How Old is Too Old for Mewing: Is There an Age Limit at All? |

How Old is Too Old for Mewing: Is There an Age Limit at All?


    So, you’re wondering if older age can influence your mewing results?

    The short answer is: YES. Mewing works faster for younger people, but it doesn’t mean it won’t work if you’re older.

    So, you’re not too old for mewing. You just need to learn how to do it right. In order to do that, we highly recommend you start with a quick quiz below.

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    Mewing is a go-to method for achieving one’s desired facial aesthetics. It involves the oral muscles, which are interconnected with the rest of the face, inducing proper tongue placement, improved neck posture, and more!

    But what if you’ve reached a certain age and believe you can no longer mew? In this article, we’ll be exploring the mewing age limit (if there even is one!).

    In this in-depth guide, you’ll read about:

    • 📑 When mewing is most effective
    • 📖 Whether age matters when mewing
    • 📌 The main advantages of constant mewing

    Curious to learn more about mewing? Read on!

    Too old for mewing


    The Goal of Mewing

    Mewing is a tongue technique used for aesthetic corrections and other issues like mouth breathing, crooked teeth, or facial structure issues.

    This technique was developed in the 70s by British orthodontist John Mew. However, it was his son Dr. Mike Mew that made it popular on social media, where you can find many videos and testimonials of people who live by this technique and have achieved tremendous results.

    So, how does mewing work? Put your tongue against the roof of your mouth to achieve a proper tongue posture. If done on a daily basis, the proper tongue posture can change your face shape, subtly alter your facial features, and chisel out your jawline.

    It can also help you with some health issues like sleep apnea – a sleep disorder where the individual struggles with interrupted breathing. All you have to do is avoid making mewing errors.

    Is There an Age Limit to Mewing?

    Mewing age limit

    When it comes to mewing – the age limit does not exist! Mewing effects can be observed at any life stage. However, children benefit most from mewing. So, the younger you start mewing, the better.

    Make this posture your routine and habit, and both your looks and health are bound to benefit from it – despite you being an adult!

    Mewing Doesn’t Work for Adults: Let’s Bust the Myth

    Mewing results at older age

    Many adults may wonder if they should start mewing because their face is already developed, and their skull is not as malleable as in the younger population. But even though it might be harder to guide facial growth at an older age, using the right tongue posture is sufficient to make facial changes.

    So, if someone says that mewing doesn’t work for adults, they’re unaware that bones change as you work the masseter muscles, leading to an altered facial appearance. There are also benefits unrelated to cosmetics, such as nasal breathing and reduced snoring.

    Why Slower Mewing Progress Is Normal in Adults

    If you start mewing as an adult, you’ll undoubtedly see changes – but they won’t follow immediately. The progress will be gradual since adults have a slower metabolism and harder-to-grow muscles.

    But everything is achievable with determination. So, start mewing right now to see how mewing can change your life! You can use our Mewing. coach app to track your progress every day and learn the correct tongue position.

    If you’re still unsure whether to go down the road of mewing, these mewing before and after pictures might help.

    When Does Mewing Show the Quickest Results?

    Mewing is most effective when someone is still growing since the bones are more malleable and the metabolism works fast.

    The inventor of this technique, British orthodontist John Mew, worked mostly with small children to improve their jawlines. It was then that he would observe the most drastic changes.

    He eventually started working with adults and stated that they achieved excellent results as well and could also see mewing impacts change in face shape. They just needed more time than children and more effort.

    Mewing for Teenagers and Children

    Children up to 12 years of age can benefit the most from mewing. Their bones are still malleable, and the results usually come fast. Their tissues and bones are much softer than those of adults and can expand the palate very quickly.

    This may lower the chances of getting crowded teeth and sinusitis due to the bigger airway. Moreover, when you mew, you do not use mouth breathing, which can solve sleep apnea problems.

    So, if you started mewing at a young age, you have already prevented some health and aesthetic problems as an adult.

    When it comes to teenagers, they can still achieve excellent results because they are still growing and their bones are still changeable. Nonetheless, results in teenagers are observable only after months of effective mewing.

    Hard Mewing Versus Soft Mewing

    According to experts, you shouldn’t attempt hard mewing if you’re under 18 because soft mewing is sufficiently adequate for your soft bones. Hard mewing, on the other hand, was not invented originally but was made up by the mewing community.

    So, it’s always better to practice soft mewing, as it doesn’t apply excessive pressure on your jaw muscles and facial muscles. There’ll be able less pressure on your tongue this way, which will eliminate pain in youngsters.

    Check out our best mewing tongue posture practice article, and discover the ideal one for you.

    Mewing Correctly Is What Counts, Not Your Age

    Since proper oral posture is what counts regarding mewing, you should equip yourself with whatever you need to do it right. And our app really comes in handy here!

    You can use it to get daily reminders, a personalized training program, progress evaluation, and educational content. With time, mewing will become second nature to you!

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