Consider Mewing to Get Rid of Double Chin and Neck Fat |

Consider Mewing to Get Rid of Double Chin and Neck Fat


    Mewing double chin

    Do you have the desire to achieve a chiseled jawline but struggle with baby fat in the facial area? The solution is simpler than you may think for anyone dealing with excess skin or fat in the face and neck.

    Mewing is a straightforward technique that doesn’t involve any expensive injections, surgery, or doctor’s visits. It was invented by the British orthodontist family duo John Mew and Mike Mew and has since made a boom in the beauty industry due to its clear-cut approach.

    🔎 This article will discuss:

    • 📝 What causes a double chin and neck fat
    • 📝 Mewing exercises and tips for a defined jawline
    • 📝 How to prevent double chin recurrence
    • 📝 How to improve your chin with mewing
    • 📝 Nasal breathing exercises for a stronger jawline.

    Curious whether mewing eliminates a double chin and neck fat for good? Keep scrolling!


    Causes of Double Chin and Neck Fat

    There isn’t one reason you have a double chin and fat surrounding the facial muscles.

    Below are some of the determining factors preventing you from enjoying a defined jawline:


    Obesity is a condition wherein the individual weighs over the recommended BMI, inevitably facing various health challenges. Weight gain happens when you have an uncontrolled appetite, causing you to overeat. However, it can also be triggered by other invisible factors, such as gland dysfunction.

    The most common cause of obesity is the irregular functioning of the thyroid gland located in the area of your neck – or the front of your trachea. The location can additionally trigger the unwanted double chin.

    Weight Fluctuations

    Sudden and rapid weight fluctuations (not those involving natural processes like pregnancy) can definitely contribute to a second chin.

    You have to gain substantial weight before your face becomes munchy and round. This is because excessive fat usually stores in the hip or stomach area. However, there are cases where people show drastic changes in their jaw and neck area when gaining just a bit of weight.

    This leads us to the following direct cause of double chins – genetics.


    Like other facial features and expressions, you can inherit a double chin from your parents or grandparents. After all, it’s located in the area around your face, alongside the most look-alike features you’ve inherited from your ancestors – your smile, nose, eyes, and face shape.


    The skin tissue loses elasticity as the years go by. This is actually the elastin protein that ties the multiple skin layers together.

    Over time, saggy skin can resemble the appearance of having a double chin. It’s a typical case for women to start noticing a double chin, usually after menopause, since it’s around this time the biological clock is noticeably accelerated.

    However, this doesn’t mean that the male population is excluded from aging or having a double chin.

    Poor Posture

    Poor posture can lead to many unwanted health issues, such as migraines and back pain. But it can also lead to developing a double chin.

    As we’ve mentioned, skin loses its elasticity over time. But skin and tissue can become saggy also because of muscle atrophy or the improper or neglected use of muscle groups. In this case, jaw muscles and the muscles that contribute to the neck posture can add to the cause of a double chin, primarily due to weakening them via improper and inconsistent activation.

    How to Get Rid of Double Chin and Neck Fat With Mewing

    Does mewing get rid of a double chin? Does mewing work as advertised?

    According to our users and a multitude of successful real-life stories, mewing can reduce and even rid you of your double chin for good.

    Among the numerous benefits of mewing are:

    • Improved body posture
    • Reduced or eliminated sleep apnea
    • Face symmetry
    • Aligned teeth
    • Eliminated need for braces.

    Exercising the jaw muscles and chin muscles also enables the possibility of improving a double chin. is the number-one free app to help you shape your face, define your jawline, and even sculpt your cheekbones. But despite what you may think – mewing isn’t a practice involving only your nose, chin, and other facial parts.

    Since mewing is popular with sleep apnea and snoring, you’ll also learn breathing exercises and fight against shortness of breath. This, alongside all the different tongue posture exercises, will help you enhance your facial symmetry and that perfect smile – without any botox or invasive surgeries.

    The result will help you adopt a more confident body posture and overall well-being to help fight obstacles in future life challenges and eliminate unwanted fat around your neck and cheeks.

    But to achieve results and visible transformation, you must learn how to do mewing properly. The app consists of video exercises and easy talk-through methods to help you achieve perfection while exercising, even without a live coach.

    The basic mewing exercise is placing the tip of your tongue behind your front teeth at a distance and resting the body of the tongue on the roof of your mouth. Always keep your mouth closed!

    As you use the app, new exercising modules will unlock, bringing further prosperity and potential from your phone’s screen to your mirror reflection.

    Mewing Double Chin Results: Before and After

    You can find many answers to popular questions and dilemmas connected to mewing by just typing in the word. Many of our users have left personal reviews answering the question bothering you at the moment – can mewing get rid of double chin and neck fat?

    Instead of sharing words, we’ll share results. In that vein, check out the most jaw-dropping transformations below:

    There are thousands more photos with visible results of mewing before and after double chin, shared personally by users on their own social media profiles and even via YouTube videos.

    Mewing helps the jaw muscles define a stronger jawline, using the tongue position to reshape the upper mouth. Instead of wearing braces or paying for expensive surgery – your tongue will do the trick for you.

    But as with any other muscle in your body – your persistence and self-stimulation towards the results you wish to see are absolutely crucial.

    Also, if you’re wondering, “can mewing fix a receding chin?” feel free to visit our webpage and be the judge of the facial aesthetic transformations of our users.

    How Long Does It Take to Get Rid of Double Chin While Mewing

    Honestly – mewing is a practice that needs mastering first. It takes time to adopt the proper movements and subconsciously start developing said movements as a habit.

    After you’ve mastered the skill, visualizing and shaping your results takes even more time because there are precisely 42 separate muscles on your face. The fact that we move our lips and neck subconsciously makes it even harder to do it right.

    According to users and mewing practitioners, getting rid of your double chin might take anywhere from 3 months up to 2 years. But it’s still better to do it naturally than with a painful and expensive surgery that might additionally cause further complications.

    How to Prevent Double Chin Recurrence

    Athletes fall in and out of shape in mere months. Considering our presumptions on the time it takes to notice significant mewing results, you should by then have developed it as a habit.

    However, the first thing to prevent unwanted recurrence and see results is to do it correctly.

    To prevent mewing mistakes, come back to our video tutorials more often. This is the only way to start doing it right. Also, to avoid dilemmas about which muscles you should focus on exercising, has a nifty widget to select the change you want to see on your face.

    But whatever you do, don’t stop mewing after you start seeing results. Consider it more important than your daily workout routine because these muscles are harder to shape than the others.

    Other Double Chin Treatments and Exercises

    Aside from mewing, there are other exercises to try to reduce your double chin or when you simply feel pain in your neck or jaw:

    Spin Around The World

    This popular exercise should be the first in your mewing routine, as it helps the muscles in your neck and general face area relax, further avoiding unwanted injuries. It is best to do this exercise while standing, as it is the most natural position where your back and neck are straight.

    Instructions: Start rolling your head gently to the left or right, and repeat the movement about 10 times on each side. Afterward, place your hand on your jaw and gently stretch it to each side, holding it in the tensest position for about 3-5 seconds. Repeat 5 times on each side.

    Your muscles should be relaxed and tense enough to continue your routine.

    Whistling to the Roof

    This exercise can be done even when you’ve overwhelmed yourself while working on your PC or desk since it helps you move forward with your work in just a few moments.

    Instructions: It is performed from a sitting position with relaxed shoulders while your neck is tilted back, positioning your head to the ceiling. Then, shape your lips in the whistling position without actually whistling. Stay in this position as you slowly increase the pressure on your lips and muscles and feel the tension in your jaw.

    Repeat the exercise 10 times if you include it in your overall mewing practice routine.

    Lion’s Yawn

    Much like the title says, the point of this exercise is to mimic the strongest yawn you could imagine while also sticking your tongue out as further as possible. This exercise enhances the chin, neck, nose, and multiple other face muscles, so it’s a great tightened and toning trick.

    Since there’s much effort to it – mainly sticking out the tongue – it should be done in the middle or at the end of your routine.

    Ball Squeeze to Strengthen Chin Muscles

    To do this exercise, you’ll need a ball just about the right size to place under your chin. The proper way to do this exercise is to sit with your back as straight as possible while relaxing and loosening the area around your shoulders.

    Instructions: Place the ball under your chin and hold it against your chest. Using your chin and jaw muscles, steadily push the ball against your chest and feel which muscles are working. Repeat up to 20 times before you get a grip on which muscles need to be activated with this movement.

    Chewing Gum

    Aside from many stereotypes against chewing gum, it’s an awesome exercise for a strong jawline. It can also help reduce double chin from another perspective.

    If you’re on a diet or want to cut out snacks, a study proved that chewing gum could help you on this journey. Try chewing a piece of gum after a meal instead of going for more snacks to continue the pleasurable feeling.

    Finishing Thoughts

    If you learn the proper exercises and technique of mewing, double chin will become a thing of the past. This is thanks to the so-called muscle memory, which makes it easy for certain muscle groups to memorize a sequence of exercises and repeat it without our effort.

    Making mewing an everyday habit can help achieve these automated muscle movements and align your face and jawline.

    So before kickstarting your mewing journey, buckle up and download our app. Discover all the perks included in the double-chin effortless removal package!

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