How Long Does It Take to Get a Jawline: Overnight, Week or Month |

How Long Does It Take to Get a Jawline: Overnight, Week or Month


    How long does it take to get a jawline

    All muscles in our body can change – all that’s required is constant exercise. Considering the jaw has a full group of facial muscles, you can achieve the desired look of a chiseled jaw by simply working them out.

    There are numerous techniques and exercises you can use to activate your facial muscles and neck muscles and get a chiseled jawline over time. Although individual genetic factors also play a key part in determining your jawline, doing the right exercises can help you redefine it. The effects are long-lasting, but the process may take time.

    In the post below, you’ll learn:

    • 🔎 How long does it take to get a defined jawline?
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    • 🤔 Is undergoing surgery worth it?

    Without further adieu, let’s get into learning the secrets when it comes to having a defined and muscular jawline.


    Get a Well Defined Jawline in a Month

    When time is something you have, and you don’t want to get under the knife, choose non-surgical but effective methods. There are many techniques you can use to improve your jawline. Some of those are tangled with one another.

    This means that no matter which one you choose to indulge in, keep in mind that although they have to be a bit challenging, you shouldn’t experience too much pain. As with everything else, don’t overdo it. This way, you can avoid neck pain, neck strains, and other types of pain.

    30 day plan for a well defined jawline

    Read in addition details about some of the most popular techniques that can help you get a prominent jawline. Remember, not all approaches have to suit your preferences, and many of these take time to work. So don’t despair if your choice of exercise doesn’t work for you right away.

    Mewing Exercises

    The method of mewing can give your jawline a youthful appearance, and thus, you will have a more toned face. There is a big connection between jawline muscles and mewing, which is why there are many exercises you can do. All of the mewing movements will activate the jaw and facial muscles in the entire jaw area, including your tongue and neck muscles.

    In its essence, mewing refers to the correct tongue posture, which will directly influence your other muscles in the jaw area, making them work and thus reshaping your facial features. Instead of searching online for mewing exercises, we offer you a complete solution in our app!

    Mewing device:

    Simply download the app and start using it. This software will provide all the guidance you will ever need when it comes to having a muscular jawline – from reminders to mew to posts about this process. What’s more, there are many before and after mewing jawline pictures you can check out that can serve as proof of the effectiveness of this method. app: mewing exercises

    Facial Exercises for Jaw and Chin Muscles

    Facial exercises will not only provide benefits for your jawline but will also improve the sagging skin on your face. Adding essential oil to the mix will further increase your skin health as well.

    Here are some exercises you can do to get both a defined jawline and great skin:

    Neck Curl-Up

    Neck curl-up exercise explained

    Press your tongue to the roof of your mouth while lying on your back. The next thing to do is bring your chin as close to your chest area as possible and lift your head several inches off the ground.

    Chin Lifts

    Tutorial of chin lifts exercise

    Shut your mouth and move your jaw forward gradually. Lift your low lip as upward as possible only after your chin and jawline muscles start to ache. Endure at least 10 seconds in this position before repeating.

    Vowel Exercises

    Vowel exercises explained

    Make an ‘O’ sound by opening your mouth. Make the vowel position stronger to tense your muscles. After that, open your mouth to make a strong ‘E’ sound. Repeat both of these motions several times.

    Collarbone Backup

    Collarbone backup exercise tutorial

    Sit straight on the floor or in a chair. Push your head backward and make sure your ears stay over your shoulders. Maintain the position of your chin parallel to the floor. Those who want better results for a sharp jawline should repeat the same motions, but this time push their head forward.

    Gum Chewing

    Jawliner facial fitness gum

    This is a straightforward exercise many of us do without even knowing about it. Now, you must be wondering how gum chewing helps you sculpt the jawline.

    Simple! Chewing gum activates all jaw muscles, which will get you closer to the desired jaw appearance.

    The great thing about it is that you can do this ‘exercise’ for hours at a time. Those who don’t like to chew gum will have to go through an adaptation period, but it is an easy skill to achieve if practiced in moderation at first.

    If you wish to try chewing gum, make sure to read our in-depth overview of the best chewing gums for a defined jawline.

    Well Balanced Diet

    Our bodies are a mirror of what we eat. A healthy diet equals a good appearance, a healthy mind, and countless other benefits. If you eat too much junk food and processed foods in your daily diet, you will eventually have to deal with excess fat. This will cause the occurrence of a double chin which is the worst enemy of a good jawline.

    A balanced diet in combination with regularly drinking water will stimulate collagen production in your organism, giving you naturally tight skin under your chin. This will result in a more youthful appearance, better skin, decrease of excess fat in your body, and in combination with jaw exercises, you will eventually have a great-looking jawline.

    Methods to Improve Your Jawline in a Week

    Daily jaw routines won’t make drastic changes, while a balanced diet takes time to show results. But there are some methods that can get the desired results in less time.

    Check below for several ways through which you can change your jawline for the better within a week.

    Jawline Fillers

    Those in a hurry can always turn to jawline fillers or other sorts of injectable fillers. These means will add fullness to your face outline, which will make your jaw look incredible. Such injections add volume to the specific desired places on your face. Consult a doctor and do thorough research before you take action.

    Try to Lose Some Face Fat

    Jawline and facial fat are definitely connected. If you manage to lose fat overall, your face will sort of shrink as well. You can do this by implementing a healthier lifestyle, a balanced diet, and doing face exercises, among other things.

    People who want to improve fat loss as well as accelerate the process also use blood thinners. These supplements will cause the blood not to clog, which will make your face smoother and increase the fat loss process. Such medicaments could be the next wave of new obesity therapies. However, always make sure to consult a doctor before taking them.

    Face exercises and a healthy diet is the way to get a chiseled jawline

    Other Procedures

    Other procedures such as jawline fillers, fat grafting, or dermal fillers are excellent ways through which you can achieve the perfect jawline. All of these require professional care, which is why visiting specialists is a must if you decide to try them out. The results may depend on which type of procedure you are going to go for.

    How to Get a Chiseled Jawline Overnight

    Fortunately, you can drastically reduce the fat on your face to get a chiseled jaw even overnight. But, this requires practicing some special techniques. Check the few options you can engage with to shape your jawline the best you can.

    Fish (Duck) Face

    The fish face is one of the most popular jawline tricks. All you have to do to improve your jaw appearance is suck your cheeks in and maintain that position for several seconds. Make sure to repeat the process several times and that each time this jaw training lasts approximately 5 minutes in total.

    Beard Shaping

    If you have those individual genetic factors that allow you to grow a beard, go for it. Beard can drastically change the shape of your face, jaw, and overall appearance.

    In case you can’t grow a beard, try using some of the many products that stimulate beard growth. Don’t forget to do chin-tucking exercises or other training options on our list to make sure that you get the best results possible.


    Makeup has reached magical power levels lately. Professionals can transform their faces however they like with just a swish of a brush. Simply put, if you manage to contour properly, you can shape your face, jaw, and bone structure overall any way you please.

    There are two options if you want to use makeup to improve your jawline.

    The first one is going to a beauty salon and letting a professional do the contouring for you. The other option is to learn by yourself. You can do this by watching tutorials or asking someone that knows for help. This one is more convenient as you will probably want to look the same every day, and going to a beauty place daily is time and money-consuming.

    Going Under The Knife

    Now, if you’re quite impatient and don’t want to go through the techniques we have offered above, there is always one fast option that will get you the chiseled jawline of your dreams. We’re talking about cosmetic surgery.

    Today, there are thousands of places that offer this option to people from everywhere. Some countries, like South Korea, are deemed to be exceptionally advanced in this field.

    However, when going under the knife, there are many things you need to consider, such as the time needed to heal and even the pain that will accompany it. This is why it’s always recommended to first start with natural exercises like mewing and get your desired outcomes in a simple, less painful, and safer way.

    Final Thoughts

    In conclusion, people who want to improve the shape of their jaw and facial visuals overall have tons of options. Some techniques we’ve mentioned in this article rely on your effort, while some can be quick, although money-consuming and more painful.

    Out of all options, mewing is the simplest and easiest that is sure to produce good results. It can help you reduce the body fat impact on the jawline and, if coupled with other methods, will improve your overall health as stronger muscles bring benefits one way or another.

    You can find many statements online that can serve as proof of mewing effectiveness. Start today and get a chiseled jawline in a short time!

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