Body Fat Percentage Affects Jawline: Here Is How |

Body Fat Percentage Affects Jawline: Here Is How


    Jawline body fat percentage

    Increased body fat percentage is something that directly affects how our jawlines look. As with any other body part, weight and muscle mass are crucial for jawline definition.

    However, we can adopt many effective methods for natural face fat reduction to tackle our jawline issues. What’s even more interesting, there’s an extensive set of face exercises that can help us battle body fat percentage.

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    Jawline Appearance Is Based on Body Fat

    Chiseled jawline before and after weight loss

    A chiseled jawline is one of the biggest trends right now, and everyone is trying to achieve a perfectly-sculpted look. If a weak jawline is a turn-off, you should start taking care of your average body fat percentage and try to get lean.

    While genetics certainly plays a part in our jawline appearance, it’s not the only factor. Excessive calorie consumption causes chubby cheeks and multiple skin problems. So, if you’re carrying a few extra pounds, losing weight can help you be healthier and more attractive.

    Fat in our bodies is natural, but having too much of it will cover up our bone structure and muscles. That’s why there are many exercises, methods, and tips on how to lose facial fat.

    The Ultimate Body Fat Percentage

    A fair amount of body fat can be acceptable and perfectly healthy. However, the best body fat percentage in adults is 8%-10% for improving the male jawline. Meanwhile, women that desire an attractive female jawline should stick to a body fat percentage of 14%-17%.

    Individuals that fall into this range are considered athletic and have lean faces that allow for strong muscle definition to show. Once you’ve achieved this percentage, you’ll be able to exercise your facial muscles and see immediate results.

    Body fat percentage for jawline

    Is Losing Fat a Way Towards a Strong and Chiseled Jawline?

    When sculpting the rest of the body, people will run, go to the gym, and lift weights. Yet, when it comes to the face, many turn to cosmetic surgery, never knowing there’s a way to achieve natural face fat reduction for jawline definition.

    Yes, losing weight and fat can sharpen your jaw muscles and make a huge difference in the reshaping process. The reason behind this is that, as with any other body part, the face also stores fat. Sometimes, excessive body fat can be easily visible on the face. That’s why many people with high body fat percentages experience problems such as a double chin and a round face.

    Double chin body fat percentage

    14 Ways to Lose Body Fat and Sculpt a Defined Jawline

    Most people dream of a perfect jawline and look to many sources for help. That’s why there are numerous online manuals, and even we’ve compiled our own how-to guide on improving your jawline.

    Reducing body fat is just one way to a pronounced jaw, and there are many different ways to go about it. From mewing with correct tongue placement to cosmetic surgeries and sports, you can try a plethora of different options. Let’s look at the most effective methods.

    1. The Mewing Method

    Mewing helps to lose face fat and get a jawline

    Mewing is one of the most effective and popular moves that contribute towards a strong jawline. It’s done in two simple steps: closing your mouth gently and pressing your tongue against your palate.

    The way you perform the technique will impact how jawline changes when mewing, so it’s important that you do the exercise correctly. We suggest using the app, as it offers a full guide to the process.

    You can use to find the best mewing lessons for your situation, learn proper technique, and sculpt your face. Mewing can also help with many other issues, like breathing problems, crooked teeth, etc. app: mewing exercises

    You should consistently practice and stick to your program if you want to see an incredible real mewing transformation for yourself.

    2. Do Some Facial Movements

    There’s a whole set of facial exercises from which you can choose and practice. Each one of them will help you lose weight and carve your ideal jawline.

    Some popular ones include chewing gum, fish face, tongue twister, and the chin-up technique. These exercises are usually done 2 to 3 times with 10 to 15 repetitions on a daily basis.

    3. Proper Hydratation

    Water is essential for good health and skin elasticity. With proper hydration, you help your body flush out toxins and boost your metabolism. Moreover, the best body fat percentage for the jaw can’t be attained without drinking at least two liters of water a day.

    Often people think they’re hungry when they’re simply dehydrated. Drinking water can help lower your appetite and make each jawline exercise even more efficient.

    4. Get Regular and High-Quality Sleep

    Getting high-quality sleep is essential for losing body fat. Sleep deprivation can bring down your energy level and make you feel fatigued and hungry much more often.

    Furthermore, we all need sleep since it’s the time when we release hormones crucial for tissue repair. That’s why rest has a decisive role in the shaping of our muscles, even those on our faces.

    5. Beware of Your Salt Consumption

    Each gram of salt increases the risk of gaining weight and health issues. That’s why we should gradually reduce our salt consumption in order to avoid fluid retention.

    Fluid retention has a direct impact on your weight and ability to ditch body fat. Moreover, it can make your jawline definition poor and result in a rounder face.

    6. Stick to a Well-Balanced Diet

    A healthy diet strengthens your immune system, increases energy consumption, and improves overall bodily performance. A well-balanced diet also prevents being overweight and makes you get rid of extra facial fat. However, this isn’t the only issue.

    Underweight people can also see many negative effects on their appearance, including the health of their skin. Sometimes, you may need to add more calories to your diet.

    30 day challenge to lose face fat and get a jaw

    7. Weigh Down on Alcohol Consumption

    Alcohol is one of the main enemies in your battle to attain the best body fat percentage for jaw definition. This is because it’s full of calories, and it may prevent your body from fat-burning, increase your appetite and decrease nutrient uptake.

    8. Increase Fiber Intake

    Fiber can help you get rid of excess body fat even if you don’t make any other changes in your diet. Moreover, fiber-filled foods will purify your complexion and make your jaw look clean and attractive.

    You can increase your fiber intake by eating apples, green beans, sweet potatoes, raspberries, strawberries, and pumpkins.

    9. Cardiovascular Fitness and Sports

    Sports and cardiovascular exercises are the easiest and fastest way to burn calories and lose facial fat. Cardio exercises are very efficient in overcoming double chin problems and getting a lean face.

    10. Facial Aesthetic Surgery

    Cosmetical surgeries should be your last resort in the battle against excessive body fat percentage. However, if they are the only remaining option, there’re hundreds of procedures available, including face and neck lifts, liposuction, etc.

    11. Avoid Sugars and Processed Foods

    You’ll have to avoid sugars and processed foods as much as you can if you want to attain a healthy and attractive jawline definition.

    These foods are stripped of all nutrients and full of refined carbohydrates. Moreover, sugar has millions of tricky ways that’ll make your body make extra fat, and many people struggle with sugar addiction.

    12. Regular Vitamin and Mineral Intakes

    Normal and regular vitamin and mineral intake will boost your metabolism and improve your body’s fat-burning functions. Some of the most important vitamins and minerals for this purpose are B vitamins, vitamin D, Iron, and Calcium.

    13. Increase Your Protein Intake

    Proteins are the most important macronutrient. They’ll help your body recover from facial exercises more efficiently, be more satiated, retain jawline muscles, and lose fat.

    14. Lose Fat by Eating Supplements High in Ferment and Vinegar

    Supplements high in ferment and vinegar will stimulate your intestines to produce many healthful bacterias. These organisms help your gut stay healthy and are useful in reducing body fat.

    Measuring Your Body Fat Percentage for Jawline Definition

    There are many different methods used to measure body fat percentage. Some of the more popular ones are body circumference measurements, body fat scales, and waist-hip ratios.

    face fat percentage

    These are some you can use at home, however, there are also professional methods that can be done by doctors and which are much more accurate. The more common ones are the DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry), hydrodensitometry, and the 3D body scanner.

    Our Final Word on the Jawline Body Fat Percentage

    Now you know which body fat percentage gets you a chiseled jawline and makes your face look shiny and attractive.

    There are many methods, diets, and exercises that can help lower body fat. However, the most efficient option is to combine them into a single weight-losing strategy and stick to it daily.

    Keep a close eye on your diet, hydrate yourself, get some healthy sleep, and exercise regularly. Download the app to get started with tongue placement exercises and follow a set program. The sooner you begin, the quicker you’ll see results!

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