Hunter Eyes: Mewing for Almond-Shaped Eyes Without Eye Surgery |

Hunter Eyes: Mewing for Almond-Shaped Eyes Without Eye Surgery


    So, you want this specific look of intensity and focus in the eyes, as if someone is constantly scanning their surroundings for prey?

    You may think that the shape of your eyes is all genetics.

    ⚠️ SPOILERS: it’s not. ⚠️

    Hunter eyes can be achieved through natural face muscle training and one of the best techniques for it is mewing.

    You can get a personalized mewing workout program just by completing the quiz below. It’ll help you get your desired eye shape in no time!

    For those, who want to learn more about prey and hunter eyes, read on as we have prepared some knowledge bombs 💣.

    It’s a fact that our facial features are pretty much inherited, so they don’t always take on our desired shape. Luckily, certain perks of the 21st-century lifestyle allow people to shape their facial features and posture and appear more attractive.

    If you’re already familiar with the concept of how mewing changes your face, you know it goes beyond genetics and involves a non-invasive method to reshape your facial bones, mouth, cheekbones, nose, and eye area.

    On that note, in this article, we’ll answer burning questions like:

    • 📖 What are “hunter eyes,” and how do they differ from “prey eyes?”
    • 📝 Can the proper tongue posture and body posture affect your eye look?
    • 👀 Can mewing give you hunter eyes?

    You can read our easy guide on how to do mewing adequately and discover the natural way to adopt the deep-set hunter eye shape. Or, you can proceed for an in-depth overview of the practice.

    Hunter Eyes Mewing


    Hunter Eyes – What Is It?

    “Hunter eyes” is another term for a highly desired eye shape where the upper eyelid exposure is almost invisible. They’re called hunter eyes because, you guessed it, they’re supposed to mimic how a hunter looks at their prey.

    Due to their shape, which is horizontally wide and vertically compact, they are also known as “almond-shaped eyes” or “hooded eyes,” as the upper eyelid is naturally not visible. If you still don’t have an image in your head about what is discussed here – imagine the smokey eye makeup look, and you’ll get the picture.

    Can Mewing Help You Achieve Hunter Eyes?

    How to get hunter eyes naturally

    So, does mewing give you hunter eyes? Yes – the power of mewing stretches beyond simply correcting and improving the shape of your mouth and jawline.

    Mewing targets several sets of muscles on the face. So, the mewing effects eyes can take on are abundant.

    If you think about it, there’s logic in the saying “people smile with their eyes” – because when you actually smile with your mouth, the facial muscles are interconnected and help achieve the same expression with your other facial parts, such as the eyes and cheeks.

    But how can proper tongue posture actually impact the eyes, you wonder? The answer lies in the maxilla – the upper palate of the mouth, which is connected to the upper part of our skull and is in direct contact with our nose and eye muscles.

    Have you ever looked at some crazy mewing transformations? If you have, then you’ve probably noticed the change in the canthal tilt, which, in most cases, was a negative canthal tilt.

    Keep reading to discover the effect a neutral or positive canthal tilt can have on attractiveness.

    5 Easy Steps on How to Get Hunter Eyes Using the Mewing Technique

    1. CRUCIAL! – Make Mewing a Habit

    The habit of mewing is not easily achievable and yet is vital for getting hunter or cat eyes. Mewing should not be done occasionally (in periods) – it should be an activity that becomes second nature.

    Our app has an integrated reminder function that lets you know when it’s time for you to practice mewing. You’ll constantly be reminded never to miss a mewing session again, thus increasing your chances for success.

    Besides reminders, offers assisted, step-by-step tutorials on proper mewing you might find helpful if you cannot maintain proper tongue posture. app: mewing

    2. Learn to Swallow Using Your Tongue

    Aside from the correct tongue posture – we also apply the wrong suction force and do this process completely wrong. Instead of using your internal cheek muscles, try to press your entire tongue as hard as you can against your palate while maintaining your lips closed the entire time.

    This also helps in proper breathing through the nose – another crucial aspect of mewing.

    3. Sit With Your Back Straight

    Proper body posture is key to eliminating all wrong habits, including practicing faulty mewing.

    Sitting up straight will allow for the neck muscles in the submental area to get stronger and push the entire face up, allowing for an entire facial rejuvenation and natural tightening of the skin.

    4. Keep Your Mouth Closed and Your Teeth Together

    Have you noticed that this position naturally makes your eyes look more focused? This is also the proper mewing position, where you’re applying just the right amount of pressure with your tongue on your maxilla while keeping your teeth closed the entire time.

    5. Breathe Through Your Nose

    Before you begin asking questions like “what does the way I breathe have to do with my eye shape” – think again:

    Where exactly is the root of your eye?

    Now, make a deep breath through your nose – and do the same through your mouth. Do you notice which muscles get activated?

    By breathing through your nose, you’re using your facial muscles instead your throat muscles.

    Hunter Eyes vs Prey Eyes: Factors That Determine Our Eye Shape

    Hunter eyes vs prey eyes

    Prey eyes are considered to be less attractive when compared to hunter eyes – which is why the names were given in this manner.

    Prey eyes look sweet and naive, unlike hunter eyes, which appear bold, confident, and intimidating.

    So, what determines which eye shape a person will have?

    The Orbital Width and Heights

    The positioning of our orbit bone is what most determines just how deep and back in the skull our eyes will be set.

    People with hunter eyes have large orbits, which helps them achieve the far-out sit-back look without effort.

    At the same time, this doesn’t necessarily mean that people with prey eyes have smaller orbit bones. They could also have large orbits, however, the diameter might be equal – horizontally and vertically, giving them the “droopy” or “large eyes” look.

    The Upper Eyelid Exposure

    The upper eyelid – the skin above our eye is the most change-sensitive part of the eye. This part makes a huge difference in the overall eye look and becomes naturally saggy over the years, causing “droopy eyes.”

    But people are also naturally born with this kind of look and an exposed upper eyelid. So, to know if you have hunter eyes, check if you have an almost invisible upper eyelid.

    The Scleral Show

    The sclera is the scientific term for the white part of the eye. In the natural position of the eyes, this part is never visible in the upper area of the eye – but everywhere else around it. The bigger the scleral show – the more prey eyes look you are likely to show off.

    The Canthal Tilt

    This is, in other words, the angle between the inner corner of the eye, which is next to our nose (the medial canthus), and the outer corner of the eye, which is closer to our ears (lateral canthus). It can be:

    • Positive – hunter eyes
    • Neutral, or
    • Negative – prey eyes.

    The Downturned Medial Canthus

    If you have this (the pink internal canthus close to your nose) turned downward, it increases the possibility of having hunter eyes, as it naturally increases the possibility of a positive canthal tilt.

    Recessed Maxilla

    A smaller maxilla can be caused over the years by genetic diseases, or you can be born with it. However, when you practice correct mewing, tongue resting is no longer an option.

    As you thrive to constantly (even while sleeping) push your tongue upward against the maxilla – you’re working on making it wider and pushing it up. This makes the entire face more compact and your eyes horizontally wide.

    Forward Head Posture

    The forward head posture naturally gives out the prey eyes look, as your facial muscles bring out the nose and cheeks. This also makes it seem as if your entire upper face region is wider and bigger, not leaving any room for your eyes to appear deep.

    Alternative Ways to Achieve Hunter Eyes

    To achieve a canthal tilt that is higher than the medial canthus, you can try:

    • practicing mewing with our Mewing Coach app
    • following the mewing Orthotropics channel on YouTube, or
    • following the direct advice of Dr. Mike Mew.

    However, if you’d like to achieve greater results in no time (and we’re not speaking about the hard vs. soft mewing difference in mewing with increased force), there are numerous surgeries. app: mewing exercises


    Canthopexy is the least invasive surgery to fix prey eyes. Instead of cutting and reattaching, this approach uses sutures for tightening and extra-fat removal on the lower eyelid. Canthopexy “supports” the lower eyelids, giving you a lifted look.

    Ptosis Repair

    Ptosis repair is an invasive, cut-open surgery that involves muscle lifting on the upper eyelid. It’s an invasive surgery that acquires stitches afterward. However, there’s no downtime, and it only takes about an hour or less.


    The canthal tilt can be increased by fixing and surgically lifting the lateral (outer) canthus, changing the entire eye shape. It is a reconstructive plastic surgery with a recovery time similar to other surgeries on the eyelids, which take about 2-3 weeks.


    This is the medical name of the procedure of surgical eyelid lifting and fixing droopy eyes. Though commonly done when the upper eyelid starts to obstruct the vision field, many turn to it as an alternative way to improve their eye aesthetics.

    Final Advice

    Before trying out all these invasive surgeries – have in mind that mewing does work, and it can be practiced for free online. That’s right – we’re talking about the app.

    Thanks to our all-inclusive app, you’ll receive a personalized mewing plan, reminders, and video tutorials to help you achieve proper tongue posture. Our goal is to make your journey toward attractiveness fun and exciting, thus preventing the need for invasive treatments like surgeries (which, by the way, require weeks of downtime!).

    So, download, take the quiz explaining your aesthetic objectives, and let us take on some of the heavy-lifting! app: mewing

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