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10 Double Chin Causes and Treatments


    A double chin, a.k.a. submental fat, is caused by a combination of factors in the body, including weight gain among others. Before you begin treatment to reduce a double chin with exercises, you must first determine what is causing it.

    Today you will learn:

    • ✔️ The main causes that can lead to double chin occurrence.
    • ✔️ How to treat double chin based on the cause and your needs.

    Causes of a double chin


    Common Double Chin Causes

    1. Your Genes

    Your jawline’s shape can depend on genetics and can be one of the most common double chin causes.

    Although a gene for a double chin does not exist, a double chin occurrence in the family might make you more prone to it as well. Besides bone structure, you may be predisposed to weight gain, have less elastic or thinner skin, or be more inclined to store excess fat around your chin.

    Viable Treatments

    • Liposuction. It works by inserting a small tube into various areas of the chin. using suction, the procedure extracts small amounts of fat from the problem area. The result is a more even, smoother profile with less fat accumulation under the chin.
    • Face yoga. Facial exercises, such as a chin tucking exercise, can help strengthen your neck muscles, firm the jawline, and reduce the appearance of a double chin. Also, face yoga tightens the muscle walls of the cheeks, resulting in a natural facelift.

    2. Age

    Elastin and collagen in your skin deplete with age. These proteins are in charge of keeping the skin elastic and full but over time, the body produces fewer proteins and causes the skin under your jaw to sag.

    3. Anatomical Factors 

    Weight gain can be tough to detect, depending on your body type. For example, a few extra pounds on the belly may go unnoticed if you have a larger frame, but you can gain fat in your neck and jaw that it’s immediately noticeable.

    Some of the ways to treat a double chin caused by anatomy issues are

    • Face mask. A face mask can tighten the skin and reduce the chances of a double chin. A collagen mask is a great option to consider.
    • Mesotherapy. Lipolysis is caused by mesotherapy, which aids in the reduction of fat under the chin. Kybella, an injectable form of a naturally occurring molecule that can break down fat, is a type of mesotherapy that may help reduce the double chin. Moreover, the FDA approved the Kybella treatment as an efficient and minimally-invasive method.

    4. Improper Posture

    A problem with your general posture affects a double chin, and over time, it weakens the muscles in the chin and neck. If the muscles are inactive, the skin around them will lose its elasticity and become saggy. The good news is – poor posture double chin issues are treatable.

    Viable Treatments

    • One of the best viable treatments for improper posture is mewing. It has shown to be seriously effective at reducing a double chin. This jawline exercise involves pressing your tongue against the mouth roof in the hopes of toning the neck, jaw, and surrounding chin tissues. It improves both your poor posture and the overall appeal of your jaw and chin.

    5. Fat Cells, Fat Deposits and Weight Gain

    Probably the most common cause of double chins is an excess of fat in the area. By gaining weight, you suffer a greater chance of depositing fats in the body, including in the face and under the chin.

    6. Weight Issues

    Obesity or any sudden weight gain can also be a cause of double chins. Developing an unwanted double chin due to extra pounds can ruin one’s self-confidence and make one look heavier and older.

    Viable Treatments

    • Weight loss. Of course, losing weight can reduce your double chin. Opt for a healthy weight and start exercising as much as you can, and try to eat healthy to reduce fat deposits in the body. Going to the gym, cycling, hiking or swimming are some of the leading exercises to help you burn fat and fight sagging skin.

    7. Unhealthy Diet

    A poor diet, high in unhealthy fats, processed foods, and calories may influence double chin and weight gain.

    Viable Treatments

    • Doing lifestyle changes. Improving your diet is the first assignment you’ll have to get rid of a double chin. However, a healthy diet goes hand in hand with other life changes such as exercising regularly, hydrating and sleeping enough.

    8. Facial Appearance

    Some of the causes of double chins are beyond our control. The basic shapes of our faces can sadly also contribute to the appearance of a double chin.

    People with problematic jawlines and chins are more likely to develop the issue. This is due to the skin being stretched over a smaller area. Any slight increase in fat can lead to decreased skin elasticity and lead to double chin, especially in people with unattractive gonial angles.

    Viable Treatments

    • Exercises for double chin. Besides the face sculpting mewing technique, there are other exercises you can do to diminish the appearance of a double chin. For example, ball exercises can help. Place a 9- to 10-inch ball under the chin, press your chin against the ball, and do several motion reps during the day.

    9. Time Spent on Smart Devices

    Holding your head down while using your smart devices can wreak havoc on your posture and cause saggy skin, poor neckline, and chin.

    10. A Health-Related Issue

    Several medical conditions can cause a double chin. Such conditions include an underactive thyroid, a sinus infection, kidney disorders, Cushing’s disease, and salivary gland inflammation. One sign that a medical condition causes your double chin is the sudden appearance of a double chin despite your healthy diet, physical activity, and proper posture.

    Double Chin Causes Myths & Reality

    Double Chins Are Always Caused by Excess Fat

    Reality: While excess fat is a common cause, other factors like genetics, aging, or sagging skin can also contribute to the appearance of a double chin.

    Double Chins Are Always Genetic and Cannot Be Changed

    Reality: While genetics can predispose individuals to develop a double chin, lifestyle factors like diet, exercise, and skincare can help manage and reduce its appearance.

    Double Chins Are a Sign of Laziness

    Reality: Attributing double chins solely to laziness is unfair. They can result from a combination of factors, including genetics, aging, and hormonal changes, and do not necessarily reflect an individual’s activity level or lifestyle choices.

    Double Chins Are Only Caused by Excessive Eating

    Reality: While overeating can contribute to weight gain, which may manifest as a double chin, other factors like genetics, aging, and hormonal changes also play significant roles.

    A Final Say

    With all possible causes and treatments available, getting rid of your double chin should be straightforward. If you are having trouble determining the cause of your double chin, it is advised you see a medical professional for a proper diagnosis.

    And of course, if you need more information, you can always resort to our extensive guide on getting rid of a double chin.

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