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Dream Recovery Mouth Tape Review


    Mouth taping can play a significant role in maintaining optimal health! The simple practice, when done consistently, encourages nasal breathing during sleep, which has numerous health benefits.

    Breathing through your nose helps prevent dry mouth, reduces the risk of dental issues like tooth decay and gum disease, improves oxygen uptake, minimizes snoring, and enhances overall sleep quality, leading to a more refreshed morning.

    Unlike chin straps, mouth taping directly promotes nasal breathing without the need for additional equipment.

    Among the various mouth tape brands I’ve tested, Dream Recovery stands out as a comprehensive choice for mouth taping. In this review, I will discuss its features, advantages and disadvantages, and compare it to other leading mouth tape brands.

    Dream Recovery
    Dream Recovery mouth tape blue
    My verdict:
    Experience the holistic benefits of nasal breathing with the Dream Recovery mouth tape, which is crafted from the most comfortable bamboo silk and a gentle adhesive with a sufficient grip to stay on your mouth all night long.  
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    Great Alternative
    ZzzTape mouth tape
    ZzzTape is a top-tier choice to reduce mouth breathing, thanks to its comfortable material,  gentle adhesive, and wide enough size to ensure complete mouth coverage while you sleep. The tape is highly effective in addressing snoring and dry mouth triggered by the habit of mouth breathing.  
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    Dream Mouth Tape Overview

    Dream Recovery mouth tape is a game-changer if you’re seeking a straightforward solution to combat mouth breathing.

    Every morning, I used to wake up with a parched mouth, puzzled despite hydrating well throughout the day. My dentist shed light on the issue: mouth breathing at night. Intrigued by the buzz around mouth taping, I decided to try Dream Recovery, lured in by their satisfaction guarantee.

    Dream Recovery mouth tape

    Crafted from bamboo silk, these tapes boast antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, ensuring a plush sleep experience. The breathable, eco-friendly material is a boon for those seeking hypoallergenic options over abrasive tapes. The Dream Recover mouth tape is available in the strip form as well, but I opted for the full-size version as I was apprehensive of inadequate mouth coverage with the strips.

    Dream Recovery doesn’t stop at just mouth tapes; they also offer value-packed bundles and quirky accessories like sleep masks and travel pouches.

    The switch to nasal breathing overnight was transformative in more than one way. My morning dryness vanished, my bad breath was history, and I felt invigorated like never before.

    Benefits and Drawbacks

    Pros Cons
    ✅Crafted from eco-friendly, soft, and breathable bamboo silk

    ✅The adhesive is gentle on the skin, preventing skin rash

    ✅reduces snoring, drooling, and orthodontic issues

    ✅effectively encourages nasal breathing

    ❌Mouth taping might feel awkward initially

    ❌Slightly expensive than other mouth tapes

    ❌Some users report discomfort when removing the tape

    Materials Used

    Dream Recovery mouth tape prioritizes comfort and hygiene through its material choice: organic bamboo silk. Bamboo silk is known for its soft, smooth texture, making the mouth tape gentle on the skin for a comfortable night’s sleep.

    Organic bamboo is a hypoallergenic material, which means it’s less likely to cause irritation or allergic reactions, beneficial for those with sensitive skin. It possesses natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. This helps reduce the growth of bacteria and microbes on the tape, promoting a cleaner and more hygienic sleep environment.

    Type of Adhesive

    Dream Recovery mouth tape uses a medical-grade hypoallergenic adhesive. It ensures the mouth tape stays on throughout the night, even if you toss and turn. Being gentle on the skin, it reduces the risk of irritation or allergic reactions, especially for those with sensitive skin.

    Testing Dream Recovery mouth tape

    Mouth Tape Dimensions

    Dream recovery tape is large enough to effectively cover the mouth area and prevent mouth breathing during sleep. It is thin and flexible compared to standard medical tape and other mouth tapes. This ensures comfort while adhering to the skin throughout the night.

    The flexible bamboo silk allows for some minor stretching to accommodate natural mouth movements during sleep without compromising adhesion. These characteristics can benefit users compared to less specialized tapes by providing a more comfortable and secure fit throughout the night.

    Dream Recovery Packaging and Sustainability

    The Dream Recovery tape is manufactured without the use of any harmful chemicals or pesticides. Based on their commitment to sustainability with the bamboo silk material (a fantastic renewable resource), we can expect Dream Recovery to prioritize eco-friendly practices in their packaging as well. Especially, the use of a small pouch keeps the packaging size minimal, reducing waste.

    How to Use a Dream Recovery Mouth Tape

    Step 1: Wash and Dry Your Face

    Ensure your lips and the surrounding skin are clean and dry to maximize adhesion.

    Step 2: Unseal

    Cut a suitable length of Dream Recovery mouth tape from the roll.

    Step 3: Apply

    Gently stretch the tape to activate its adhesive properties. Place the tape horizontally over your closed mouth, covering both the upper and lower lips. Ensure the tape adheres well to your skin without causing discomfort.

    Step 4: Take Off

    In the morning, gently remove the tape by peeling it off from one corner. If you have facial hair, consider trimming it or folding it over one corner of the tape for easy removal.

    Step 5: Repeat

    To maximize effectiveness, try to sleep on your back or side to maintain the closed-mouth position throughout the night. Start by using the tape for shorter periods, such as 10 to 15 minutes, and gradually extend the time. Consistent use over at least 30 days may yield better results.

    Sleeping with Dream Recovery mouth tape

    Dream Recovery Mouth Tape Pricing

    Dream Recovery offers two shapes of mouth tape: strips and full, with a variety of color options to suit individual preferences.

    For the strips:

    • A one-time purchase for one month is priced at $24.25.
    • With a subscription, you can save 18%, bringing the cost down to $19.89.

    For the full tapes:

    • A pack of 30 full tapes is priced at $27.95.
    • With a subscription, the price is reduced to $22.92.

    Subscription Benefits:

    • Costing less than $1 per day, it’s an affordable solution.
    • Swap colors anytime to match your mood or preference.
    • Easily pause or cancel your subscription anytime.
    • Enjoy FREE gifts with every shipment.
    • The product ships every month, ensuring you never run out.

    For those looking to stock up:

    • A 2-month supply of full tape is available for $49.50.
    • A 3-month supply is priced at $75.50.
    • The 6-month package offers the best value at $149.

    Additionally, Dream Recovery offers the flexibility to pay in 4 interest-free installments for orders over $50.00 using ShopPay.

    Compared with the general market, Dream Recovery offers competitive pricing, especially with its subscription discount. Dream Recovery mouth tape’s quality, comfort, and eco-friendly materials make it a worthwhile investment for improving sleep quality and overall health.

    Customer Support & Warranty

    Dream Recovery is a company that takes pride in its research-backed products, ensuring customer satisfaction. If it’s your first time purchasing and you’re not completely satisfied, rest assured with their Happiness Guarantee.

    If you’re unhappy with any product within 30 days of purchase, contact them to initiate a return. They’ll confirm your order and provide return instructions for new, used, or broken items. Upon receiving your return, they’ll issue a full refund, minus the shipping cost.

    Please note that this guarantee applies to the first order within a subscription only; subsequent subscription orders are non-refundable.

    Contact options include filling out the contact form on their website or reaching out through their social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

    However, it’s worth noting that during my experience, the customer service response time was a bit slow, taking more than 48 hours to reply.

    Return & Delivery

    Dream Recovery offers fast and affordable delivery within the USA, with most orders shipped within 24-48 hours and arriving in 3-7 business days. International shipping incurs extra charges and takes 2-3 weeks for delivery.

    Returns are straightforward: you have 30 days from purchase for a full refund (minus shipping) or a replacement. However, items must be new and in original packaging, and the customer is responsible for return shipping costs.  Authorization for returns is required via email before sending anything back.

    Dream Recovery Mouth Tape Reviews

    Dream Recovery has carved its name as a reputable wellness products brand, securing good ratings and satisfied remarks from thousands of users. The Dream Recovery tape, specifically, has garnered a lot of praise for its comfortable material and effectiveness in achieving the desired outcome, such as reduced snoring and dry mouth prevention.

    Here’s a review from the manufacturer’s website highlighting the huge difference Dream Recovery mouth tape has made in this customer’s sleep. Hundreds of other reviews share similar sentiments.

    Customer review of Dream Recovery mouth tape

    Instagram is buzzing with reviews like the following one, with the user sharing the role of Dream Recovery mouth tape in his improved sleep quality.

    Dream Recovery mouth tape review on Instagram

    Here is another satisfied user testifying about the effectiveness of the Dream Recovery tape. Several other reviews echo the sentiment of feeling refreshed and alert in the morning after using the tape.

    Testimonial on Dream Recovery mouth tape

    Overall, reviews paint a highly positive picture, emphasizing how Dream Recovery can be your go-to choice for mouth taping.

    Alternatives & Comparison

    Comparing similar products is the best solution if you are thinking about how to choose the best mouth tape. Each product varies in features, pricing, and effectiveness. To make an informed decision, it’s crucial to evaluate Dream Recovery alongside competitor brands to ensure you get the most suitable option for your needs.

    Dream Mouth Tape vs. ZzzTape

    Applying ZzzTape mouth tape
    ZzzTape stands out as a reliable option for mouth taping. More affordable than many other brands, ZzzTape effectively promotes nasal breathing with its soft material and a strong adhesive that stays in place throughout the night.
    Visit ZzzTape

    While both ZzzTape and Dream Recovery are popular mouthtapes, key differences exist in material, adhesion, and options.

    Material: ZzzTape uses a breathable fabric, whereas Dream Recovery prioritizes comfort with bamboo silk.

    Adhesion: Users report Dream Recovery’s adhesive as stronger than ZzzTape’s.

    Price: ZzzTape offers a slight price advantage at $19.99 for 30 tapes compared to Dream Recovery’s $22.95.

    Options: Dream Recovery caters to user preference with both full coverage and strip options, while ZzzTape only comes in full size.

    User Feedback: Both brands receive positive reviews for better sleep and reduced snoring. However, Dream Recovery has a slight edge in popularity on social media.

    Dream Recovery vs. Jawliner Mouth Tape

    Jawliner mouth tapes
    Jawliner Mouth Tape
    Made from sustainable and absorbent bamboo material, Jawliner mouth tapes effectively keep your mouth closed at night, helping you transition to habitual nose breathing and reap the benefits for overall health.
    Visit Jawliner

    While both use bamboo, Dream Recovery prioritizes comfort with a softer, moisture-wicking bamboo silk. Jawliner anti-snoring mouth tape offers a standard bamboo option.

    Adhesion Matters: Users report Dream Recovery’s adhesive is gentler on the skin, making it suitable for sensitive individuals compared to Jawliner.

    Price Point: Both are similarly priced around $23 for 30 tapes. However, Dream Recovery offers additional value with their lower-priced strips, ideal for those who prefer partial mouth coverage.

    User Choice: Dream Recovery caters to user preference with strips and full tapes, while Jawliner only offers full coverage. Additionally, Dream Recovery’s reported gentler adhesive makes it a potentially better option for some.

    Dream Recovery vs. Hostage Tape

    Hostage mouth tape
    Hostage Tape
    While the name may not be appealing to everyone, Hostage Tape's strong yet skin-friendly adhesive and stretchy, breathable fabric makes it a standout choice. With consistent use, you can experience the benefits of nasal breathing using Hostage Tape.
    Visit Hostage Tape

    Material Matters: Dream Recovery prioritizes comfort with breathable, moisture-wicking bamboo silk. Reviews suggest Hostage Tape, while effective, may not be as absorbent.

    Adhesion & Beards: Hostage Tape excels for those with facial hair. Its adhesive is strong enough to hold on even through heavy beards and mustaches. Dream Recovery might not offer the same level of beard-friendliness. Read more about Hostage Tape in our in-depth review of Hostage mouth tape.

    Price & Options: Dream Recovery offers a slight price advantage with a 30-pack for $22.95 compared to Hostage Tape’s 1-month supply at $25. However, Dream Recovery provides more options: full tapes, strips, and various colors. Hostage Tape comes only in black and full coverage.

    User Choice: If beard-friendliness is crucial, Hostage Tape might be ideal. However, Dream Recovery’s comfort features, price advantage, and customization options make it a strong contender for many users.

    Dream Recovery Tape vs. Dryft Sleep

    Dryft Sleep strips
    Dryft Sleep
    Unsure about using a rectangular tape that covers more than just your lips? Opt for Dryft Sleep mouth tape, designed in a lip shape. Made from a light and breathable fabric, it offers the right coverage and effectively combats snoring. Plus, the breathing vent is convenient for sipping through a straw or mouth breathing in emergencies.
    Visit Dryft Sleep

    While both dominate the mouth tape market, Dryft Sleep and Dream Recovery offer distinct features.

    Material & Design: Dryft Sleep utilizes a breathable fabric, contrasting Dream Recovery’s focus on comfort with bamboo silk. Dryft Sleep boasts a unique, pre-cut hole for easy water intake and a vent, appealing to some users.

    Adhesion & Price: Reviews suggest Dryft Sleep’s adhesive might not be as strong as Dream Recovery’s. Price-wise, Dryft Sleep sits slightly higher at $23.99, though Dream Recovery subscriptions offer potential savings.

    User Choice: Dryft Sleep’s unique shape and water-friendly design might attract some, while Dream Recovery caters to those seeking a potentially stronger hold and possibly softer material. Explore further how Dryft Sleep could be a suitable choice in this Dryft Sleep mouth tape review.

    Other Products from Dream Recovery

    Dream Recovery, a US-based brand, champions sleep through a range of luxury sleep products. Here’s a peek at some of their offerings:

    • Performance Silk Pillowcase: Crafted from 30 momme mulberry silk, this pillowcase boasts superior quality and weight.  Anti-bacterial silver ions combat microbes, while the soft, smooth surface fights inflammation, retains skin moisture, and is gentle on the skin, making it ideal for those seeking beauty and anti-aging benefits.
    • Performance Silk Sleep Mask: Dream Recovery offers two sleep masks – the OG and the 3D. The OG mask provides a classic, tailored fit that rests lightly over the eyes, perfect for active side sleepers.  In contrast, the 3D mask prioritizes comfort with a cupped design that offers extra space for eyes and lashes, ideal for those with sensitive eyes or who prefer a more relaxed fit.  Both masks are made from high-quality 30 momme silk and feature Cool-Tech™ technology to keep your face cool throughout the night.
    • Dream Recovery™ Elite Sleep Bundle: This comprehensive sleep bundle combines the Performance Silk Pillowcase and your choice of sleep mask.  Perfect for those seeking a holistic approach to sleep improvement, this bundle offers the ultimate in comfort, luxury, and rejuvenation.

    Dream Recovery goes beyond mouth tape to provide a complete sleep sanctuary.

    Is Dream Recovery Mouth Tape Safe?

    Dream Recovery mouth tape is designed to serve as a sleep aid and respiratory support. While it offers numerous benefits, it’s crucial to understand its safety precautions.

    Safety Warnings:

    • Do not use the product if you experience trouble breathing through your nose, have a BMI over 35, have very low blood pressure, have severe heart or breathing problems, have a cold, sinus, or ear infection, severely chapped lips, or have non-intact skin around the mouth.
    • Avoid use if you have consumed alcohol or sedatives.
    • People with asthma or any other chronic respiratory condition, obstructive sleep apnea, or any condition causing difficulty breathing or swallowing should not use this product.

    Potential Risks:

    The use of mouth tape, including Dream Recovery, carries potential risks. It is not suitable for everyone, and using it during sleep can lead to airway obstruction or other breathing difficulties, which can be life-threatening.

    If you experience any discomfort, irritation, or adverse reactions while using this product, discontinue use immediately and seek medical attention if necessary. Consult with a healthcare professional before using this product to ensure it’s suitable for you. However, if you follow the precautions and ensure that mouth taping is safe for you, there will be no dangers of mouth taping to worry about.

    Benefits of Dream Recovery mouth tape

    Final Verdict

    After two months of consistent use, I can vouch for the effectiveness of Dream Recovery mouth tape. It prioritizes comfort and hygiene with organic bamboo silk and a gentle hypoallergenic adhesive. It offers a secure hold throughout the night while minimizing irritation. Competitor tapes may lack the user-friendly balance of comfort and adhesion of the Dream Recovery tape.

    Beyond mouth tape, Dream Recovery offers luxury sleep products like silk pillowcases with anti-aging and anti-bacterial properties, and sleep masks catering to different preferences. Their Elite Sleep Bundle combines both for a complete sleep solution.


    1. Can I Wear Dream Mouth Tape with my CPAP Machine?

    Yes, you can wear Dream Mouth Tape with your CPAP machine. As the combination promotes nasal breathing, it is recommended to use mouth tape if you are snoring with CPAP. It will also improve the effectiveness of your CPAP therapy. Always consult with your healthcare provider before combining mouth tape with CPAP.

    2. Is Dream Recovery Tape Beard-friendly?

    Yes, Dream Recovery mouth tape is beard-friendly. It is one of the best mouth tapes for people with facial hair as it adheres well without causing discomfort or pulling on the beard.

    3. Is Dream Recovery Tape a Good Alternative to Chin Straps?

    Yes, Dream Recovery mouth tape is a good alternative to chin straps. Using mouth tape instead of a chin strap can effectively promote nasal breathing and reduce snoring. Many users find it more comfortable and less restrictive than traditional chin straps.

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