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Let’s Find Out How to Lose Face Fat and Get a Jawline


    A sharp jawline is one of the most wanted physical features. The movie industry portrays square jawlines as a symbol of confidence, beauty, and power. Therefore, we cannot blame people for going the extra mile to lose facial fat via facial exercises.

    If you’re interested in contouring your face, you’ll find this article super helpful. We go through face fat and aesthetics 101 by introducing 10 easy ways to help you get the perfect facial contours.

    Keep reading for:

    • 📝 The link between body fat percentage and facial aesthetics
    • 📝 How fat loss boosts the jawline definition
    • 📝 How mewing, diets, and exercising can help!

    Fat on face and jawline


    Relation Between Body Fat Percentage and Face Aesthetics

    The body fat percentage affects facial aesthetics and contours.

    An increase in body fat percentage affects the angularity of the face because the fats that cannot be stored in the body accumulate in the facial area.

    So, excess body fat affects the face, too. This is how the double chin and even the turkey neck make an appearance.

    For that reason, a balanced diet is really important if you want to retain your facial symmetry.

    Does Reducing Face Fat Improve Jawline Appearance?

    The sharpness of the jawline depends entirely on a person’s facial fat level.

    For example, you’ll likely lose some of your facial definition if you gain weight. On the other hand, if you shed some pounds, you’ll emphasize your facial contours even more.

    The facial definition works in direct proportion with face fat and gaining weight. In other words, if you lose weight – you’ll highlight the contours of your face and vice versa.

    Can I Reduce Face Fat?

    The short answer to this question is yes. Though, there are different jawline types that require more or less effort to lose face fat.

    However, in some instances, a person may have facial asymmetry because of factors unrelated to gaining or reducing weight. In such cases, the individual might need cosmetic surgery to get the desired square jawline.

    How long it can take to define your jawline is relative to everyone. Depending on the definition method you use to get a more defined jawline, you can predict when to expect results.

    How to Lose Face Fat and Get Jawline Definition: 10 Different Ways

    You have multiple methods of getting a more defined face and enhancing your facial muscles at your disposal – use them wisely!

    Namely, leading active and healthy life affects mostly the level of the body and facial fat we have. Therefore, if you want to reduce face fat, you will have to throw exercise into the mix.

    Below, we point out 10 ways to get you the best jawline definition:

    1: Mewing

    Mewing is an oral exercise focusing on correct tongue posture and is a fantastic way to activate all the facial muscles and lose excess fat.

    You can improve facial asymmetry using this technique by practicing 20-30 minutes a day.

    If you have yet to hear about the mewing method, it is super easy to perform. Namely, you need to lift the middle of your tongue to the roof of the mouth without touching the front teeth with the tip of the tongue. Then, you need to lift the root of your tongue to the palate and add pressure as if you’re trying to push through the skull.

    To ensure you get the best results and discover other health benefits of mewing, download the Mewing.coach app for iOS and Android! It’ll teach you how to maintain a locked tongue pose for the fastest results.

    2: Exercise

    Exercising regularly is great for our skin and facial muscles because you’re constantly stretching the muscles, preventing early atrophy. Doctors suggest that the jaw area is the one that shows signs of aging the earliest.

    3: Diet

    “You are what you eat!”

    The food you eat should be nutritional so that you can accumulate energy. It will help you be active and ready to embrace your daily workout.

    Additionally, a healthy diet affects the skin, as the vitamins prevent the skin from losing its youthfulness and becoming saggy and loose.

    4: Surgery

    Some facial asymmetries aren’t fixable with exercises and must be corrected with surgery.

    Some of the popular jawline cosmetic surgeries are:

    • Facelift or Neck Lift: This treatment lifts and tightens the skin tissues in the chin and neck area, resulting in a highly defined jawline.
    • Chin Augmentation: This procedure is more common in cases where the patient has an asymmetrical jawline or deformity that is only fixable with surgery.
    • Neck Liposuction: This treatment addresses the double chin and neck muscles and extracts the fat tissue.

    5: Gum Chewing

    Gum chewing is one of the oldest techniques recommended for natural lifting. When you chew, you activate the cheek muscles, forcing the jaw into a constant movement that results in outstanding jawline definition.

    Be careful when trying out this method. Excessive gum chewing can put a strain on your jaw joints, leading to TMJ or joint inflammation.

    6: Facial Yoga

    Face yoga is best for relaxing the cheek muscles. To do face yoga, you need to begin with smooth massages on your face that stimulate the blood circulation in your cheeks and face. This technique helps your face relax, and with the face massaging, you’re extending the neck muscles, which comes as a lifting technique.

    7: Botox

    Botox injections temporarily paralyze the muscles, preventing them from losing their definition. With only one treatment, you can have a tight neck and well-defined jawline for 3-6 months.

    8: Kybella

    If you’ve experienced weight loss recently, you probably have issues with excess skin and a double chin. If you have fat below the chin, you can get rid of it using Kybella. Kybella is a deoxycholic acid that permanently eliminates fat cells.

    9: Sleeping With Your Mouth Closed

    Sleeping with your mouth open causes your jaw to withdraw backward and lose its definition. That’s because you’re not working out your jaw muscles the right way.

    People who sleep with their mouths open also breathe through their mouths. When they start breathing through their nose during the day, they will eventually develop the same habit at night.

    10: Put a Stop to Alcohol Consumption

    Any weight loss article or healthy diet prohibits alcohol consumption because it stops the body from burning fat and triggers food cravings.

    In our case, burning fat is crucial in addition to the exercises for the face muscles. So, to achieve healthy weight loss that’ll help carve your jawline – processed foods and alcohol are a culprit you should strive to eliminate.

    Why Does Face Fat Occur?

    One of the most common reasons for face fat is poor diet, lack of activity, genes, or aging. You should know that sudden “weight gain-weight loss” may make your facial definitions less pronounced.

    Also, to have a refined jawline, you must learn the best body fat percentage for the jaw and keep up the balance.

    Why Is Overall Weight Loss Important?

    Leading a healthy lifestyle is beneficial not only for your physical appearance but also for your mind. It takes work to decline the temptations of food or alcohol consumption, especially when the majority of people are in their comfort zones.

    However, it would be best if you focused on your ultimate goal. You will feel better and look better when you train your mind that way!

    Final Say

    The time to define a jawline is relative because there are different jawline types and slimming methods. If you go for face exercises, you should expect results after several weeks.

    Botox or Kybella are immediate but show optimal results after the first 10 days. Of course, it’s easier to save yourself money and focus on shedding excess weight and regular exercise.

    Ultimately, to get rid of face fat quickly, you must start right away. So, don’t waste any more time, and start working toward a chiseled jawline right now!

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