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Cheeky Exercises: Say Goodbye to Excess Buccal Fat


    Buccal fat exercises

    Our face shape is an inherited trait to some degree, but weight gain and excess face fat also play a huge role. Facial fat doesn’t only depend on genetics, and you’ll find that overweight individuals are more likely to have oval or round face shapes.

    Fortunately, there are various buccal fat removal exercises that can tone your facial muscles and help you get the slimmer appearance you’re yearning for.

    In this article you’ll learn:

    • 💆‍♀️ What buccal fat is and how it affects your appearance
    • ✔ Different types of facial exercise to reduce buccal fat
    • 📋 Tips on losing face fat

    Most importantly, you’ll get familiar with the concept of mewing and its role as a buccal fat removal exercise.


    What Is Buccal Fat and Where Is It Located?

    We all have buccal fat; it’s just more pronounced in some people. Face fat is typically accumulated around the jaw, chin, neck, and cheeks and plays a key role in shaping your face.

    However, it doesn’t stay the same throughout your life. The volume of buccal fat pads can increase when you gain weight and decrease as you start working out and losing fat over time. Different buccal fat exercises and facial massage can tighten the cheek muscles and give you the appearance of more pronounced cheek bones.

    All the more reasons to incorporate mewing into your daily routine and practice the correct tongue position as an ultimate face-shaping method. It is perfect for spot reduction as it targets the area around your face and neck.

    How Does Buccal Fat Affect Facial Appearance?

    Excess buccal fat is often accompanied by a double chin, and chubby cheeks. As a result, your facial features will be less pronounced and you will have a more round-faced appearance. Also, accumulated mass in your lower cheeks can make your face look fuller and wider.

    One benefit of excess face and body fat is that you’ll retain a more youthful appearance as you age. But you can still get cheek wrinkles, so you might want to get informed on mid-cheek lines and how to get rid of them.

    How to Determine if You Have Excess Buccal Fat

    You can always consult with a facial surgeon, but determining if you have excess face fat can also be done within the comfort of your own home.

    Stand in front of a mirror, suck your cheeks, and if you notice that the area below your cheeks is not going inwards you most probably have excess buccal fat.

    Don’t fret! You’ll find the solution within our list of facial exercises to help you lose face fat.

    Buccal Fat Exercise List for Facial Muscles

    You’re not a sporty type? No problem!

    Unlike resistant training, еxercising your facial muscles does not require fitness and a lot of effort. Facial exercises can be easily done anywhere and won’t take much of your time either. But rest assured, they’re highly effective and can help you get rid of face fat.

    Not only are they useful for reshaping your face, but can also help you get rid of wrinkles and give your skin a youthful, natural glow.

    You can work out your facial muscles with the locked tongue pose and the lip pull exercise, but we have selected four other buccal fat removal drills for you to try.

    Cheek Lifts

    Since buccal fat is found below your cheekbones, exercising your cheek muscles is the first step toward face fat reduction. Cheek lifts are a type of facial massage and if you want to master the art of it, follow these steps:

    • Place your fingers on your cheek bones
    • Slightly press and lift the skin
    • Open your mouth like you’re saying ”O”
    • Do 10-15 reps

    Fish Face

    Next on our list of most effective facial exercises to reduce face fat is the fish face. This one helps you strengthen your overall face and cheek muscles.

    • Suck your cheeks inwards
    • Try to smile
    • Hold on to this position for about 15 seconds
    • Repeat as often as you can throughout the day

    Jaw Release

    This buccal fat reduction exercise also focuses on jaw movements and can give you a more prominent jaw, as well as help you lose face fat.

    • Put your lower lip over the upper lip
    • Tilt your head backwards and feel the neck muscles tightening
    • Hold for 10 seconds and relax
    • Do 10-15 reps

    Tongue Twister

    Practice the tongue twister to additionally tone your cheeks and have a sharper jawline. Here’s how:

    • Slightly open your mouth and place your tongue behind your upper teeth
    • Press the tongue on the roof of your mouth
    • Make humming sounds in order to activate all the facial muscles
    • Do 5-10 reps

    Face Pilates

    Facial Pilates is an effective way to target buccal fat and sculpt a more defined facial structure. Here’s a simple cheekbone toning exercise to get you started”

    • Sit or stand with a straight back and relaxed shoulders.
    • Place your fingertips lightly on your cheekbones, near the outer corners of your eyes.
    • Apply gentle pressure and lift your cheeks upward while opening your mouth into an “O” shape.
    • Hold this position for 5 seconds, feeling the resistance in your cheek muscles.
    • Relax and repeat for 10-15 repetitions.

    Find more facial pilates exercises in our separate guide!

    Tips and Expectations

    Just like fitness regimen for losing body weight, the exercises to reduce buccal fat must also be done correctly. However, you can’t expect your whole appearance to change overnight as building up facial muscles requires time and commitment.

    These face exercises can be a substitute for a facial massage and have a huge impact on your health. They can significantly enhance your blood circulation, relieve headaches and make you feel more relaxed.

    Plastic surgery is an option, but non-surgical procedures do not carry any health risks and won’t result in any negative consequences. However, if you do choose plastic surgery, make sure to exercise after buccal fat removal.

    You can check out our guide on getting rid of cheek fat to find some tips for incorporating these exercises into your routine, and see the realistic expectations for results.

    Facial Exercises like Mewing for Buccal Fat

    You can finally put an end to chubby cheeks and facial fat. Nothing can beat mewing when it comes to face reshaping. It’s incredible how the tongue posture can improve your appearance and overall health.

    Mewing doesn’t only help reduce facial fat but also strengthens your neck and jaw muscles and sharpens your jawline. The advantages of exercising face muscles with mewing are endless, so here’s a full list of mewing benefits where you can find out what mewing can do for you.

    However, every beginning is difficult, and you might need help making the first step.

    Download the Mewing.Coach app in order to keep track of your exercises. You’ll take a short quiz, and based on your needs and preferences, it’ll create a personalized mewing plan to fit into your daily routine. Once you start your mewing regimen, reaching your ideal looks and self-confidence won’t seem so far away!

    Importance of Diet and Lifestyle on Body Fat and Facial Fat

    Weight gain can be the reason you’ve developed excess buccal fat. A balanced diet and healthy lifestyle will help you burn fat and lose weight. For starters, nutrition is crucial for weight loss. So wean off processed foods and refined carbs, and opt for lean protein and healthy weight instead.

    Cardiovascular exercises such as jogging, swimming, or running can also help you lose weight and be the perfect exercise for buccal fat. If you gain weight, start regular workout that will help you burn the fat stored around your body and reduce face fat.

    Chewing gum is a diet and exercise crossover. It is helpful for spot reduction of buccal fat in the cheeks and lower jaw area. Just make sure you’re using sugar free gum for weight management.

    Common Questions

    How To Lose Cheek Fat Overnight?

    Unfortunately, losing cheek fat overnight is not realistic. Consistent effort over time is needed to see noticeable results from buccal fat reduction exercises. However, adopting a healthy lifestyle and following the recommended exercises can gradually reduce cheek fat.

    How Often Should I Perform Buccal Fat Reduction Exercises For Noticeable Results?

    To see noticeable results from buccal fat reduction exercises, it’s important to perform them consistently. Aim to incorporate these exercises into your daily routine, performing them at least once a day. Consistency is key, so stick to your exercise regimen for the best outcomes.

    What Are Some Common Mistakes To Avoid When Performing Buccal Fat Reduction Exercises?

    One common mistake is expecting immediate results. Like any form of exercise, it takes time to see changes, so be patient and consistent. Additionally, ensure you’re performing the exercises correctly to avoid injury or strain. Finally, remember that while exercise can help reduce cheek fat, overall lifestyle factors like diet and hydration also play a role, so maintain a healthy lifestyle alongside your exercise routine.

    Bottom Line

    If you’re not happy with your appearance, you can try different methods to tone your cheeks and define your jawline. Facial exercises such as fish face, and facial massage will help you strengthen the muscles and finally say goodbye to excess buccal fat.

    Remember to follow a healthy lifestyle and keep your overall weight in check. But most importantly, start mewing today and you’ll gradually see improvements in the shape of your face.

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