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How to Prevent Face Sagging: Definitive Guide


    Sagging facial skin is a natural part of aging, often reflecting a decrease in collagen production. While aging is inevitable, factors like genetics, lifestyle, and environmental exposure also play significant roles in how and when our skin begins to lose its firmness.

    Understanding these factors is key to preventing premature sagging. Implementing proactive skincare routines and healthy lifestyle choices can significantly slow down the process, ensuring your skin remains firmer and more youthful for longer.

    In this article, we’ll learn:

    • 💆‍♀️ What causes sagging skin?
    • ❓ How to prevent sagging skin and promote collagen production?
    • ✔ Healthy habits that boost collagen production.

    Aside from tightening loose skin, we’ll also discover some simple exercises to help you tone your face and mitigate the natural part of aging that influences skin fragility.

    Sagging face


    Causes of a Sagging Skin

    Before revealing how to improve the skin elasticity naturally and understanding how to prevent sagging skin, let’s check the main reasons behind what causes your face to sag?

    • Decreased collagen production directly influences skin elasticity;
    • The aging process is the most natural cause of sagging skin;
    • Non-healthy weight gain and extra weight, as well as sudden weight loss, cause facial fat to become loose skin;
    • Excessive sun exposure and not wearing sunscreen to protect your skin from intense UV rays;
    • Sun damage in the form of dark spots (age spots) and wrinkles;
    • Improper skin care (not using vitamin C, E or D);
    • Genetics, such as facial features and skin type;
    • Too much sugar causes advanced glycation end products/molecules that negatively influence the amount of collagen and elastin the body can produce.

    Genetics will always be considered the primary contributor to sagging skin. Advice on what to do when the jawline is starting to look saggy is always helpful in improving facial features and slowing down the natural aging process.

    Understanding the Anatomy of the Face

    Our face is basically the stretched skin between the facial bones: our nose, chin, forehead, cheekbones, head and scalp, and neck.

    But the epidermis – the visible top layer of our skin has many deeper layers tied with the main connective tissue our body produces and more than 50 muscles solely on the face.

    Furthermore, they are all supplied with the needed oxygen and nutrients through a complex web of blood vessels.

    The Role of Collagen and Elastin in Maintaining Skin Elasticity

    Natural skin tightening is possible because the skin’s elasticity and tightness depend on the main proteins created in the middle layer of our skin – collagen and elastin.

    More collagen production results in tighter facial skin, but it will be helpful to learn how to improve the skin elasticity naturally.

    Now, you’re probably wondering:

    • How can I rebuild collagen in my face? and;
    • How can I naturally tighten my face?

    There are several natural ways to fix sagging cheek skin, such as a healthy diet or make mewing your daily routine. You can also try less invasive methods like laser resurfacing and chemical peels. And then, there are surgical procedures (e.g., neck lifts) that stimulate collagen production and have noticeable results in skin tightening.

    Some have immediate results, while some cosmetic procedures leave temporary redness on your skin.

    Lifestyle Changes to Prevent a Sagging Face

    There are different treatments and several other options to choose from when looking for options on how to prevent a sagging face. Even if you’ve already decided to try a cosmetic procedure such as laser resurfacing or an invasive surgical procedure – results are never permanent.

    So how do you stop sagging jowls and sagging skin for good? By implementing a more healthy and disciplined lifestyle, of course!

    1. Maintain a Healthy, Nutritious Diet for Skin Health

    A healthy diet is crucial in fixing internal organ problems. And if we consider the saying “you are what you eat,” it most definitely will produce visible manifestations on our skin and overall external appearance.

    Carotene, for example, is a natural compound found in carrots to treat skin pigmentation. Vitamin C can help your body produce more collagen and fix saggy skin.

    Natural fibers, like the ones found in lentils, beans, and whole grains, strengthen the skin and muscle tissue, making it appear tighter.

    At the same time, large quantities of sugar and processed fats are slowing your body’s ability to produce collagen, and your skin looks unhealthy.

    2. Perform Body & Facial Exercises to Tone Facial Muscles

    Facial yoga stimulates collagen production. There are many forms of facial exercises you can use to easily target a specific area on your face you wish to improve.

    However, enforcing exercises like mewing helps you shape your face to detailed perfection. It’s the best non-surgical procedure for tightening and fixing already sagging skin.

    Our Mewing Coach app has different approaches to treating different body issues: skin tightening, fixing irregular bites, and even sagging cheeks. Moreover – it has an integrated reminder to make sure you stay on track with your exercise routine.

    3. Ensure Adequate Sleep and Manage Stress to Preserve Collagen and Elastin

    Sleep deprivation, stressful periods and a constantly disrupted sleeping habit increase the cortisol level in your blood. The stress hormone acts as a toxin in your blood because it prevents melatonin and somatotropin from doing their magic. Melatonin is an antioxidant that prevents damaged skin, while somatotropin is the growth hormone that provides healthy and youthful skin.

    These hormones are released before the strong sleep REM phase takes over, mainly in the first 3 hours of sleep. And insomnia and stress, alongside cortisol, prevent your body from achieving a long and quality sleep cycle, damaging your psyche and your physical looks.

    4. Practice Mewing to Prevent Sagging Facial Skin

    Mewing provides many benefits, such as reshaping the face and improving poor jawline posture, but it’s also said to be one of the best facial blood circulation improvement methods.

    Our free and personalized Mewing Coach app is a non-invasive option to treat visible signs of jawline deformities and bad posture. It also helps with sagging cheeks, skin tightening, neck lift, restoring the youthful appearance of aging skin, and even getting rid of the double chin.

    Most importantly – people of all ages and backgrounds can find our app helpful, and if you doubt the mewing technique, read this informative piece on mewing.

    Skincare Routine for Preventing a Sagging Face

    Are you wondering how you can tighten loose skin on your face? Sagging skin can disappear by implementing a few simple tricks in your everyday facial skin routine.

    5. Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturize Regularly to Keep Skin Hydrated

    Since the upper layer isn’t the only part of our skin, paraben and alcohol-free tonics come highly recommended for deep cleansing.

    Moisturize the face with a natural jojoba or argan oil mask infused with skin-refreshing vitamins C, E, and D. It will help restore the freshness and keep the skin clean since the oil closes the pores, not allowing bacteria and dirt to penetrate.

    6. Use Sun Protection to Guard Against UV Damage

    UV exposure can be reduced or prevented by topical treatments with strong SPF protection (+30 and above, depending on your skin type).

    Year-round protection, not just during the hot summer months, is recommended for tighter skin.

    7. Incorporate Anti-Aging Products into Your Skincare Regimen

    Anti-aging skin care products are effective because they are mainly based on hyaluronic acid, a natural body compound like collagen and elastin. Applying and regularly using such creams are medically recommended for mature skin (aging 30+).

    But, moreover, what vitamins tighten skin? Vitamin C and E help the most, and luckily, purchasing them is not a costly investment. You can easily add them to any anti-aging cream.

    8. Use Facial Massage and Gua Sha Techniques to Combat Sagging Skin

    Facial massages promote blood circulation. They infuse the massaged areas with more blood, more oxygen, and nutrients slowing the skin aging process. Using facial rollers and similar tools to apply pressure and peel off the facial skin is a common Chinese method known as Gua Sha.

    It treats specific puncture points on the face, making it easier to target a particular area for treatment (e.g., neck skin). It’s a natural method that is as punctual as laser resurfacing.

    Wrapping Up: How Can I Firm up my Face?

    Saggy skin is a common concern as we age, but we can prevent it. There are many ways to tighten loose facial skin naturally.

    Mewing, combined with a healthy lifestyle, skincare routine, and targeted facial exercises, can help prevent sagging and tighten loose skin. The best thing about mewing is – it’s free and healthy. You can easily download the Mewing Coach app through the App or Play Store.

    Consulting a professional is always recommended before starting any new skincare routine. Prevention is better than cure, so start early and maintain a consistent routine.

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