzTape is the best mouth tape in my opinion. It effectively keeps the mouth shut, improving sleep quality and enhancing nasal breathing.
    See Pricing

    Mouth Taping Side Effects

    Mouth taping can have adverse effects when you start practicing it or if you have delicate skin around the mouth.

    • Skin irritation around the lips

    This is one of the most frequent side effects. Not all types of tape are made from hypoallergenic material, and using tape not suitable for the gentle skin around the mouth can cause irritations. To avoid this, consult a medical professional to learn what brands could work for your sensitive skin.

    • Discomfort

    Tape that is made from rough materials or strong adhesive can cause inconvenience while sleeping. You can also feel discomfort if the tape is placed too tight and you’re trying to open your mouth while sleeping.

    If you continue to feel discomfort, remove the tape and readjust the tightness or try using a different brand that is softer and gentler on your skin.

    • Anxiety

    For some people who are not used to having their mouth closed during sleep or who genuinely have anxiety, mouth taping can cause unease. If you’re constantly trying to open your mouth and feel very uncomfortable wearing mouth sealing tape, you should remove the tape and go for a different strategy.

    You can try taping your mouth for shorter periods of time during the day to get used to the new feeling. Or you can consult with a sleep specialist to see what might be the key to the problem.

    Mouth Taping Before and After Overview

    Mouth breathing can cause many health issues and changes in appearance. It leads to dry mouth and throat irritations and is also very bad for oral health.

    Mouth breathing can lead to many dental problems, such as tooth decay, gum disease and overbite, and a receding chin.

    Using mouth tape for sleep helps address issues with your appearance and improves oral health. You will get rid of bad breath, have better teeth alignment and forward facial growth.

    In-Depth Review Of 13 Best Mouth Tape For Sleep Brands And Products

    So, how do I stop my mouth from opening when I sleep?

    For those of you who are in need of mouth tapes, here are some known mouth tape brands and products that can help if you have any difficulty breathing through your nose.

    1. ZzzTape Mouth Tape

    Benefits of ZzzTape mouth tape

    ZzzTape stands out as the premier choice for those seeking to improve their sleep through mouth taping. Designed with the user’s comfort and effectiveness in mind, ZzzTape aims to transform your sleep experience by promoting nasal breathing, thus enhancing sleep quality and overall health.

    Read a thorough review of ZzzTape mouth tape.


    ZzzTape’s unique design offers unparalleled flexibility and adherence, making it suitable for all skin types and facial hair levels. Its hypoallergenic, medical-grade woven fabric ensures a comfortable fit throughout the night without causing skin irritation. The tape is breathable, allowing for a slight passage of air which is crucial for users concerned about completely blocking their mouth. This feature ensures safety and comfort, promoting nasal breathing without causing panic in situations where mouth opening might be necessary.

    The variety in sizes and subtle color options like Midnight Gray, Lucid Blue, Serene Pink, and White Noise provide users with choices that blend well with their skin tone or personal preference, avoiding the stark, attention-grabbing appearance of some competitors.


    While ZzzTape offers significant benefits, newcomers to mouth taping may need time to adjust to the sensation of having their mouths closed during sleep. The initial discomfort, however, is a small trade-off for the myriad benefits it brings. Additionally, its strong adhesive, while ensuring the tape stays in place, requires careful removal in the morning to avoid any discomfort.

    👉 Read a thorough review of ZzzTape mouth tape.

    2. Hostage Mouth Tape

    Hostage mouth tape

    The straightforward message of the Hostage Tape leaves no one ignorant of its cause. As the name suggests, mouth breathing does hold you hostage. Until you finally can shut your mouth and get a good night’s sleep. That’s the aim of the Hostage Tape – to free you from snorting and bad sleep.


    Hostage Tape is surprisingly flexible for something with such a firm hold. It makes the tape easy to apply even in the dark or with a lot of facial hair.

    You can still breathe a bit through the Hostage anti snore tape. It’s just enough to save you in emergencies but will still push you to embrace nasal breathing.


    It’s hard not to notice the Hostage Tape. The black color does make you look, well, like a hostage. Some prefer body color or a neutral white mouth tape.

    👉 Read an in-depth review of Hostage mouth tape.

    3. Dream Recovery Mouth Tape

    Dream Recovery mouth tape

    Dream Recovery mouth tape stands out as a game changer in the world of sleep aids. This tape aims to transform your sleep experience, promising deep and restful nights. It’s not just about closing your mouth; it’s about opening the door to a healthier life.


    The use of organic bamboo silk in Dream Tape is a major plus. It’s soft, comfortable, and hypoallergenic, making it ideal for sensitive skin. The natural antibacterial properties of bamboo add a hygienic aspect to this sleep aid. Its adhesive is strong yet gentle, ensuring it stays put all night without causing discomfort.

    Dream Tape’s design and quality are top-notch. It’s clear that a lot of thought went into its creation, from the choice of material to its user-friendly design. It works with beards and doesn’t pull on the skin. This makes it a great option for a wide range of users.


    The single-use nature of Dream Tape might be a downside for those looking for a more sustainable option. Its use also requires caution, especially for individuals with specific health conditions. It’s important to follow the usage guidelines closely.

    Dream Tape is more than just a mouth tape; it’s a commitment to better sleep and overall health. It’s a step towards transforming your nightly routine and embracing a healthier, more vibrant you. With its thoughtful design and quality materials, Dream Tape stands out as a premium choice in the realm of sleep aids.

    👉 Read our comprehensive review of Dream Recovery mouth tape.

    4. Jawliner Mouth Tape

    Jawliner mouth tapes

    Jawliner Mouth Tape effortlessly blends comfort with the necessity of promoting healthy nasal breathing, echoing its mission to transform night-time breathing habits. Designed for those aiming to reduce snoring and embrace the natural benefits of nasal breathing, Jawliner presents a hypoallergenic and environmentally conscious solution.


    The soft bamboo fabric and medical-grade hypoallergenic adhesive make Jawliner Mouth Tape exceptionally comfortable to wear throughout the night, even for those with sensitive skin or facial hair. Its material not only provides a secure fit but also boasts antimicrobial properties, ensuring hygiene and comfort. The tape’s gentle yet effective adhesive ensures that it remains in place without leaving any residue, promoting uninterrupted nasal breathing and a significant reduction in snoring.


    Despite its many benefits, the Jawliner Mouth Tape might require an adjustment period for new users unaccustomed to sleeping with their mouths closed, potentially causing initial discomfort. Additionally, the concept of mouth taping itself might be unsettling for some, raising concerns about claustrophobia or discomfort. It’s also not suitable for individuals with certain health conditions that could be exacerbated by restricted mouth breathing, such as nasal blockages or respiratory issues.

    👉 Find out everything you need to know in the extensive review of Jawliner mouth tape.

    5. Dryft Sleep Strips

    Dryft Sleep strips

    Coming from a USA-based mouth tape manufacturer, Dryft Sleep Strips ensure a gentle experience. Their medical-grade month tapes resemble those used by orthodontists but look better and feel softer. Dryft Sleep Strips are designed to organically supplement your sleep time routine with a higher-quality rest that avoids mouth breathing.


    Dryft uses a neutral white color, and the tape has a lip shape. It makes you look good even when you sleep.

    There’s a small hole in the middle to ensure you can still do a little mouth breathing with the tape on. Some even managed to sip some water during the night through it.


    Alghtough gentle, I have noticed Dryft Sleep Strips to be a bit fragile, and you won’t be able to reuse them. Some even use a couple of them in one night’s sleep.

    Best Lip Shape Mouth Tape
    Dryft Sleep strips
    Dryft Sleep
    Elevate your sleep with Dryft Sleep Mouth Tapes—strong adhesive, gentle on skin, and loved by users for better sleep quality. Join those experiencing a snore-free night and improved breathing technique.
    See Pricing

    👉 Read our comprehensive review of Dryft Sleep mouth tape.

    6. Pap MD Mouth Tape Review

    PAP MD mouth tape

    Discover the transformative power of Pap MD Mouth Tape for enhancing your sleep quality through effective mouth taping. Pap MD is crafted with the utmost attention to comfort and efficiency, aiming to revolutionize your sleep by encouraging nasal breathing. This not only improves sleep quality but also contributes to overall better health.


    Pap MD sets itself apart with its superior design, boasting a soft, breathable fabric tape that’s 40% wider than its competitors. This ensures full mouth coverage with a medical-grade, latex-free adhesive that accommodates all skin types and facial hair levels without causing irritation. The tape’s generous size promotes optimal nasal breathing, addressing common issues such as snoring, dry mouth, and morning grogginess.

    One of the standout features of Pap MD is its commitment to sustainability, with packaging that prioritizes eco-friendliness and the health of both consumers and the planet. Additionally, its easy-to-use design guarantees a secure fit throughout the night, making it a reliable solution for those seeking uninterrupted sleep.


    Despite its numerous benefits, adapting to the sensation of having the mouth closed with Pap MD Tape might take some getting used to for newcomers to mouth taping. The strong, but safe adhesive ensures the tape’s effectiveness throughout the night, though it may require a bit more effort during removal, especially for those with facial hair.

    👉 Read an in-depth review of Pap MD mouth tape.

    7. Somnifix Mouth Strips

    Somnifix mouth strips

    Somnifix sleep strips are non-invasive mouth strips created by an expert who knows the struggles of mouth breathing and aims to change the way society breathes.

    Somnifix tape is made from high-quality material and uses a gentle adhesive that doesn’t leave any residue. It has a small breathing vent that imitates nasal breathing and helps you when you start mouth breathing during the night.


    Somnifix lip tape has an extra layer that filters the air you breathe in. The breathing vent also relieves anxiety by leaving you the option to breathe through the mouth if you need to.

    The sleep strips by Somnifix are compatible with CPAP machines, nose dilators and certain oral appliances, so you can use them to maximize the CPAP experience and further reduce snoring.


    The only disadvantage is that these strips are not reusable, and you need regular monthly restocking.


    The regular purchase makes the Somnifix mouth tape more expensive than other products. However, they offer great value for money in terms of comfort and clever design.

    👉 Read a thorough review of Somnifix mouth tape.

    8. Myotape Mouth Tape

    Myotape mouth tape

    Myotape is designed by an internationally renowned breathing coach who teaches functional breathing based on the Buteyko Method of nose breathing. Myotape offers three lines of products – for adults, children, and teens, and for professional and recreational athletes.


    Unlike other brands, Myotape sleep strips do not cover the mouth; instead, they surround it and gently bring the lips together. They use elastic pull to hold the mouth shut and, at the same time, allow you to open it in case you’re gasping for air.


    Myotape mouth tape is not reusable, and you’ll need to order a new package every three months.


    The prices of Myotape mouth breathing products match their quality and can be a valuable addition to your bedtime routine.

    Best Mouth tape
    ZzzTape mouth tape
    ZzzTape is the ultimate sleep enhancement mouth tape, expertly combining comfort, safety, and effectiveness to ensure a night of uninterrupted, quality sleep through promoting healthy nasal breathing.
    Check Price
    Hostage mouth tape
    Hostage Mouth Tape
    Hostage Tape is surprisingly flexible for something with such a firm hold. It makes the tape easy to apply even in the dark or with a lot of facial hair.
    Check Price
    Honarable Mention
    Dream Recovery mouth tape blue
    Dream Recovery Mouth Tape
    Dream Recovery mouth tape combines the comfort of organic bamboo silk with a hypoallergenic adhesive for a secure yet gentle fit.
    Check Price

    👉 Read an in-depth review of Myotape mouth tape.

    9. 3M Mouth Tape

    3M mouth tape

    As one of the household names of Fortune 500, 3M has created hundreds of scientific, technical, and marketing innovations, from medical and lab products to electronics materials and office supplies. Some of their most famous brands are Post-It office supplies, Nexcare healthcare supplies, and Scotch-Brite abrasive products.

    You can use the 3M Micropore tape for mouth taping, although it’s not the primary use of this tape. It’s generally used to hold light dressings and secure IV lines.


    The 3M Micropore tape is made from paper, and it’s highly breathable and hypoallergenic. It has a weak adhesive that is gentle on the skin and doesn’t leave any marks or residue.

    It comes in a variety of sizes in terms of length and width, so you can order the one that fits your specific needs. It can be 0.5 in, 1 in, 2 in, and 3 in wide and 1.5 yds to 10 yds long.


    The 3M tape for mouth is a plain surgical tape, so the design is very basic. There aren’t any additional features which you can usually find in other mouth breathing strips.


    3M Micropore mouth tape is very affordable, as you can get up to 10 yards of medical grade tape.

    10. Azazar Mouth Tape

    Azazar mouth tape

    Azazar mouth tape has an innovative design that helps to reduce mouth breathing and improve sleep quality. The shape allows you to clear your throat or sip liquid using a straw while holding the mouth shut to help you train nasal breathing.


    Azazar tape is made out of hypoallergenic materials that are safe to use even if you have sensitive skin. You can apply and remove the mouth tape safely, as it has a specially-engineered adhesive that leaves no residue behind.


    The sleep strips by Azazar are not reusable, and they may not stick properly if you have facial hair.


    Azazar mouth tape is affordable and comes in two different packs containing straps that can last for two to four months.

    11. Nexcare Mouth Tape

    Nexcare mouth tape

    Nexcare is one of the 3M brands and also produces bandages, cold packs, masks, and other medical supplies. You can use their surgical tape to stop snoring and ensure nose breathing.


    The 3M Nexcare mouth tape is lined with a silicone adhesive which allows you to remove it without pain. It is breathable, holds well and is very flexible.


    This tape is intended for clinical usage and can be a little rough on the lips and the area around the mouth. So, if you have gentler skin, you may experience some skin irritations.


    The Nexcare tape is quite expensive compared to other brands. The package contains a 1 in by 4 yd tape roll that will last for a long time. Still, you’ll need to consider if it’s worth making such a large investment in mouth breathing tape.

    12. Medihealer Mouth Strips

    Medihealer mouth strips

    Along with mouth strips, Medihealer also produces CPAP filters and headgear, CPAP frames and tubing, and other oxygen accessories. Medihealer mouth tape is easy to apply and leaves no marks on the skin.


    Medihealer uses advanced hyperallergic materials that don’t irritate the skin. Unlike tape from other brands, Medihealer offers two design varieties – with or without a central vent.

    You can choose a tape with an opening that lets you cough or breathe in through the mouth should you feel the need. Or a stronger, fully closed tape to ensure less mouth breathing.


    Medihealer strips are not reusable, so keeping a regular supply is needed.


    These are high-quality strips that come at an affordable price.

    13. WesGen Sleep Strips

    WesGen sleep strips

    WesGen’s main products are respiratory masks and sleep strips. They are made from safe and additive-free materials, easy to apply and ensure better nose breathing.


    WesGen strips come in an X-shape design that holds the lips firmly. They are safe to use for children and adults as they use a plant-based adhesive that is hypoallergenic and scent-free.


    They don’t come in different types of sizes, so they can be a little uncomfortable to wear for people who do not find the X shape design suitable for the shape of their mouth. Also, they don’t do well with facial hair.


    WesGen is an affordable tape for lips that holds well and helps to reduce snoring.

    DIY Mouth Tape: Probably NOT a Good Idea!

    The sensitive skin on the lips and surrounding the mouth is easily irritated, and that’s why companies that produce sleep tape use high-quality, sensitive materials. The tape needs to be non-toxic, as you can absorb some of the toxins while wearing it.

    DIY mouth tape is a bad idea because the material can cause inflammation or an allergic reaction, leading to bigger health problems. Also, if the tape is too strong and tight, it can prevent breathing and leave you fighting for air during sleep.

    Finally, DIY tape is very unhygienic to use. If the material is not antiseptic, it can easily cause an infection and bacteria buildup inside the mouth.

    Mouth Taping With Facial Hair

    Using mouth tape can be tricky if you have facial hair since the adhesive on the tape might not stick well and end up falling off during sleep. Here are some tips on how to make mouth taping work in such cases:

    • Use a mouth strip with a stronger adhesive – medical or surgical tape usually has a stronger adhesive, but keep in mind that it can be painful to remove.
    • Try out different tapes – experiment with brands to find the most suitable mouth taping product. Tapes that are applied only to the mouth are a good option.
    • Trim your facial hair – if you have a very long moustache, try to trim it a little to make space for the tape to stick to your skin.

    You can try Myotape tape or Medihealer mouth sleep strips since they have a specific design suitable for facial hair. Another option is Somnifix strips that are placed only over the lips.

    Where to Buy?

    Usually, you can find mouth strips in pharmaceutical stores such as Walgreens or CVS, and in some cases, they can be displayed in larger supermarkets.

    Mouth tape can also be found in any health store, such as Boots. And Amazon is a good place to search for any brand of mouth tape online.

    Still Snoring? Try these Mouth Taping Alternatives

    What is an alternative to mouth taping? Is there another way to breathe properly and get a better sleep?


    Mewing can be an answer to all your snoring problems. Mewing is a method that promotes the correct tongue positioning in the mouth. By lifting the tongue to the roof of the mouth, you will open the airways and start nose breathing.

    The mewing technique also strengthens all the facial and neck muscles, which will help solve sleep apnea, bruxism and loud snoring. There are many benefits of mewing that you’ll experience after you incorporate these exercises into your daily routine.

    Download the app and reap the benefits of a personalized mewing program that will target mouth breathing and its consequences, such as dry mouth and bad breath. Once you master the technique, you’ll see that nose breathing leads to efficient blood oxygenation and better sleep.

    Also, you can practice this method anytime and anywhere without investing in additional devices.

    Sleep Positioning

    Sleeping on your back causes your tongue to block your airway, which leads to snoring. Try a different sleeping position that will help you keep the airways unobstructed.

    Nasal Dilators

    A nasal dilator is used to unblock the narrow nasal airway, which is often the cause of snoring. Try nasal strips to keep your nostrils open during sleep.

    Anti-Snoring Devices

    If you still can’t stop snoring, then using devices such as Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs) or CPAP machines is a good alternative to consider.

    Lifestyle Changes

    Changing some habits, like smoking or drinking alcohol, can reduce snoring. Adopting a healthy diet and shedding a few pounds can help with OSA.

    Further Reading Recommendations

    Closing your mouth during sleep leads to improved nighttime sleeping, represents a good sleep hygiene habit, and comes with many health benefits. There has been a lot of research on the topic, and the findings point to mouth breathing as the main culprit for OSA and other breathing problems.

    How can I sleep with my mouth closed naturally?

    A good self-help book on this topic is Close Your Mouth: Buteyko Breathing Clinic Self-Help Manual. Try to practice nasal breathing and combine it with the mewing method for best results.

    Sleep tight and keep mewing!

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