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Strong vs. Weak Jawline Comparison and Solutions


    A soft angle on the edge of your jaw or chin might be a sign of a weak chin or a weak jaw. Fortunately, this doesn’t affect your health, but it can have a great impact on the look of one the most prominent points of your face – your jaw.

    This may result in a disharmonious facial appearance and distort some of the other facial features, cause sleep disorders or cause problems with your daily activities like eating and drinking.

    But don’t worry; there are exercises that can help you improve it, and we’ll go through them in this extensive guide on how to fix a weak jawline. What’s more, here you’ll also learn:

    • 📝 What a weak and soft jawline is.

    • 🤔 How to improve your soft jaw.

    • 📋 How to know if you have a weak jaw.
    • 🧐 What the benefits of having a strong jaw and strong chin are.

    Keep reading to get the answers!

    Strong vs weak jawline


    What Is a Weak Jaw and How to Improve It

    Having a weak jaw means that your jaw is not well-defined. These jaws are less prominent and appear to slope backward under the mouth. They can also be puffy, plump, or even have a round shape.

    Its appearance may result from genetic factors. However, it can also appear as a person ages since the soft tissue below the jaw becomes saggy and less prominent with time. Thumb–sucking, eating soft foods, overbite or mouth breathing while growing up might develop a weak jaw as well.

    So, what can you do to solve this issue the natural way? Liposuction and chin implants are non–invasion solutions, but there are much safer options, like the mewing technique. Mewing impacts jawline shape change through a simple correct placement of the tongue.

    Other options include chewing or just a facial massage.

    Try Mewing

    Mewing is a simple tongue posture where you put your tongue against the roof of your mouth. It sounds silly, but this simple movement can reshape your face if practiced daily. Basically, it activates and exercises your facial muscles to get rid of some aesthetic and even health problems like sleep apnea.

    To get all the crucial tips to master tongue posture for mewing, check out our app. Here you can get a personalized mewing workout plan and make mewing your habit starting today.

    If you’re asking what advantages mewing brings daily, then you can find all answers right here in the app.

    For starters, mewing helps define a strong and attractive jawline. It can give you a well–structured face with strong facial muscles. What’s more, it can help you create a symmetrical face that counteracts the aging process and improve your sleep by teaching you how to breathe correctly.


    Aside from the mewing program, chewing hard foods can also help with defining your jaw. In fact, mewing and chewing are connected. How? When we talk about chewing, we mean chewing with your tongue. Yes, the correct way is when you push the food with your tongue, thus exercising the muscles on your face.

    Facial Massage

    Another way to define your jaw is to massage your face daily. You can start by pressing both index fingers on your chin and pushing upward while maintaining the same pressure. Do this for 30 seconds each day and increase it at your own pace.

    How Do You Know If Your Jawline Is Weak?

    A weak jawline or receding chin is a specific facial trait where the tip of the chin is not protruded and projected forward compared to other parts of the face, which makes the whole face looks asymmetrical. Actually, the lower jaw is set inwards in the direction of the neck, and it is not aligned with the upper one.

    A weak jaw is most visible when a person is seen in a profile view. So if you notice a double chin or saggy skin around this area, then you may have a weak jawline.

    What Does a Strong Jawline Look Like?

    In the present culture, having a strong jawline is considered attractive, as many Hollywood actors and actresses own this trait. A prominent jawline is one where the jaw bone is protruded forward, which makes your face look attractive and appealing.

    Most strong jawlines are square-shaped, but this is a rare case. If you want to get a chiseled jaw, try some of the exercises we’ve already mentioned, as they can help in improving the jawline for females and males.

    What Does a Strong Jawline Indicate?

    A strong jawline promotes masculinity and virility in men and attractiveness and refinement in women. In short, it is a sign of youthfulness and beauty. It gives the so much coveted V-shaped face with smooth skin, added volume on your midface, and a prominent chin.

    If you would like to know how men can get a better looking jawline, the answer lies in the everyday practice of the techniques we’ve mentioned above. For example, trying mewing for 30 minutes a day will help you get an attractive profile and a well–sculpted jawline.

    5 Benefits of Having a Strong Jaw

    The jaw is a very important facial feature that significantly contributes to one’s overall look. Having a strong jaw is important for both men and women, and there are plenty of benefits. Here are some of them:

    1. Boosts Your Confidence

    Having a strong and chiseled jaw automatically makes people more confident about their overall appearance. You will feel more energetic, positive, and powerful.

    2. Indicates Good Health

    When your jawline is sagging and looks fatty, it will indicate aging and obesity, while having a strong, smooth jawline will surely indicate youthfulness and desirability.

    3. Promotes Better Swallowing

    With a good and well–defined jawline, your chewing and swallowing will be improved, which will help you extract nutrients better. This results in better nutrition and overall health.

    4. Helps You Get the Perfect Smile

    Having a strong chin also helps with getting a perfect smile. By working out the muscles around your chin, you indirectly work out all other muscles on your face, which creates a more balanced appearance, hence a better smile.

    5. Provides Good Speech Articulation

    When it comes to the jaw, it’s a crucial organ for speech articulation and can affect the clarity of speech. Having a strong and well-defined jaw is essential for speaking without any problems and clearly.

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