Are Mewing Results Permanent? What Happens If You Stop? |

Are Mewing Results Permanent? What Happens If You Stop?


    Mewing is an orthotropic treatment that uses right tongue positioning, which, if practiced constantly, can bring many benefits. Mewing can help with issues from sleep apnea to reaching beauty standards like high cheekbones and a prominent nose bridge.

    However, like everything else, if you don’t do it constantly, the results will fade away, and your whole mewing process would’ve been in vain. If you want to see more about what happens when you stop mewing and why you shouldn’t stop, keep reading below.

    Here’s what you’ll read:

    • ๐Ÿ“‘How to mew correctly!
    • ๐Ÿ“–Why it’s important not to stop mewing!
    • ๐Ÿ“ŒThe main benefits of constant mewing!

    Are mewing results permanent


    Definition of Mewing & How It’s Done

    The correct mewing technique is a simple tongue position, invented in the 70ies by the British orthodontist John Mew and continued by his son Mike Mew. This proper mewing tongue posture can help people in the improvement of their face and mouth and even show improvement in some health conditions like mouth breathing, sleep apnea, crowded teeth, etc.

    Here’s a brief summary of the correct mewing technique:

    • First, close your lips;
    • Put your front teeth bottom behind your front upper teeth in your mouth;
    • To get the proper tongue posture, the roof of your mouth should be covered with your tongue, while the tip of your tongue should be placed behind your front upper teeth without touching them;
    • Your tongue and jaw muscles should be relaxed, and if possible, while in this posture, you should pronounce the N sound;
    • Lastly, breathe through your nose, and do not use mouth breathing.

    This is how mewing works! When doing this exercise, you need to be patient and persistent – some may get the first results after a few days, or it may be a year.

    Reasons NOT to Stop Mewing

    Firstly, the widely reported benefits of mewing from people all over the world should be enough of a reason to not stop mewing. Some of the most common reasons are as listed below:

    1. Define Your Jawline

    One of the main reasons why people turn to mewing is because it can reshape your face and give you a more prominent jawline. By practicing mewing, i.e., by pushing your tongue to the roof of your mouth, you can engage all muscles around your neck and thus strengthen your jaw.

    The harder and more you practice, the better the results. Mewing defined jawline can be especially visible to those practicing hard mewing. This technique is one of the best exercises for defining your jawline along with others, like pronouncing vowels, jaw clenching, or chewing gums.

    2. Get a Strong Chin

    There are different reasons why you have a receding chin, such as genetics or, in some cases, overbite or eating soft foods. Mewing can help you get rid of this problem, and it’s also a great exercise for people with a double chin. A double chin also makes the whole jaw structure broader and softer.

    3. Plenty of Other Health Benefits

    Mewing can also help you to get:

    • Symmetrical face
    • A correct body posture
    • Normal breathing (nasal breathing, not mouth breathing)
    • Alignment of crooked teeth
    • Deep-set or hunter eyes
    • Good oral posture
    • Resolved problems with sleep apnea and sinus inflammation
    • Better swallowing habits

    You WILL Achieve Facial Growth by Mewing

    Mewing is a simple technique where you place your tongue correctly against the roof of your mouth. It can change your facial form and improve your whole body posture. But, you need to use the correct oral posture, your jaw needs to be relaxed while mewing, your nose should be directed straight ahead, and you should also make sure your whole body posture is right.

    What is important is not to put your jaw forward while mewing and to make sure your mouth is closed because it can damage your temporomandibular joint.

    You will achieve great facial improvement, but similar to working with other body muscles, facial muscles also need an immense workout and commitment to be changed, so you need to make mewing a daily habit.

    Why You Shouldn’t Stop Mewing

    There are plenty of arguments why mewing works, but they all won’t mean much if you’re inconsistent with your mewing schedule. If you stop mewing, the progress you have achieved with your daily commitment will stop and might diminish after some time. Your chin will become softer and broader, and your jaw will start regaining its previous look.

    Best Ways Not to Forget Mewing

    Mewing can be challenging, especially if you are a newbie and you will need time to get used to it. You can forget to mew during the day, so the best way to fix that is to find some ways that can help you stick to your plan.

    That is why reminder applications such as our Mewing Coach app will make this practice much easier. You can see certain exercises to teach you how to mew, look around for some incredible mewing transformations, and even get reminded when you need to have a mewing session.

    So, start now – using our Mewing Coach application and practice mewing daily!

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