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14 Ways How To Get Rid of Fine Lines Around Mouth


    Wrinkles around the mouth, often referred to as perioral wrinkles, lipstick lines, or marionette lines, occur as our body’s collagen production decreases by 1% annually after age 20. This area is particularly affected due to its naturally lower collagen levels. Factors such as sun exposure, genetics, and lifestyle choices like smoking and poor nutrition can accelerate their formation.

    Fortunately, there are numerous strategies to prevent and diminish these lines, from dermal fillers and botox injections to chemical peels, facial exercises, and cosmetic treatments. This article will explore the causes, solutions, and the role of Mewing in managing fine lines around the mouth.

    Fine lines around mouth


    Types of Lines Around Mouth

    As we journey through life, our faces tell stories—stories of laughter, joy, and the passage of time. However, along the way, certain lines may start to appear, each with its own tale to tell. Let’s explore three common types of lines that grace the area around the mouth:

    Marionette Lines

    Imagine the delicate strings of a marionette puppet, gently guiding its movements. Similarly, marionette lines extend from the corners of the mouth downwards towards the chin, creating a subtle yet distinct expression. These lines, often associated with aging and facial volume loss, can convey a sense of gravity or solemnity.

    Smile Lines (Nasolabial Folds)

    Ah, the marks of mirth and merriment! Smile lines, also known as nasolabial folds, are the gentle creases that form from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth. Born from a lifetime of laughter and countless moments of joy, these lines remind us of the beauty in every smile.

    Lipstick Lines (Vertical Lip Lines)

    Picture the precise strokes of a painter’s brush, tracing the curves of the lips with precision. Lipstick lines, also called vertical lip lines, are the fine creases that adorn the upper lip, often accentuated by puckering or repetitive movements. Like whispers of a secret shared, these lines add character to our visage, revealing tales of passion and expression.

    Each line tells a story, a testament to a life well-lived. Embrace them as part of your journey, for they are the markers of moments cherished and memories made.

    Causes of Fine Lines Around the Mouth

    Mouth wrinkles occur as a result of many factors, including the ones in and out of our control. Below we elaborate on each in detail.

    • Natural Aging Process. The skin aging process begins after the age of 20, and our bodies begin to slow down the collagen production by 1%. The first wrinkles are usually around the mouth because that area has the least collagen than any other part of the face. Therefore in time, you may notice the first smile lines and upper lip lines.
    • Sun Damage. Although many people enjoy sunbathing and getting that sun-kissed skin, the UV rays that penetrate into your skin not only affect the color but they damage the elastic fibers in the skin, which causes earlier wrinkling or, in the worst case, skin cancer. Usually, fair skinned people are more prone to wrinkling and cancer from UV rays than darker skinned people.
    • Smoking and Excessive Alcohol Consumption. Cigarettes and alcohol speed up the skin aging process, and they cause wrinkles. Namely, it is because cigarettes contain nicotine and other damaging chemicals that exhaust the water and salts in the body. Even worse, cigarette smoke not only dries the skin but it affects skin coloring. Many smokers have dark grey areas around the mouth, making the wrinkles even more noticeable. To preserve your skin health and well-being overall, it is best if you stop smoking and drinking alcohol.
    • Facial Expressions and Muscle Movement. Continuous muscle contractions or repeating the same facial expression causes wrinkles around the mouth. Therefore, smiling or scrunching the face can cause particular lines around the mouth. Additionally, smokers, by contracting their mouth muscles to draw a puff, cause upper lip lines or vertical lines. To reduce the chances of getting wrinkles earlier, make sure to stay away from sun exposure and apply SPF all the time. The benefits of quitting smoking are already familiar but don’t forget to smile the hardest you can. You cannot control aging entirely, so let the laugh lines remind you of a well-spent youth.
    • Dehydration and Lack of Moisture. Hydration or water affects elasticity which means if you hadn’t had your daily water intake, your skin would immediately show signs of fine lines or wrinkles around the mouth. Our body contains around 80% water, and when this level is below average, the skin shows premature wrinkles. Therefore, drink 2l of water daily, and watch your face glow.

    Facial expression exercises

    The Role of Mewing in Preventing Fine Lines

    Despite setting healthier habits to improve skin quality, you can also try Dr. Mew’s method of mewing. Mewing is a tongue exercise that focuses on the correct tongue positioning in the mouth to balance facial imperfections. From saggy skin to loose muscles, mewing can make a positive change to our face. Likewise, mewing can be effective in improving the lip shape.

    Namely, you need to set the tongue against the roof while the teeth are tightly closed. However, it’s important not to touch the teeth with the tip of the tongue, or else you might end up with facial asymmetry. You can check out the Mewing.coach app, where you can find a proper step-by-step guide on how to mew properly, see some real-life effects of mewing in pictures, track your improvement, and become another member of the crew that benefited from this exercise.

    How to Get Rid of Wrinkles With Topical Treatment

    To reduce facial wrinkles and wrinkles around the mouth, it is important to start a facial beauty care that will involve several skin supplements. The list below entails ultimate recommendations for better-looking and healthier facial skin.

    1. Apply retinoid-based creams

    Retinoids are a must-have component in all skin care routines for people experiencing upper lip lines, vertical lines, and nasolabial folds. During the aging process, the skin loses collagen, and retinoids act as a collagen supplement which helps in stimulating collagen production and even hyperpigmentation and tone the face.

    2. Use Vitamin C serums

    Vitamin C is not only an immune booster but a natural beauty booster, too. Face and wrinkle-wise, Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant with powerful ingredients that slow down the aging process, improve skin tone, and boost collagen production.

    3. Incorporate hyaluronic acid into your skincare

    Our bodies naturally contain hyaluronic acid, and it is responsible for hydrating our skin and improving its regenerative ability. Therefore, when it comes to skin hydration or people with deeper lines, hyaluronic acid acts as a filler against deep lines. In the meantime, it will improve the hydration levels in the face and allow the face to glow.

    4. Include peptides in your skincare routine

    Peptides are amino acids. In the beauty domain, they act as protein supplements when the face begins to lose skin elasticity. In fact, collagen, which is responsible for elasticity, contains 3 polypeptide chains that keep the elasticity fresh. However, with the natural aging process, these chains weaken, and it is time to boost the amino acids.

    5. Wear sunscreen daily

    SPF or sunscreen should be part of any morning skin routine, especially in the warmer months. Wearing sun protection is essential because it not only prevents the face to develop wrinkles but also skin cancer.

    Ultimately, you should also avoid tanning beds because the UV rays are damaging to the skin overall, and they can lead to dry skin.

    In-Office Treatment Options for Fine Lines Around the Mouth

    Not all lip wrinkles are treatable only with topical vitamin C, facial exercises, or amino acids. There are some instances where cosmetic procedures are required to reach that younger-looking skin. Here are some of the top suggestions:

    6. Consider Botox injections

    Botox is one of the oldest remedies against wrinkles. Namely, the Botox treatment mildly paralyzes the muscles, which don’t allow facial contractions that can lead to wrinkles. However, each Botox treatment expires in 3-6 months, depending on the skin quality.

    7. Explore dermal filler options

    When it comes to the smile lines, and the really deep wrinkles around your mouth, one of the best treatments are dermal fillers. They are composed of hyaluronic acid, that we also have in our body and boosts volume and hydration to the skin.

    Dermal fillers

    8. Try chemical peels

    The chemical peel is a topical and noninvasive cosmetic treatment that, when applied to the skin, removes the top layers. Basically, it helps remove all the dead skin cells and improve the tone overall. The new skin is smoother and younger-looking. This treatment is most recommended for vertical lines or the so-called smoker’s lines.

    9. Look into laser resurfacing treatments

    By far, laser resurfacing is the fastest and most effective wrinkle treatment that can literally change the surface of your face. By using fractional CO2 laser, your cosmetic surgeon will not only reduce wrinkles around the mouth, but it can make you look younger, as if it rewinds time.

    Home Remedies to Reduce Fine Lines on Face Naturally

    Regardless if you rely on facial exercises or cosmetic treatments to control premature aging, it is always important to practice some of the remedies at home:

    10. Perform regular facial massages

    According to many dermatologists and plastic surgeons, massaging the wrinkly area in your mouth for one minute can improve facial wrinkles. However, it is important to be consistent with this practice and not abandon it for at least 30 days to notice the results.

    Face massages

    11. Practice facial exercises

    Facial exercises work as an antidote to repetitive facial expressions. As we mentioned, constant muscle contractions can lead to wrinkles around your mouth, and the best way to fight that from happening is to practice some facial exercises. As we have seen, there are many exercises that help toning the face, or you can try to mew to improve your chin or mouth area.

    However, keep in mind that even the exercises for reducing the double chin, tightening the saggy jawline, or particular techniques to improve your jawline appearance can also improve the wrinkles around your mouth.

    12. Apply cold therapy

    Take 4-6 ice cubes in a cloth and apply them to the mouth area every day, and start noticing the big differences. Not only will you remove excess oil and blemishes and reduce acne, you will improve the wrinkles around your mouth.

    Put lavender oil, rosemary water, and some cucumbers for extra freshness in an ice cube mold and freeze them. Before going to bed, just take several ice cubes and apply them to your face, but be sure to stay consistent. After a few treatments, you will notice a healthier glow on your face.

    13. Use Aloe Vera gel

    We all know the benefits of aloe vera for our skin overall, including wrinkles. If you go out and notice, many anti-aging products contain aloe vera extracts in the formula. However, coating your face with aloe vera gel is helpful, but the noticeable results are seen by daily intake of aloe vera orally. It helps in improving skin elasticity and keeps the young look longer than any other cream. Additionally, taking aloe vera supplements is an alternative if you don’t have conditions for the plant.

    14. Apply honey as a natural moisturizer

    One of the oldest skin care remedies that improve overall skin quality is honey. It features rich antioxidants that shield your face from any damage and allows your face skin to glow thanks to enzyme activity.

    When applied or taken orally, the honey has properties to add volume to the skin, which instantly targets the wrinkle or deep lines area. What’s even better is that it’s all-natural and works for all skin types.

    5 Habits to Prevent the Fine Lines Around Mouth

    If you want to have glowing skin and young looks, you have to switch to a healthy lifestyle and start practicing the following :

    1. Stay hydrated

    Hydrated skin equals a healthy person. Our body is mostly made of water which is necessary not only to look beautiful but also to function properly. Taking your daily water intake is important for your overall health.

    2. Ensure adequate sleep

    Have you ever wondered when our skin produces collagen? While we sleep. That’s why many beauty gurus advise us never to skip beauty sleep. In other words, the more you sleep the more plumpness you will have, hence fewer wrinkles.

    3. Maintain a nutritious diet

    Along with proper hydration comes adequate nutrition focused on healthy habits. Taking antioxidant-rich foods can instantly improve your lifestyle. Additionally, nutrition plays a role in natural skin elasticity improvement.

    4. Manage stress effectively

    Stress is one of the main triggers of premature wrinkles. If you work or live in stressful environments, you should either change them or find more effective coping mechanisms.

    5. Engage in regular exercise

    Despite taking care of your face, it is important to take care of your body as well. In fact, daily cardio or going to the gym also helps to persevere your youthful look as it delays the occurrence of saggy skin. If you wondered how to increase the blood circulation in your face area, try doing 3 sit-ups in a row.

    Choosing the Right Treatment for Fine Lines

    Every face has different issues, and the best treatment is often based on”

    • Consultation with a skincare professional.
      Never take action on your own. Sometimes the situation may not be as severe as it appears, and they may even be cases where plastic surgery is avoidable with just an improved routine. Therefore, let your dermatologist or plastic surgeon have the final say.
    • Assessing the severity of fine lines
      Before picking a treatment, make sure to analyze the severity of the fine lines. That will help you pick the appropriate dosage or type of cream. Also, you have to support every skincare routine with some facial exercises because mewing actually works. The sooner you begin, the better the results.
    • Considering personal preferences and lifestyle
      You should start making healthier life choices starting in your mid-20s. That way, you will be able to control the loss of collagen production and improve your lifestyle. Additionally, you can start practicing some of the natural ways to tighten sagging cheeks while in your 20s to postpone early aging issues.
    • Evaluating potential side effects and risks
      Before choosing a treatment, make sure you explore all the negative effects and risks. Consult with a doctor if you notice something suspicious, and take their advice.

    How to Maintain The Wrinkle-Free Face Skin

    Aftercare after any treatment or plastic surgery is more important than making the surgery in the first place. If you want to control your aging properly after your treatment, then you should practice the following tips:

    • Continuing with the Skincare Routine
      Skincare routines don’t end with the treatment or the surgery. In fact, aftercare is more important, especially after surgery. You must practice everything as before to help your skin get all nutrients, supplements, and vitamins after the surgery or heavy treatment.
    • Staying consistent with at-home remedies
      Home remedies improve the healthy and younger face look, but only if you remain consistent with them. Therefore, not skipping your morning and night routines, once-a-week masks, or other treatments works in your youthful face’s favor.
    • Regularly visiting a skincare professional
      Since age is impossible to control entirely, it is highly treatable nowadays. You have various treatments that can improve your imperfections, and experts in the field direct you to future beauty treatment routines or even diets. The earlier you start visiting a skin care professional, the earlier you will avoid aging problems.

    Final Thoughts on Restoring Youthfulness Around the Mouth

    So, how to get rid of fine lines around the mouth? Make healthy choices. Our face is the result of what we eat and how we treat our body. If you are smoking, drinking alcohol or eating junk food only, or too much sugar, you will have dehydrated acne-prone skin and mild wrinkles around your mouth. Even if you are too young to have wrinkles, you can develop them earlier with an unhealthy lifestyle, as the area around the mouth is poor in collagen.

    There’s also mewing or other facial exercises. As you have seen, there are many facial exercises you can practice to have a youthful appearance, but mewing not only helps balance the skin surface but also tones the muscles. Make sure you check out the app for further guidance.

    If all else fails, there are plastic surgeries. In severe deep wrinkles and lines or sagging skin, there is no better way than a cosmetic surgery intervention.

    All of us face or will eventually face a wrinkle problem. They are part of life, and we should accept that. However, although we cannot fully erase them (without looking unnatural), lifestyle habits, daily exercises, and beauty routines can delay the occurrence of wrinkles.

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