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Mewing With Braces: When Does it Work Best?


    Mewing with braces

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    • A step-by-step guide to mewing with braces: we cover correct technique, proper tongue placement, and swallowing advice so you get the most benefits out of your mewing practice.
    • 🤔 Can you do mewing with any braces?: a look into how your mewing exercises may change with different types of braces so you know you aren’t wasting your time…and possibly making your face asymmetrical or damaging your teeth.
    • 👨‍⚕️ Evidence from a doctor of dental surgery and an odontologist: what the scientific and medical community have to say about how mewing works.

    If you’re on social media, chances are you’ve seen awesome results from others who’ve discovered mewing and are now showing off their chiseled jawline or perfect teeth.

    As with all great things in life, however, it isn’t all just straightforward smooth sailing—you can’t just try mewing and expect to get perfect face structure or fix tooth crowding issues overnight.

    There are some things you need to know before you start your mewing journey—especially if you plan on mewing with braces.


    Does Mewing Work With Braces

    In our experience – Yes! It’s hard to ignore the overwhelming successes people are seeing and posting on their Instagram or Reddit every day—it’s almost certainly not a coincidence—and we’ve seen the benefits of mewing first hand.

    Despite it being a relatively new concept, mewing’s co-founder Dr. Mike Mew is certain that correct tongue posture can improve problems with upper and lower teeth as well as palatal and jawline issues.

    Although many experts agree with Dr Mike Mew, the exact effectiveness of mewing has yet to be documented in a research environment.

    However, after the piles of positive anecdotal evidence from people around the world, as well as backing from many dentists and orthodontists, we believe it won’t be long until the benefits of mewing are seen in study settings.

    Mewing works with different types of braces, including: metal braces, lingual braces and invisalign braces

    Is Mewing Without Braces More Effective?

    Not wearing braces can be more comfortable, when you try mewing. But according to Dr. Mike Mew’s philosophy, mewing with or without braces is likely not going to enhance or affect your results either way. The most important thing is to be consistent with your tongue placement.

    He would argue that the key to getting great results from mewing is by utilizing the correct approach and that one can do this with or without braces.

    Start Mewing With Braces in These 6 Simple Steps

    If you’re mewing properly you should be doing it on and off throughout the day, similar to how you would try to improve your posture. When you mew enough, you’ll find that over time you start to do it automatically.

    This is when you’ll get the most from your mewing experience and your teeth, face, and jaw will thank you.

    • Step 1: Keep your mouth closed and your teeth touching very gently.
    • Step 2: Shift your tongue to the roof of your mouth (palate) and press it lightly. The tip of your tongue should not touch your front teeth.
    • Step 3: Distribute tongue pressure evenly through your palate. The goal is to get your entire tongue on your palate.
    • Step 4: Note the pressure you feel throughout your head.
    • Step 5: Make a point not to block your airway and be aware of any sign of discomfort.
    • Step 6: Repeat gently throughout the day.

    For more in-depth mewing tutorials, why not head to app and check out all the super helpful video walkthroughs we have there?

    It’s incredible the results you can achieve simply by trying it out in the comfort of your own home for free! app: mewing exercises

    Mewing With Braces Results: Before and After Pictures

    As seen in the photos below, some mewing enthusiasts from around the world have been able to achieve beautiful-looking teeth and jawlines through proper tongue posture and continuous facial muscle exercising while wearing braces.

    Have a look and see for yourself!

    Mewing with braces before and after

    Mewing: Types of Braces and Their Impact On Your Progress

    Type of Braces Possible to Mew: Yes/No? Tips for Mewing
    Metal Braces Yes and No It’s different for everyone. If you can lift your tongue and try touching the roof of your mouth (palate) without your braces getting in the way, then you can continue mewing with metal braces safely.
    Lingual Braces Difficult This is often the type of braces that causes the most problems for people trying to mew with. Lingual braces often act as a barrier between the person’s tongue and palate.  It’s possible to do mewing technique when you wear lingual braces, but it is more difficult. Don’t try without first consulting with your odontologist.
    Invisalign Braces Yes Invisalign braces are often considered the least intrusive type of braces. Therefore they shouldn’t create any problem for those mewing with braces. Again, you need to test your individual possibility for mewing by touching your tongue to your palate. If there’s no interference, mewing with your braces will not be a problem.

    Should I Mew With Braces? Experts Advise

    Dr. Mew and many other dentists and orthodontists in the field have said that although mewing is a great practice one can do anywhere, it should be done correctly and responsibly.

    Experts such as Urie K. Lee worry that, although mewing shows really promising corroborating results, the practice might prevent those who need certain orthognathic surgeries from seeking them out.

    Can Mewing Replace Braces, Dentist or Orthodontic treatment?

    As we’ve seen, when someone mews correctly it can be an excellent tool to use on top of your existing dental or orthodontic treatment.

    The really cool thing about mewing is that you can get started right away and it won’t cost you a thing except for a few minutes out of your day.

    Anyway, if you are considering replacing your doctor’s suggested treatment with mewing, you should first consult you healthcare provider for the best solution on a case-by-case basis.

    Can Mewing Affect Your Braces Treatment in a Bad Way?

    We shouldn’t beat around the bush, but if you don’t follow the right procedure, such as palatal tongue posture and continuous facial muscle exercising, your braces treatment could be negatively impacted.

    This is why it’s important to follow our guide step-by-step, and ensure that you’re always allowing adequate time for resting so that your teeth are always looked after.

    Should You Wait till After Your Braces Come Off to Start Mewing?

    This is personal and you must decide if waiting till after your braces come off to begin mewing is the right thing for you.

    In our opinion, mewing is incredibly safe to do when wearing braces and the results you can get from beginning your journey today are hard to pass up.

    If you can mew without your braces interfering while following the correct technique, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to start mewing before your braces come off.

    There’s nothing stopping you from starting with or without braces today! app: mewing exercises

    The benefits of mewing with braces as you’ve seen from the images shared by others are there for the taking—as long as you follow proper mewing technique.

    Remember, poor practice could lead to oral, facial, jaw, or tooth problems, and may actually hinder your development or worse, lead to corrective surgery.

    It’s important to note that braces can have a significant impact on your jawline. Top-notch orthodontics requires years of quality research to achieve, and as such should never be overlooked.

    That’s why at, we’ve spent an age developing content that’s not only aligned with the expert findings of Mike Mew but is also easy to understand and follow for all of our users in whatever settings they may find themselves in.

    Get all the tips you need to excel, at

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