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PAP MD Mouth Tape Review


    For years, I struggled with a dry mouth and loud snoring due to chronic mouth breathing. Sleep studies were costly, and the idea of using a CPAP machine was intimidating for me. So, I began researching online solutions and came across mouth taping.

    Through my research, I discovered the remarkable advantages of nasal breathing encouraged by the consistent use of mouth tape. These include enhanced lung health, increased alertness, better sleep, fewer oral health problems, and even a more defined jawline.

    My curiosity and desperation led me to try the highly reviewed PAP MD mouth tape. After several weeks of using PAP MD tape each night, I’m sharing my honest experience with you in this detailed review. Let’s find out the features, pricing, and everything else about the PAP MD mouth tape, and whether this simple strip of tape can quiet the noise in your bedroom.

    PAP MD
    PAP MD mouth tape
    My verdict:
    PAP MD offers a comfortable soft breathable fabric tape that is 40% wider than its competitors, covering the entire mouth with medical-grade latex-free adhesive. This product is the key to better sleep, a stronger immune system, and increased energy.
    Great Alternative
    ZzzTape mouth tape
    Made with super-gentle, breathable adhesive, our top recommended ZzzTape keeps your mouth shut comfortably all night, promoting better sleep and saying goodbye to dry mouth and morning miseries.
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    PAPMD Mouth Tape Overview

    PAP MD Mouth Tape is highly reviewed on social media platforms, TrustPilot, and other forums. I recently tried it after finding its good reviews on Facebook. Having tried a few other tapes, among which one was the regular medical tape, I was skeptical if this too would be not long and wide enough, with an adhesive that would either come off a few minutes later or leave a sticky mess.

    When I first opened the pack and took out a strip, I was relieved to find it wide enough to cover the lips and the surrounding area. PAP MD claims that the tape is 40% larger in size as compared to other mouth tapes, providing complete mouth coverage, which promotes nasal breathing.

    PAP MD mouth tape

    Trying PAP MD for day 1, I woke up without a dry mouth for the first time in many years! I was amazed it didn’t disappoint at all.

    Its medical-grade adhesive is super sticky but doesn’t leave a residue. It effectively addressed issues like snoring, dry mouth, bad breath, and morning headaches due to disrupted sleep.

    The cost of PAP MD is $24.99 for 30 tapes, and the quality justifies the cost. It’s a bit tricky to remove, especially with facial hair, but the sensation fades quickly. In short, PAP MD’s stretchy fabric and strong grip make it the best mouth tape I’ve tried.

    Benefits and Drawbacks

    Pros Cons
    ✅Medical grade latex free adhesive

    ✅60 days money back guarantee

    ✅40% larger in size than other mouth tapes

    ✅Provides a firm grip

    ❌Removing it takes quite a pull

    ❌Sensation of a closed mouth might be uncomfortable due to the strong grip

    ❌Only for single-time use

    Material Composition

    The PAP MD mouth tape is crafted from a soft cloth material. This fabric offers flexibility and comfort, making it an excellent choice for users. Reports indicate that wearers can barely feel it on their faces, which is crucial for a product designed to enhance breathing and reduce mouth breathing during sleep.

    Adhesive Type

    The adhesive used in PAP MD mouth tape is latex-free and of medical-grade quality. This combination ensures that it doesn’t irritate the skin while providing a firm hold. Users can confidently apply the tape, knowing it will stay in place throughout the night, promoting better breathing habits.

    Man testing Pap MD mouth tape

    Product Dimensions

    The PAP MD mouth tape is about 40% larger than standard tapes, a feature that sets it apart from the competition. It measures approximately 2″ x 3.5″ (50.8 mm x 88.9 mm). The larger size contributes to its effectiveness.

    Packaging and Sustainability

    PAP MD is a mouth tape made of sustainable fabric material and latex free glue. The product is manufactured without the use of harmful chemicals, prioritizing the health of consumers as well as the environment.

    No unnecessary layers or branding are used, reducing material usage. The packaging is also eco-friendly in more than one way. The pouches containing the strips are lightweight and compact, maximizing space efficiency. Choosing PAP MD is a sustainable and responsible choice that benefits both you and the planet.

    How to Use PapMD Mouth Tape

    Pap MD mouth tape applied on mouth

    Step 1: Prep Your Skin for Optimal Stick

    For best results, start with a clean face! Wash your lips and the surrounding area with gentle soap and warm water. Pat your face completely dry – any moisture can affect the adhesion.

    Step 2: Unpeel the Patch

    Carefully peel the PAP MD strip away from its protective liner. Be mindful of the adhesive – you don’t want it sticking to itself!

    Step 3: Find Your Perfect Placement

    With your lips slightly pursed inwards, gently apply the strip directly over your lips and surrounding area. For maximum comfort and hold, make sure you get good coverage on both sides of your mouth.

    Step 4: Gentle Removal for a Hassle-Free Morning

    When you’re ready to take the tape off, start by loosening one edge slowly and gently peel it away from your skin. If you have any facial hair, be extra careful to avoid pulling.

    Step 5: Repeat and Recharge!

    Each PAP MD strip is designed for single use. Simply grab a fresh one for the next night of peaceful, breath-through-your-nose slumber!

    Pap MD Mouth Tape Pricing

    PAP MD Mouth Tape comes in various packages to fit your needs and budget. PAP MD offers significant discounts for buying in bulk. A month’s supply costs $24.99, and three month’s supply is priced at $49.99. The 6-month supply is for $89.99, which brings the price down to just $0.50 per night, and the year-long supply offers the best value at $149,99 or $0.42 per night – a steal compared to other premium tapes.

    For ultimate convenience, sign up for the subscribe and save option. You can save an extra 10% and get free priority shipping, ensuring you never run out and can wake up refreshed every night.

    Remember, PAP MD Mouth Tape is designed for comfort and effectiveness. The strong, yet gentle adhesive ensures a good night’s sleep, unlike less expensive options that might fall off or irritate your skin.  Consider it an investment in your sleep quality and overall well-being.

    Customer Support & Warranty

    Got questions? PAP MD’s got your back! Their friendly customer support team is just a quick email away. You can also follow them on social media for updates and connect with the PAP MD community.

    I reached out via email with a question about the adhesive sensitivity, and their representative responded within 12 hours with helpful information.

    PAP MD Mouth Tape itself is not covered under a warranty, but you have 60 days to try it risk-free with their money-back guarantee.

    Return & Delivery

    All orders are shipped from PAP MD’s Florida warehouse within 1-2 business days and arrive in just 5-7 business days.

    If you didn’t love your PAP MD experience, no worries! They offer a generous 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.  Simply contact their customer support team via email with your order number, and they’ll get the return process started for you.

    PAP MD even covers the return shipping cost with a pre-paid label! Just send back any unopened packages, and they’ll issue a full refund within 5-7 business days.

    PAP MD Tape Reviews

    The abundance of positive reviews for PAP MD on various forums confirms that I’m not alone in my satisfaction with this mouth tape. Many users express feeling more rested each night after just a few days of using PAP MD. The tape effectively addresses mouth breathing and dental issues while enhancing sleep quality.

    Here are two testimonials from the PAP MD homepage. The first one specifically praises the shape and size of the tape.

    Testimonial on Pap MD mouth tape

    Here’s another user sharing her journey from being skeptical to recommending it highly to fellow mouth breathers.

    Pap MD review recommendation

    TrustPilot has several PAP MD reviews that speak volumes of customer satisfaction. The company has a rating of 4.6 on the forum. See how this recent user praises the customer service, delivery, and effectiveness of the PAP MD mouth tape.

    Pap MD mouth tape review on Trustpilot

    A sleep apnea forum committed to helping CPAP users has threads mentioning PAP MD as a trusted choice to be used along with the CPAP machine. A user cites his personal experience using the tape, mentioning that he is now hooked to the product.

    Pap MD mouth tape review on sleep apnea forum

    Customer testimonials, review forums, and social media consistently highlight the effectiveness of PAP MD in promoting nasal breathing. This makes the affordable 3 or 6-month bundle packages a worthwhile option to consider.

    Alternatives & Comparison

    Before making a purchase, comparing features and prices with competitors helps you make an informed choice. When evaluating top mouth tapes, PAP MD consistently stands out, both in terms of quality and affordability. This comparison also allows you to see how other products measure up to the mark.

    PapMD vs. ZzzTape

    Applying ZzzTape mouth tape
    The ZzzTape offers a range of colors and sizes to suit your needs and preferences. Designed to address mouth breathing issues, it provides a comfortable yet strong grip. The breathable material encourages nasal breathing, helping to prevent problems such as dry mouth, snoring, and dental issues.
    Visit ZzzTape

    Both PAP MD and ZzzTape aim to improve sleep through mouth closure, but some key differences might influence your choice. PAP MD offers a larger 2″ x 3.5″ strip, ensuring better mouth coverage for more effective nasal breathing. ZzzTape comes in a smaller 1.5″ x 3″ size. Read the article where ZzzTape is reviewed in detail to learn how it stacks up against the competitors.

    Both ZzzTape and PAP MD mouth tape claim strong adhesion, but ZzzTape’s adhesive might require extra caution during removal, with some users reporting initial irritation. PAP MD uses a latex-free medical-grade adhesive, designed for sensitive skin and facial hair.

    Another difference is that of the cost. While ZzzTape’s 3-month bundle is slightly cheaper at $39.99, PAP MD’s $49.99 option offers a larger size and potentially more comfortable adhesion.

    For a more comprehensive mouth seal and potentially gentler adhesive, PAP MD seems like the stronger contender. ZzzTape might be suitable for those who prefer a smaller size and partial lip-breathing. Consider your priorities while making a choice.

    PAP MD Mouth Tape vs. Hostage Tape

    Hostage mouth tape
    Hostage Tape
    Designed to address mouth breathing during sleep, Hostage Tape has the strongest and most durable adhesive holding even on the toughest facial hair. The grip enables nasal breathing, prevents dry mouth, and curbs snoring significantly.
    Visit Hostage Tape

    When comparing Hostage tape to PAP MD, the latter prioritizes enhanced comfort with a breathable, latex-free adhesive. Hostage Tape lacks transparency on materials, and its black color might not suit everyone’s taste.

    PAP MD offers a larger size for better coverage at a more competitive price. Their 3-month supply costs $49.99, while Hostage Tape’s is a whopping $74.95 for the same duration. While both boast strong adhesion, Hostage Tape might be a bit too restrictive for some users. PAP MD’s medical-grade adhesive is designed for sensitive skin and easy removal. Read this Hostage Tape comprehensive review to gauge first-hand user experience.

    Given the larger size, comfortable adhesive, and competitive pricing, PAP MD appears to be the more attractive option.

    PapMD Mouth Tape vs. Jawliner Mouth Tape

    Jawliner mouth tapes
    Jawliner Mouth Tape
    Made from soft bamboo material, Jawliner Mouth Tape is comfortable to wear throughout the night. Its skin-safe, hypoallergenic adhesive that ensures a secure hold without irritating, even for sensitive skin. The tape is helpful in encouraging nasal breathing, allowing you to reap its benefits.
    Visit Jawliner

    While both PAP MD and Jawliner are strips applied to your face at night, their goals might be different.

    PAP MD prioritizes promoting nasal breathing and a good night’s sleep with a larger, breathable fabric strip and medical-grade adhesive. Jawliner, on the other hand, also focuses on jawline definition and uses a bamboo material. This allows for slightly more airflow, which some users might prefer but could hinder nasal breathing.

    PAP MD offers a larger size for better mouth coverage at a competitive price point. Give this comprehensive Jawliner mouth tape review a read to gather more information on the product.

    Is Pap MD Mouth Tape Safe?

    While PAP MD Mouth Tape can be a great sleep aid for some, it’s important to prioritize safety. Here’s who should avoid using it:

    • People with Nasal Congestion or Respiratory Issues: If you struggle to breathe through your nose during the day, mouth taping can further restrict airflow and pose a risk.
    • TMJ Disorder Sufferers: Mouth taping might exacerbate TMJ symptoms.
    • Individuals with Sleep Apnea: While mouth taping can help some mild snorers, it’s not a substitute for proper sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment.

    Always consult your doctor before using PAP MD Mouth Tape:

    • If you have any concerns about your snoring or sleep quality.
    • If you experience a deviated septum, allergies, sinusitis, or chronic congestion.
    • You may need a sleep study to rule out sleep apnea before trying mouth taping.

    No one can deny that mouth taping risks exist, so prioritize safety and talk to your doctor to see if PAP MD Mouth Tape is right for you.

    Our Verdict on PapMD

    Woman testing Pap MD mouth tape

    Our verdict on PAP MD is highly positive. The tape’s larger size offers comprehensive mouth coverage, ensuring better results. The strong adhesive is both effective and skin-friendly, providing a secure hold throughout the night.

    PAP MD is affordable, offering value for its quality and making consistent use an easy possibility. The company’s easy returns and 60-day money-back guarantee reflect their confidence in the product’s effectiveness.


    1. How does humidity or sweating affect the adhesive quality of the PapMD tape during sleep?

    PAP MD adhesive is designed to be breathable and sweat-resistant, but heavy sweating or extreme humidity could affect its hold.

    2. Can I Use PapMD Mouth Tape with a CPAP machine?

    Yes, you can use mouth tape with a CPAP machine. The PAP MD tape is designed to complement CPAP therapy by preventing mouth leaks and promoting nasal breathing. It is compatible and can enhance the effectiveness of your CPAP treatment.

    3. How quickly can one adapt to sleeping with PAPMD tape?

    Adapting to PAP MD tape varies. Some users adjust within a few nights, while others take a week or two. Be patient and allow your body time to adjust.

    4. Does PapMD tape leave any residue on the skin after removal?

    PAPMD tape is designed to be gentle on the skin and leave minimal residue. However, if you have any concerns, test the tape on a small area of your arm before applying it to your face.

    5. Can PapMD mouth tape be used by individuals with facial hair?

    Yes, mouth taping with facial hair is possible with PAP MD. The strong adhesive is designed to hold effectively even on facial hair, ensuring the tape stays in place throughout the night. It accommodates facial hair without compromising its adhesive quality.

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