How Mewing Helps You Sculpt Your Jawline? Expert Advises |

How Mewing Helps You Sculpt Your Jawline? Expert Advises


    The once-disputed orthodontic technique called mewing has lately picked up many followers. And how would it not? It’s the go-to exercise for natural facial corrections and the prevention of oral and maxillofacial surgery.

    If you want a nice toned facial structure or a more defined jawline, all you have to do is practice mewing for around 30 minutes a day.

    But what is mewing and should you do it, you ask? The article below unfolds all the benefits you get from proper mewing!

    Besides presenting you with the advantages, we’ll also teach you how to do it properly and achieve the wanted effects.

    So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

    Mewing jawline


    Advantages of Mewing: Top Reasons to Do Mewing for Jawline

    The face shape heavily depends on the habits we adopt while doing ordinary actions. For example, breathing through your mouth, sleeping with your mouth open, or irregular swallowing can lead to crooked teeth, retraction of the lower jawline, and more. It’s all about habits.

    So, if you want a nice and defined jawline, all you have to do is change your habits by learning more about mewing and tongue posture.

    Namely, mewing is a technique that’s focused on the tongue posture, a.k.a. putting the tongue up to the palate without touching the front teeth and pressing with the root of the tongue to the roof of the mouth. Doing mewing for 20 minutes daily can improve your jawline by giving it a well-defined line, as in the illustration below.

    Reasons to Focus on a Proper Facial and Oral Posture

    Doing oral exercises every day can be tedious, not to mention the results are less visible than with other muscles.

    But check out some reasons to start mewing below, and perhaps you’ll be convinced otherwise:

    You’ll Appear More Photogenic

    Chiselled jaw after mewing

    Check out some jawline before and after photos to spot the jaw-dropping difference.

    As you can notice from the pictures, some people used to have a double chin, and others had irregular jaw positions. However, all of that is eliminated not by surgery but by putting your tongue to the roof of your mouth for about half an hour a day!

    A Sharp Jawline Increases Sex Appeal

    Sharp jawline mewing results

    In 2018, women assembled and picked the weirdest traits that make men more attractive. Sharp jawline was among the top 5. Unsurprisingly, men also find a chiseled jaw extremely attractive and will flock toward a person with one.

    But why is this?

    The hottest TV personalities and sports people have well-defined faces with sharp jawlines. Actors and actresses with a jawline you could grate cheese on always have the role that’s most exciting and appealing.

    Therefore, it’s natural for us to be attracted to a person with a sharper face and defined lips.

    Confidence Booster

    With regular mewing exercises, you’re not only improving your jawline – you’re also improving your self-esteem.

    But, you shouldn’t do mewing merely to attract someone. You should do it to feel better about yourself. After all, looking at a new and improved reflection of yourself in the mirror can drastically shift your mood, and once you feel good on the inside, you start feeling good on the outside.

    Therefore, don’t waste any more time and start practicing now. The sooner, the better!

    Improves Your Smile

    Smile before and after mewing

    The appropriate tongue position can reset your smile to perfection!

    Usually, the main issue with a crooked smile is irregular chewing. For example, if you chew more on one side than the other, the tongue posture is constantly on that side, processing the food, which results in an uneven smile.

    For that reason, mewing is a technique that can help you correct your smile with the appropriate tongue position for 30 min a day or more – if you feel like giving hard mewing a shot.

    20 Minutes of Mewing a Day Keeps the Double Chin Away

    If you’re dealing with a double chin, by mewing for 20-30 minutes daily, all that will become history. Don’t waste time and start away!

    By practicing regularly, you’re extending the neck and jaw muscles, especially when doing hard mewing.

    Hard mewing has better results for double chins because you try to mew for as long as possible during the day and night. That includes mewing while exercising, chewing, swallowing, etc. In this case, it’s important to mew correctly, or else you’ll develop another unhealthy motor habit.

    You can always find a dentist to follow your practices or download the app, where you can follow the instructions to know you’re on the right track.

    Why Mewing Is Better Than Other Ways of Treatment

    There’s a reason people prefer mewing over invasive facial procedures. Let’s look at some advantages of mewing:

    • It’s natural
    • You don’t need extra props
    • You can do it wherever you want
    • You’re aiding the tongue’s proper resting position
    • No one will notice if you do it in public
    • It costs $0 to get started.

    No Surgery

    We all know surgery can fix a cosmetic problem in no time. But cosmetic surgeries cost a fortune today and are only recommended in extreme cases where exercises won’t do the trick.

    In other words, you don’t need to undergo surgery to stretch your double chin or straighten your jaw. Practicing mewing for 20-30 minutes a day will do the trick.

    Nonetheless, if you’ve already had a medical intervention – mewing after jaw surgery is still possible and will enhance the results.

    You Don’t Need Extra Equipment

    Mewing is one of the best cost-free exercises that bring positive results. All you need is your tongue and determination to remember to keep it in the correct position.

    Think about it this way: you can either spend a fortune on a gym membership or adapt your home surroundings to be suitable for exercising, thus giving your wallet a break. It’s the same thing with mewing.

    Nonetheless, while you don’t need any extra props, you may want to know some more about additional mewing devices only if you feel like it.

    You Can Do It on the Go

    Another great thing about mewing is that you can do it wherever you are. At home? At the office? In a pool or on the road? It doesn’t matter because your tongue position won’t be obvious to anyone but you.

    Costs $0 to Get Started

    Expensive gyms and personal trainers are some of the most common reasons we avoid working out regularly. However, a useful app such as app has everything you need to get started, including mistakes to avoid and further instructions on correct mewing. It’s the same as having a personal trainer for your facial contours. And the best thing? It’s free!

    Of course, tons of online mewing exercises will help you improve your facial definitions. And because it costs $0 to get started, it means you no longer have an excuse.

    Things to Keep in Mind Before Starting the Mewing Jawline Exercises

    You should know that there are two types of mewing – soft mewing and hard mewing.

    The soft mewing technique for jawline is putting your tongue to the roof of your mouth without touching the teeth with the tip of the tongue. However, it’s also lifting the root of the tongue to the palate with pressure as you’re pushing on the skull. You should do this exercise 20-30 minutes a day for soft mewing.

    Hard mewing, on the other hand, is adding extra pressure to the tongue muscles for as long as you can. So, you’d have to start mewing subconsciously, a.k.a. while you’re eating, sleeping, or hanging out in general. The sooner you improve your mewing technique during these case scenarios, the better.

    However, there’s a high risk of not doing the exercises appropriately, which can result in an unwanted outcome.

    If your Jaw hurts while mewing, it means you’re either doing it wrong or you’re overwhelming the jaw for the day, in which case you need to stop. However, you must know when exactly to stop or correct your position because irregular mewing for a few weeks straight can turn into another bad habit that won’t do your face any good.

    For that reason, we introduce our mewing app – Our app is similar to other workout apps that show you exactly what you need to do throughout your exercise journey. will teach you how to mew properly, mistakes to avoid, and tricks to use for easier implementation. It’s a total lifesaver, so don’t hesitate to download it!

    When Do the First Mewing Results Happen

    To get results, you have to be consistent. Generally, experts estimate that it takes 20 weeks of facial exercises to show some results. With Mewing, it can take 30 days for the first results to show. You need to be consistent with regular tongue placement for 20-30 minutes straight a day.

    If you want faster results, you can practice hard mewing by adding extra pressure while working out, but make sure to avoid the most common mewing mistakes.

    Best Mewing Tips: Final Say

    Mewing is a method developed by Mike Mew, a medical expert in orthodontic tooth movement. The trend picked up after the dental professional tested his theory on his son, John Mew, and it proved successful.

    Despite the lack of scientific evidence, there are no alarming medical concerns regarding mewing. In fact, when done right, mewing can do wonders for your facial shape, cheekbones, jawline, and neck!

    If you’ve had facial surgery and want to start mewing, please consult a doctor to confirm your face has healed and is ready for the pressure that comes with mewing.

    Otherwise, mewing shows results, but it’s best if it’s monitored to avoid further asymmetries. Therefore, if you follow the instructions from our app, you won’t have any issues and will get better results faster!

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