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15 Most Effective Facial Exercises to Help You Lose Face Fat


    Weight gain affects everyone differently. For some, it just means gaining body fat around the legs and stomach. In other cases, it can even target other parts of the body, like your face. Facial fat can be a pain, but fortunately, you can try many facial exercises to lose face fat.

    These are techniques specifically made to target facial fat in the cheeks and chin. We have found 15 of the best exercises for you to implement in your daily regimen.

    In this article, we’ll show you what to do when your face contains more fat than your body. We’ll also cover:

    • πŸ“Š The reasons behind fat targeting your face. There are all sorts of reasons your face might be more prone to weight gain or bloating. If you have a double chin when your body is lean, there might be a reason why.
    • πŸ“‹ A detailed guide on dozens of exercises. These target multiple parts of your face to help strengthen facial muscles and gain a slimmer face. You can learn all about face yoga and how to get a snatched jawline.
    • πŸ’†β€β™€οΈ Making effective changes in your routine. Workouts alone won’t give immediate results, but they can be combined with a balanced diet and other methods.

    Are you ready to transform your face? Let’s get started.

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    The Benefits of Facial Exercises

    Workouts for excess body fat come with plenty of perks. However, gym enthusiasts often forget about facial exercise. Physical activity, in general, is important for a healthier lifestyle, and you need the right ones to strengthen facial muscles.

    These techniques are great for combating aging signs and reducing face fat. Methods of tightening the loose skin under your chin and around your cheeks can help you look younger. In addition, mewing is an effective technique helping you reshape the face.

    While features like the cheekbones and a chiseled jawline are genetic, that doesn’t mean a helpful guide on widening your jaw won’t work.

    Additional pros you might not have known are improved blood circulation and relieving tension in the neck muscles and jaw.

    Causes Behind Face Fat

    What causes face fat can be different from person to person. For some people, fat is spread throughout the body and can accumulate in the face more than other body parts.

    Weight increase doesn’t just mean large calorie intake – a poor diet consisting of junk foods that make your face fat also counts.

    Lack of physical performance leads to saggy skin and body fat even if you eat smaller meals. A sedentary life can easily affect your body weight. Desk jobs are often to blame for this as well.

    Chubby cheeks can also be a result of baby fat you didn’t grow out of. Genetics can play a big role if you have family members with the same condition. For certain individuals, these features can occur even with a slim body.

    There are also infections, such as the flu or mumps, that can cause cheek swelling. In this case, you should check out a guide on how to get rid of chipmunk cheeks. You might want to consider doing an allergy test if you continue to notice swelling in your face.

    What Are the Best Facial Exercises to Lose Face Fat?

    If you’re looking for exercises for excess fat – look no further. Below, we examine the top methods for natural ways of fixing saggy cheeks:


    Of all the branches of facial yoga, mewing is arguably the best. Our site greatly goes into the mewing meaning along with a page dedicated to displaying before-and-after mewing examples.

    Mewing is all about the correct tongue posture. You can also have your jaw muscle improved by mewing, in addition to various other benefits.

    If you’re ready to combat a receding chin with mewing – check out our Mewing.coach app! There are detailed instructions on holding your face in the right posture and exercises focused on the chin area. Learning to chew and swallow properly is also an imperative step in being able to mew your way to a slim face.

    Appearance is not the only thing to gain from this technique. Mewing helps in relieving jaw pain and strain in your neck and facial muscles.

    The simple facial exercises found on Mewing.coach help you lose baby fat and promote facial rejuvenation.

    Eyebrow Raiser

    Tired of plucking and drawing your eyebrows to the shape you want? This eyebrow raiser exercise is perfect for getting your eyebrows smooth and in a raised position.

    This exercise can easily be added to your daily regime. It is fairly straightforward, as you use your fingers to push the skin of your brows in upward and downward motions.

    It’s best to just use your index and middle fingers and to keep them in a peace sign position but facing you. As you lift, focus on carrying the weight of your skin with just your nails.

    This action should be repeated at least 10 times in 6 sets for more effect.

    The Cheek Lift Exercise

    Face exercises that involve lifting your cheeks are great for training your face to tighten the skin and create attractive cheekbones.

    Place two fingers on each side of your face you place where you can feel your cheekbones. Carefully stretch your skin by lifting it up. Stretch until you open your mouth into an “O”-shape.

    This should be done with gentle movements so it can work properly.

    Make sure you feel your skin resisting the motion, so you know you’re doing it right. You must count to ten before lowering the skin down.

    The cheekbone lift is repeated anywhere from 10 to 15 times per session.

    The Fish Face Exercise

    The Fish Face tones your cheek muscles until they’re firm. It’s one of those exercises to lose face and chin fat.

    You do this by tilting your head back just until your chin is pointing forward. That is when you start to suck in your cheeks until your face resembles a fish.

    With your lips inwards just a bit, you repeat this action 10 to 15 times and hold for only 5 seconds.

    It might be a funny way to reduce face fat, but it nonetheless produces results if you do it as regular exercise. Just makes sure to breathe deeply between each set so as not to become light-headed.

    Jaw Flexing

    Jaw flexing is one of the better jaw exercises to lose face fat. Flexing your jaw and neck is great for getting a stronger and more defined jawline.

    Start by tilting your head backward until you face your ceiling. Now the focus will be put on your lips.

    Push your upper lip until it’s under the lower lip and hold them in place. As the lower lip is covering the upper one, you’ll start to feel the muscles behind your ears pulling.

    This exercise lasts for about 10 seconds between 10 to 15 sets total. It’s perfect for trimming down your double chin.

    Cheek-to-cheek Air Push

    Pushing air between your cheeks helps slim your wrinkles and dimples down until you get rid of them.

    For this exercise, you must keep your mouth closed and puff your cheeks. Do this for one cheek at a time, pushing air from the right cheek to the left.

    Take a deep breath before you start, as you must keep this up for 30 seconds total. There is no need for repetitions – just once a day is plenty.

    It might seem a bit silly, but it is a legitimate way to promote fat loss. The skin and muscles are stretched on both the right and left cheek.

    The Chin Lift Exercise

    For this exercise, you will have to flex your jaw muscles a bit in order to push your chin forward.

    Blood circulation is increased as a result. By doing this, you give more room for blood to rush under the lower half of your head and chin. Ultimately, this helps you lose the double chin and get a stronger jaw.

    Repeat this act between 10 and 15 times and hold for about 5 seconds each time.

    Face Lifting

    A great way to fully stretch the skin around your entire face is the facelift. Not to be confused with the procedure, mind you.

    To do this, you must first keep your mouth wide open. Then, flare your nostrils and breathe in deep. Hold this pose for at least 15 seconds.

    This action should be repeated around 20 times per session. The benefit is to reduce the double chin and the excess facial fat.

    The Tongue Roll

    Another way to stimulate facial muscles is with the tongue-rolling technique. It might not be everyone’s first thought to lose fat via the tongue, but it works.

    What you have to do is keep your head in position, facing forward. Then, you start rolling your tongue in a circular motion to stretch it out as much as you possibly can.

    Try to keep your tongue moving to where your nose is and keep going for about 15 seconds.

    This exercise can be done in 20 sets in total per session. It’s good for muscle toning and face shaping.

    Lion Face (Also Called Simha Mudra) Exercise

    Simha Mudra is a breathing exercise taught in yoga to promote weight loss. It literally translates to Lion Face, and there’s a reason for that.

    This action is done while you sit comfortably, preferably in the lotus position. With an ankle on your knees, you place your palms next to them on each knee.

    By leaning forward, you breathe in deeply and hold it for just a few seconds. As you exhale, you open your mouth as wide as you can and stretch your tongue out.

    The goal is for your tongue to touch your chin and then remain that way for up to 30 seconds max.

    This is a good method of toning the facial muscles and neck.

    Forehead Lift

    This technique is quite helpful for people with lots of forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes.

    Start off by pressing your thumbs on your brow bones on each eyebrow. Then, you must carefully push the skin upwards and pull your eyes down. This creates resistance, which stretches the skin.

    The action should last about 15 seconds for the stretch to have a better effect.

    Alternatively, you can use your palms instead of your thumbs if you think it will help.

    Eye-bag Pull

    To perform this technique successfully, you must stretch your eyelids. This exercise helps to get rid of heavy eye-bags and crow’s feet wrinkles around your eyes.

    First, you must relax your face and bring your index and thumb fingers to each lower eyelid. Your eyes must remain open for this to work properly.

    Without moving the upper eyelids, you must gently pinch your lower lids and pull them as far as you can. Hold them for just 5 seconds and then release. Repeat this action for 20 times a day to get the best results.

    Wide Smile

    If you’re dealing with face sagging, you might benefit from face-slimming exercises that involve stretching out your smile.

    Start with a big open-mouthed smile, make it as wide as you can. Use your index fingers to push it even further by lifting your cheekbones.

    Your nose should become quite wrinkled from this exercise and your nostrils should be flared. Make sure your upper lip is slightly curled upward, and your mouth is just a bit open.

    This position is best being held for 10 seconds and then you can release. Perform this exercise with 10 to 15 sets.

    Chin Resistance

    To prevent double chin and neck fat from forming, you should practice chin resistance. You can add this as a regular exercise in your everyday routine.

    Form a fist with your dominant hand and place it under your chin. Keep your hand’s position firm as you open your mouth as wide as you can.

    If you feel resistance, that means you’re doing it right. Close your mouth and rest for 5 seconds. Repeat this action 25 to 30 times for better fat loss results.

    Rapid Eye Blink

    This method on your journey to reduce face fat focuses on the upper eyelids. It helps with gaining a natural eyebrow lift and reducing wrinkles.

    Use your finger to lift your eyebrows upward and stretch out your face. Keep pushing until you feel your eyes open wide.

    Then, proceed to quickly push down until your eyes close. Repeat this by doing rapid movements. This should be repeated in 5 sets for just 10 seconds each.

    Is It Okay to Exercise Your Face Every Day?

    It’s perfectly fine to do these exercises every day. In fact, we strongly recommend that you do. Consistency is the key to getting rid of face fat.

    By doing your best to make these methods a part of your daily routine, you will improve your overall weight loss. Stronger facial muscles are also one of the big payoffs.

    When Facial Exercises Are Not Enough

    In some cases, solely relying on exercise is not enough. After all, food is fuel for the body and goes hand in hand with exercising. Thus, the best thing you can do is find a more appropriate diet.

    If your diet can stand to be improved further, it will make your aim for a slimmer face much easier to accomplish.

    Healthy foods full of antioxidants and fiber do wonders to reduce face fat and improve your overall health. So, think more veggies and meats and less fast food.

    How Long Do Facial Exercises Take to Work

    If you are searching for methods on “how to lose face fat in a week” or similar time frames, it’s not that simple. Depending on your lifestyle and how consistent you are in following instructions, you can see results in a short time or a bit longer.

    The Mewing.coach can be of use here, as it will guide you through each exercise and follow you on your journey.

    What If You Still Can’t Lose Weight in Your Face

    Have you already tried various exercises and still struggle with facial fat reduction? You could either consult with a diet specialist or a certified plastic surgeon and consider your options.

    The dietician can help find what you might have missed that’s not improving your diet and making you gain weight.

    A surgeon should be a last-resort option. This should be considered if you have large buccal fat stored in your cheek muscles or just have naturally large cheeks. However, these surgical procedures can be taxing on your body and, in some cases, lead to side-effects.

    Our Verdict on the Most Effective Facial Fat Burning Exercises

    Of all the exercises we listed, there is not one that we would consider ineffective. But, there are ones that stand out for being the methods that produce the quickest results.

    Mewing is our number-one recommendation. It is simple to do and can be exercised almost anywhere, as it doesn’t put a strain on your body. Plus, even if you don’t know how to mew, by downloading Mewing.coach, you’ll get a step-by-step guide on the practice. It doesn’t get easier than this!

    Closing Statement

    If you’re ready to get rid of face fat and lead a healthy lifestyle – consider our top 15 exercises to steer you on the right path. From cheekbone-improving techniques to facelifting methods, these exercises will help you slim down your face, boost your facial structure, and show off that chiseled jawline you’ve been hiding!

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