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A Must-Read Guide on How to Get a Better Jawline


    Not everyone’s born with a jawline carved from the Gods, but almost everyone can get one by adopting a set of jawline training techniques.

    That’s right – in this article, we’ll talk about how to get a better jawline using nothing but your own muscles and introduce a fantastic technique to implement in your daily routine called mewing.

    We’ll discuss:

    • 📝 The benefits of mewing
    • 📝 How to maintain the correct form when mewing
    • 📝 Health issues resulting from proper mewing and improved sleep hygiene, among other factors.

    Read through and see whether all types of faces can enjoy the positive benefits regardless of skin type and face shape.

    How to get a better jawline


    Can You Improve Your Jawline?

    Having a strong, commanding jawline depends on several individual genetic factors that shape the bone structure of your chin and skeleton overall. Even so, you can manipulate your chin muscles with exercises to get a muscular jawline.

    Below, we present you with some techniques to create a stronger jawline without undergoing cosmetic surgery. Mind you, some of these tips don’t involve doing exercises and sticking to natural jaw enhancement (a.k.a. via switching up your appearance).

    But let’s not dwell on it – keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

    1. What’s Mewing, and How Can It Help With Jaw Definition?

    Several facial exercises can maintain a youthful appearance while shaping your jawline how you want it. Some of those include various jaw, neck, and tongue muscle movements. Mewing is the latest trend that surpasses individual genetic factors and aids in having a perfectly chiseled jawline.

    For instance, you can keep your head upwards to strengthen your jaw and neck muscles over time. You can also do chin lifts for the same purpose.

    One of the tricks that can lead to a perfect jawline appearance is keeping your tongue pressed to the roof of your mouth for continuous periods, a.k.a. mewing. Do these sessions daily, and thanks to muscle memory, your jawline will drastically improve with time.

    All of these jaw exercises activate your front neck muscles and other muscle groups to build a chiseled jawline. You can find everything about the mewing technique on Mewing.coach – the go-to mewing app for beginners and those who want to track their progress throughout the journey.

    Download the app for step-by-step guidance toward achieving a naturally bold jaw! It is an all-embracing app that will answer all your burning questions regarding ‘how to lose face fat and get jawline,’ ‘how to tighten jawline naturally,’ and others.

    2. A Well-suited Haircut Will Enhance Your Jawline

    Find the perfect hairstyle that will suit the shape of your face. This will enhance your jawline and, thus, change other people’s visual perception of you.

    Every face shape can look better with the right hair, which is why you should find a barber that has vast knowledge and ask for advice. Face shape apps may help with this issue, but they are not very reliable.

    3. Give Your Face Gentle Massages

    Massage your face until you feel the muscles relax. Nurturing the facial muscles will prompt better growth and development when you do face exercises for a defined and muscular jawline. A gentle massage also improves blood flow, which is highly beneficial when combatting sagging skin.

    Open your mouth wide, and do neck contractions as a part of your routine to stimulate more muscles during your massage sessions.

    4. Drink Water to Always Stay Hydrated

    Drinking water is one of the best weapons against aging. Maintaining good hydration also stimulates the loss of excess fat, as all bodily functions are at their peak.

    Sufficient water intake can help in reducing muscle spasms throughout the body, as well as prevent neck pain. This is highly important, as your neck is greatly activated during face and jaw exercises for a strong jawline.

    Muscle spasms can occur during throat contracting as well. Luckily, all this can be prevented by simply drinking sufficient amounts of water.

    5. Reduce Your Body Fat Percentage

    Maintain a healthy diet to reduce the percentage of fat in your body. By losing weight, you will also improve the appearance of your lower jaw and, thus, your jawline overall. It will also cancel out your weak jawline appearance.

    There are tons of ways through which you can lose body fat, including changing your diet, doing exercise several times a week, as well positive thinking to manifest the desired results. If you manage to implement as many of the losing body fat techniques as possible, you will achieve the chiseled-jaw look you’ve always wanted more easily.

    6. Hard-Chewing Gums

    Take advantage of the chewing gum impact on the jawline to get a chiseled jawline by stimulating the right muscle contraction.

    Some people can chew gum for hours at a time. If you’re one of them – that’ll be a killer workout routine for getting a defined jawline. Buying a doctor-recommended chewing gum will be even more beneficial as it will protect your teeth, which is always a huge plus.

    Of course, this doesn’t mean you should chew the day and night away. If you overdo it, you may face some health issues like uncontrollable jaw clenching while sleeping, jaw pain, neck pain, and even neck strains.

    If you notice any of these problems, make sure to decrease the chewing or even see a doctor.

    7. Decrease the Salt Intake

    Excessive amounts of salt in your food can lead to many health issues, one of which is gaining weight. As we already mentioned, gaining weight leads to fat accumulation throughout the body, and the jaw area is no exception.

    This will lead to losing the shape of your jaw due to fat. To avoid this problem, be sure to decrease the amount of salt in your diet drastically.

    What’s more, you will not only prevent health issues, but you will also make the jawline exercises worth your while. If you stop consuming huge amounts of salt, you will also be lucky enough to decrease the risk of some more serious health problems. The most alerting ones include high blood pressure, heart disease, and even a stroke.

    And that’s how losing face fat helps define the jawline!

    8. Practice the Fish Face Exercise

    The fish face exercise is a great answer to the question of ‘how to get a defined jawline.’ This simple facial workout for the cheeks, also referred to as the ‘smiling fish face,’ can be done anywhere. This workout reduces flabbiness and tones and stretches the cheek muscles.

    Simply make a fish face by sucking in your cheeks and lips as we used to when we were kids. Try smiling now, and hold the position for a few seconds. You should feel pain in a form of a subtle burn sensation in your cheeks and jaw. For optimal results, rest once more and repeat it 15 to 20 times in a row.

    One of the greatest things about the fish face is that you can practice it anytime and anywhere with a little privacy.

    9. Decrease Carbs in Your Daily Diet

    As we already mentioned, eating healthy is one of the main things you should do to lose excess fat. Decreasing carbs in your diet will do more for you than just help you show your perfect jawline off.

    It can also help in the prevention of serious health issues. Some of the ones you can avoid include obesity, heart disease, and type-2 diabetes.

    There are many more benefits, but if your goal is to have a perfect jawline – go for it. You’ll reap all the other benefits with it!

    10. Get Enough Sleep Every Night (No Less Than 8 Hours)

    Getting enough sleep regulates all body functions, including the secretion of hormones in the brain. It can also help you slip into REM sleep, which has various benefits for the body.

    Humans’ brain activity during REM sleep is one of the most important functions in the human body. It regulates growth, happiness, emotions, and collagen production, among many more important aspects.

    And believe it or not – maintaining a chiseled jawline is one of those as well! If you get at least 8 hours of sleep every night, you will be able to regulate your body weight, which will result in a great-looking jawline as well. It will also help you endure workouts and various exercises, including jaw exercises.

    11. Stimulation of Collagen Production

    The collagen production in our body is best maintained by regular sleep. This protein has numerous benefits, including:

    • Skin health improvement
    • Reduction of wrinkles and fine lines
    • Joint pain relief
    • Bone density loss prevention
    • Improved skin elasticity
    • Heart health.

    All of these factors contribute to a fine jawline in one way or another.

    12. Grow a Beard If You Can!

    Beard hides all imbalances in the physical appearance of the face. This is one of the main reasons most men look better with a beard than without it. Having a fine beard line across your face can define the jawline and, thus, make it look sharper.

    Grow a beard if your body can. If you can’t, look into some of the many facial hair-growing products. The market is very rich when it comes to these types of products. A well-groomed beard can work wonders for men’s appearance, including their jawline.

    How to Get a Better Jawline When You’re Skinny

    Even skinny, or people, who are generally in good shape, can often have a chubby and underdeveloped jawline. This is why we want to remind you that separately exercising the jaw muscles can work wonders.

    Instead of looking things up online, make sure to download our Mewing.coach app, where you’ll find all the mewing exercises necessary for a sharp jawline. The app is convenient as it will help you \shape your jawline step by step, making it great for beginners and people who’ve already tried to do something about their jawline with various exercises.

    Define Your Jawline Using Other Techniques

    There are various other techniques through which you can get a well-defined jawline. We’ve gathered the most interesting and useful ones you can see below:

    Cheek Lifts

    The cheek lift exercise is based on the smile action itself and is one of the greatest ways to tone the cheek muscles. It aids in smoothing out cheek creases and firming sagging cheeks to make your face look younger.

    Start by sitting comfortably, then smile as widely as possible while lifting your cheeks toward your eyes. Your cheek muscles will feel stretched and strained.

    For a better lift, perform this exercise while closing your eyes. Stay 15 seconds into the position and relax your face. For optimal results, repeat it fifteen times continuously.

    Blowing Air

    This is one of the best exercises for getting rid of a double chin and, thus, shaping your jawline. It works all the facial and neck muscles.

    This exercise targets and tones the muscles in the neck, jaw, and cheeks to give a natural face-lift. Let’s see how it’s done!

    Straighten your back while sitting in an ergonomic chair, and lean your head back as far as you can to look up at the ceiling. Once your head is positioned correctly, pucker your lips as if you are about to kiss someone, and start blowing air out of your mouth.

    Relax after 5 to 10 seconds. For optimal results, do it 15 to 20 times in a row.


    Even though we focused on the jawline – the above methods have more than one application. So, it’s not just about shaping your jawline and achieving a more youthful appearance. The goal is to prevent and put a stop to many health issues related to the lack of muscle movement, reduced sleep hygiene, and reduced exercise.

    Of course, the mewing method has shown as one of the most effective of the bunch, and you can learn how to do it in no time using the Mewing.coach app. Download it for your iPhone and Android, follow our instructions one by one, and you’ll see the magic unveil in mere months!

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