How to Defy Computer Face and Keep Your Skin Looking Youthful |

How to Defy Computer Face and Keep Your Skin Looking Youthful


    Computer face

    Computers, tablets, and smartphones have become a regular part of our lives. Although useful and necessary, the amount of time we spend before a screen can have big results on our overall health and even our face. The most recent discovery is a condition called “computer face”.

    In this article, we’d like to go over exactly what this condition is and how to recognize its signs.

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    Let’s get straight to it!


    Understanding the Computer Face: Causes & Symptoms

    Computer face, sometimes also called tech face, is a condition that affects the overall look of your facial skin and is responsible for premature aging. It causes wrinkles, jowls, turkey neck, and more.

    Practically, it affects the health of your skin, making it seem dry and lifeless. This condition affects everyone who spends long hours before computer screens.

    Computer Face Symptoms and Causes

    To help you better understand the condition, we’ve made a list of its main symptoms and their causes:

    • Wrinkles around the eyes caused by squinting;
    • Turkey neck caused by weakened neck muscles;
    • Jowls caused by weakened facial muscles, as well as prolonged sitting in the same position;
    • Deep wrinkles around the mouth caused by frowning, a.k.a. frown lines;
    • Wrinkles on the forehead caused by concentrating and frowning;
    • Eye strain caused by prolonged exposure to blue light;
    • Dehydrated, ashy skin caused by blue light and limited exposure to sun.

    The Importance of Facial Skin Health: How Does Your Skin Age?

    Most of the symptoms we’ve listed are natural things that happen as people age. Normally, free radicals cause the production of collagen to decrease over the years, leaving the skin with lost elasticity and hydration. This, in turn, causes fine lines, wrinkles, dehydration, jowls, a harsh texture, and so on.

    However, all of these things are only normal when they happen gradually as you get old. But when one stares at a screen going through Google or works half of the day in front of a PC, these symptoms accelerate.

    That’s why this condition is such a problem – your skin looks and feels older than it really is.

    Computer Face Prevention: Battling Accelerated Aging

    If you’re not yet affected by this facial phenomenon, you can do something to prevent it from affecting you. Here are a few tips to prevent facial skin sagging and other effects caused by computer face.


    Maintaining a good posture as you work is crucial. By doing this, you’ll battle developing a tech neck, which in turn can cause turkey neck and jowls.

    A tech neck happens when you bend your neck forward to have a better look at a screen. It makes your neck stiff, rounded and protruded forward.


    To prevent eye strain, use glasses with blue light protection. You can also opt for fake tears, and similar eye drops. Taking frequent breaks and working in a well-ventilated environment also helps.


    Even if you work in an office, sunscreen should be a part of your daily skincare regimen. Regular use of hyaluronic acid and retinoids are other great ways to improve facial skin elasticity and hydration. Use them alongside a good moisturizer to lock the hydration in.

    Finally, antioxidants, like vitamin C, can prevent damage by free radicals and aggressors like UV light and keep the skin fresh.

    Computer Face Treatment: 7 Methods That Can Help

    If you’ve already developed this condition, you can try one of these methods to battle it.

    1. Mewing

    Mewing is a fairly simple yet very effective way of sculpting and improving your facial features. To learn how to mew, you can download our Mewing.Coach app.

    Once you take a quick quiz to understand the condition of your visage, the app will give you a detailed workout plan. Follow it daily to help not just get rid of your computer face, but improve your jaw shape, minimize wrinkles, plump your skin, and reintroduce a youthful look and glow.

    2. Chemical Peels

    Chemical peels work by removing the top layer of your skin. This, in turn, causes your skin to “grow back” smoother and with more elasticity. Depending on the strength of the peel, the results can last two to six months or forever.

    3. Microdermabrasion

    Microdermabrasion is another exfoliating method. It uses crystals and a vacuum to remove the top layer of the skin. It is used to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and small scars, and it usually takes a few sessions to get the desired results.

    4. Laser Resurfacing

    Laser resurfacing is a skin rejuvenating procedure that helps tackle wrinkles and hyperpigmentation by using a laser. The goal is to remove the layers of the skin affected by the issues. The healing process from this procedure can take anywhere from five days to one month.

    5. Botox

    Botox is a chemical that works by stiffening the facial muscles to minimize their movement. In turn, the skin above them doesn’t move as much, which prevents the formation of new wrinkles and fine lines. The treatment also smooths the skin out, making existing wrinkles less prominent.

    6. Dermal fillers

    Usually made of hyaluronic acid or another natural compound, dermal fillers act as a sort of substitute fat. Injected under the skin, dermal fillers give plumpness and reduce the look and feel of wrinkles. The effects of dermal fillers, as well as botox, are temporary.

    7. Facial Massage

    A non-invasive yet very helpful treatment, facial massages work by bettering the blood circulation in the facial region. This, in turn, stimulates the production of collagen and can help reduce wrinkles and bring back elasticity.

    Practice facial massages daily at home or often at a dermatologist for optimal results.


    In a world where spending hours at the computer is essentially a must, every squint can become a problem. This condition may be new, but it is vastly spreading, especially among younger generations.

    To minimize or completely remove its effects, good sleep, proper nutrition, low stress, and thorough hydration are essential to have a healthy body and skin. You can try out some of the preventative methods mentioned in this article, or you can roll up your sleeves and start doing some fat burning facial exercises like mewing.

    Download our Mewing.Coach app and start your path to healthy and glowy-looking skin today!

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