Natural Ways How to Get More Defined Cheekbones |

Natural Ways How to Get More Defined Cheekbones


    Have you ever wondered why high cheekbones are considered attractive? Simply put, they frame and position all of the facial contours and accent a small face with remarkable features.

    If you don’t have defined cheekbones naturally, don’t worry. All facial muscles can be exercised, including cheek muscles. There are numerous methods, and in this article, we’ll teach you some of them, including:

    ๐Ÿ‘„ Facial exercises for more defined cheekbones.

    ๐Ÿ’„ A makeup trick using shades darker than the natural skin to define the bone structure of your cheekbones.

    ๐Ÿฅ— A mini food course with dieting tips for radiant skin and cheek-lift.

    Read on!

    Defined cheekbones


    Can You Grow Cheekbones?

    It’s true that sometimes jawlines are genetically inherited. The same goes for your nose, mouth, chin, and cheekbone features.

    Our facial features are most likely to be inherited compared to the rest of our body. When speaking of cheekbone structure, it’s highly determinant on the:

    • Amount of fat in the cheekbone area
    • Jawline structure
    • Aging

    But cheekbones can be changed. There are various natural ways that you can use to reshape your bone structure and thus grow your cheekbones. For example, mewing. You can check out some awesome mewing transformations that prove that facial exercises can reshape your cheeks.

    Here Is How to Get Cheekbones Naturally

    What are these techniques that can help you get high cheekbones naturally? Below we give you some.

    Define Your Cheeks by Mewing

    This is a facial exercise that results in reshaping the jawline and facial asymmetry. Mewing consistently can help with numerous conditions, such as double chin, improve nasal breathing and sleep apnea, and also lift your cheeks naturally.

    Invented in the 1960s by a British orthodontist, mewing is currently an internet craze due to the popular Youtube channel of the orthodontist’s son and mewing promoter, Mike Mew. Orthotropics is the science that implements the mewing technique of the proper tongue posture, gently pushing the upper palate.

    Our Mewing Coach app is based on the principle of mewing and is 100% free, with no hidden costs attached. It allows for an in-depth personal approach to using the mewing method. With our app, you can keep track of your progress and never lose sight of it since you can download and continue from your username on every device you want.

    Also, our in-app reminders will allow for a more serious training approach, and the personal progress will unlock many new exercises that fit your bracket.

    Get High Cheekbones Naturally With Other Facial Exercises

    You already have an idea of what mewing does to the face. Let us introduce to you other similar exercises, which can be incorporated into your regular daily mewing exercises.

    Chin Tucks

    This is an easy face yoga for cheekbones, where you’re using only your chin and neck muscles.

    This exercise can be done both sitting and standing and involves a small tuck with the lower chin. In the first position, your lower jaw should be in front of your upper jaw, and in the second position, take it as back as you can before returning to the normal mouth-closed position.

    Chin tucks are effective for various shapes of the chin, as well as cheekbones.

    Cheek Puffs

    A cheek puff is that funny-looking exercise where you fill in your cheeks with air. This is good for activating and flexing some cheek muscles, which are always vertically positioned.

    While doing these, you can play around with the air inside, puffing one cheek more than the other. These are the zygomatic muscles, which rarely come to this form, so this is their ultimate stretch exercise.

    A more profound way to achieve face toning and lose fat from your cheeks is contained in our guide on losing excess fat from the cheeks.

    Fish Face

    The fish face is the “duck pose” commonly recognized in funny pictures. All you have to do in this exercise is to suck in your cheeks between your teeth, pumping out those cheekbones naturally. Hold the position for 30 seconds and repeat if needed.

    How to Get the Most From Facial Exercises

    It’s not always about the correct tongue posture when doing a mewing or chewing facial exercise. In most cases, consistency is key to getting results and retaining those results.

    If you are often forgetful, our Mewing.Coach app will be of great benefit since it has an auto feature to remind you of your daily routine. You can also add in features like dieting and water drinking quantity.

    Use Contouring and Other Makeup Methods to Define Your Cheekbones

    Now that we’ve got the mewing subject covered, let’s get further on with more instant results, thanks to the benefits of makeup.


    Contouring is a huge trend on social media. It’s a makeup technique of blending in different shadows and bronzer to pop-up certain facial features. If you learn this makeup technique, you can do almost anything – play around with your eye size, nose, cheekbones, and even the size of your forehead.

    Among makeup artists, this is called the “transformation technique”, as makeup magicians can easily transform anyone, starting from starlets to fashion icons. For it, you’ll need a brush and a few different shades of concealer.

    To lift the cheeks, draw a line below each cheekbone all the way to the ear. Use a darker concealer than your own skin, and follow the natural curve of the cheekbone. Apply a lighter concealer on the highest point of the cheekbone, and start blending in with the foundation.

    Highlighting and Adding Blush

    Aside from contouring, your can make your cheekbones pop by using a highlighter and blush the right way. You can follow various YouTube videos online to learn the best way when it comes to using a highlighter and blush.

    In essence, the highlighter should make your cheeks pop and give them a glowy, radiant look. So this should go on the highest points of your cheeks – the ones you want to emphasize.

    When it comes to the blush, there are various techniques that give a different final look. If you want to get high cheekbones, you should apply the blush along the upper side of the zygomatic bone. But if you want them to be less prominent, you can focus more on the middle and get a more youthful look.

    How Do Models Get Their Cheekbones?

    It’s a model and an actress’s job to look good, and they devote a lifetime to it. In fact, they use several things all at once. We’re talking about skincare routines and make-up procedures, as well as implementing many different exercises. And the thing is, they never stop! They do all of this every day; for as long as they plan on staying in the business.

    Watch Your Diet Carefully

    If you want to appear more healthy and cheerful, attractive and youthful – it should first come from within. But don’t mistake dieting for losing weight.

    The former is a healthy eating regime that, combined with exercises, proper sleeping, and an overall healthy lifestyle, delivers the best results on your health, skin, cheekbones, as well as mood!

    Foods That Give You Cheekbones

    You might not have known this, but the type of food you eat can influence getting the perfect cheekbone structure. Here are some options that you should include in your daily food intake:

    • Spinach – Can give you contoured cheekbones
    • Tangerines – Helps for a chiseled jawline
    • Avocado – Gives glowing eyes and matte skin
    • Red pepper – Best for plumped-up natural lips
    • Oysters – Can push up the cheekbones
    • Turmeric – Gives glowy and bronze skin
    • Broccoli – Perfect for smooth and wrinkle-free neck and negligee
    • Lots of water (at least 2l daily) – Defines the face and muscle structure

    How Do You Permanently Get Cheekbones?

    The easy way through instant results is makeup shading. But the permanent way is an expensive surgery involving cheek implants.

    However, since your face will be swollen for about a month or so, it will take time to see the actual results. And the consistency of the implants further depends on your facial routine care and the unavoidable diets.

    Verdict: How To Get Defined Cheekbones?

    In the dilemma of high vs. low cheekbones, high cheekbones win in both men and women. They align the face, put a better smile on it, and can cover a large forehead.

    Cheekbone implants can instantly do the trick, but are a risky and really expensive aesthetic surgery, whose results are further reliable on your own diet and exercise. But there are simpler are less intrusive ways. Take mewing, for example!

    Mewing can reshape jaws, and consistent mewing can permanently change your facial structure. You shouldn’t worry about developing an exercise plan to tone a specific face muscle – our Mewing.Coach app will do that for you!

    Simply download Mewing Coach and dive into the quiz. Start today to see the results as soon as possible!

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