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14 Ways to Get Rid of a Double Chin: Before & After Results


    Double chin before and after exercises

    Weight fluctuation, such as when you rapidly lose or gain weight, is the main culprit of a double chin. However, if you already had an existing double chin before the weight change – this is genetics.

    No matter the causes, there are proven ways and treatments that can burn those stubborn fat cells. In this article, you’ll read but also see some amazing double chin reduction mewing examples. We’ll also introduce you to some non-invasive treatment approaches and tips on how to:

    • ➖ Lose the excess fat cells around your chin and neck muscles
    • 💪 Remove excess skin by implementing jaw muscle exercises for double chin
    • 🧍‍♂️ Improve overall posture and strengthen the chin area

    So, how can mewing help with a double chin? Let’s explore!


    Understanding What is a Double Chin

    A double chin (or submental fat) is the appearance of the second layer of loose skin or excessive fat in the area of the lower jaw.

    This area, being close to the neck, doesn’t allow for too much fat to be stored around it. As a result, it makes the second layer visible by “detaching” it from the chin with a visible line or wrinkles. This is where the name double or second chin originates from.

    And while a double chin is often (inaccurately) associated with unhealthiness, it can often develop unrelated to your health. The only “culprit” that’s not genetically tied to your extra chin could be weight gain.

    This is why the first approach to solving a double chin is integrating a healthy weight loss diet and switching to healthy eating habits, as well as implementing exercises for your facial muscles, especially in the area around the neck.

    However, even skinny people have double chins, which partly disputes the theory that double chins always result from weight fluctuation. This being said, choosing an appropriate approach to treat your double chin would depend on your subjective reasons for getting one in the first place.

    Common Causes of Double Chin

    Without digging much deeper into details, here’s our comprehensive list of what causes double chin in the majority of cases:

    • Aging. The skin’s natural elastin and collagen production start decreasing after we hit our 20s – and this causes the skin to sag. Over time, this natural process leads to chin fat. So, no, you cannot get a double chin overnight – it’s a lengthy, years-long process.
    • Genetics. We inherit most of our body features, like the hair color and structure and the shape of our fingers and toes, from our biological parents and grandparents. We can also inherit some of their facial features, such as the nose, mouth, and of chin types that run in the family.
    • Overweight. A few extra pounds won’t always show on your face. This also further depends on your body type and overall facial structure.
    • Existing medical conditions. Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism are the most common misbalances in the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, which produces the growth hormone, among others. Irregular functioning of this gland often results in swelling, and as its location is in the neck area, it can often cause goiters.
    • Bad body posture. Like weight gain, poor posture is one of the most common reasons for a double chin. The most frequent is the head-forward posture, mostly associated with the new-age population. Instead of having our neck straight, we sag it downwards, pushing the skin between the chin and neck and forcefully creating a double chin.

    Is It Possible to Get Rid of a Double Chin Fast?

    Losing a double chin can take some time, especially when it doesn’t involve dieting and weight training. However, weight loss and double chin exercises are still connected but should definitely be accompanied by extra activities, which we’ll talk more about below.

    To wrap up this segment – double chin CAN go away for good.

    However, things are not looking as easy for skinny people suffering from this issue, compared to people who are suffering from double chin due to overweighing.

    How to Get rid of Double Chin Naturally

    Let’s move on with our thorough guide on how to tighten your skin under the chin, starting off with the most simple, non-invasive, and non-surgical methods.

    1. Start With Mewing

    Mewing is not only the cheapest way to lose your double chin, but it’s also the most effective. Plus, it’s easy to implement it in your everyday life since it’s exercised with your mouth closed and unnoticeable to the outer world.

    Mewing is a technique invented in the 70s by John Mew, which was highly adapted in our society by his son, Mike Mew, and his world-famous YouTube channel, Orthotropics. It’s based on the principle that our entire face and jawline can be shaped accordingly by the simple use of our tongue’s force.

    Our free mobile app,, lets users curate a personal exercise plan by answering some questions related to their physical measurements and fitness goals. All you have to do to get a personalized plan is download the app and answer a bunch of interesting quiz questions. After that, we’ll hook you up with in-app reminders so that you never miss another mewing session again!

    2. Neck Rotation/ Neck Rolls

    Neck rolls are one of the best exercises for neck firming and can be of great assistance with reducing or eliminating the double chin effect.

    This exercise is also one of the main exercises included in almost every athlete’s warm-up routine because it keeps you safe from injuries. It’s also because it improves blood flow in the shoulders and the head, keeping you focused.

    So, how do neck rolls work? Stand up straight with your feet apart, and start rotating your head to the left or right, stretching it as much as you can. However, make sure to always keep your shoulders and the rest of the body fixed and immobile.

    When you feel stretched to the side, start rolling to the other side, but focus on making even movements on both sides.

    3. Tongue Stretches

    When it comes to exercising your chin, it doesn’t get easier than this one. Keep your head and neck straight, and start sticking out your tongue like a lizard! Stretch it out as much as possible – you can even try “spinning” it.

    Repeat this movement about 30 times in one session. After a certain period, you should start feeling a neck lift!

    4. Jaw Jutting Exercises

    Jaw jutting exercises involve moving the lower jaw forward and backward while looking up at the ceiling. It’s crucial to have your back and neck as stretched upwards as possible while jutting your jawline to the front.

    Also, when you do the jut – make sure to hold the position for about 5 seconds before releasing. Repeat this movement 15-20 times before releasing.

    There are two varieties of this exercise. You can do a straight jaw jut, as explained above. Or you can do the same while rolling your head left and right, jutting on each separate side instead just looking upwards.

    5. Chin Tucks with Resistance Ball

    Before we jump into the exercise, let’s see what chin tucking is. The whole point of a chin tuck is that you bring your chin as close to your neck as possible, almost as if you’re “sucking it in.” You can do it prop-free, or you can use a resistance ball.

    Let’s see how this exercise would look when a medium-sized softball is involved.

    The ball should be placed between your chin and the chest while you’re constantly aiming to look forward and keep an aligned spine and neck. Next, try squeezing the ball using only your chin muscles and lower jaw muscles.

    This is an excellent exercise to reduce excess fat and firm your neck, lifting the skin around and eliminating that double chin.

    6. Lifting Facial Moisturizers

    Moisturizing the skin on your face is a must because it’s the most exposed skin part (aside from our hands and palms). This is also why it’s the area that starts to lose its glow and collagen very early.

    To avoid this, here’s a list of awesome and budget-friendly moisturizing bases to be on the lookout for.

    • Wheat Germ Oil. The vitamin-E-rich oil restores the skin’s elasticity and reduces fat accumulation.
    • Egg white, milk, and honey. Milk and honey are like the 101 for skin care. Egg whites are sticky and have an amazing lifting benefit, which adds to the overall moisturizing properties of the milk and honey.
    • Olive Oil. Olive oil is naturally rich in Vitamin E and is a common ingredient you can find stored in your kitchen cabinet, making it a budget-friendly solution for skin tightening.
    • Vitamin E Capsules. Abundant with vitamin E, more than any of the above-mentioned ingredients, you can gently massage these capsules on any area of your body to additionally burn fat.

    7. Try  Specialized Mouthpieces, Mouth Straps, and Other Applicators

    Considering these appliances are bought in-store and made specifically for this reason (as well as to prevent sleep apnea), they’re not a 100% natural solution.

    But, they’re not invasive and painful. Chin applicators are used as additional chin-area skin care, as they’re infused with collagen, Vitamin E, and caffeine to restore elasticity and prevent fat storage.

    On the other hand, mouthpieces are appliances that are used as an additional gadget for your daily dose of facial exercises. They add to the intensity of the training, enabling more muscle stretch and power during the workout.

    8. Use Massage Tools and Techniques

    Facial massages have been used for a more defined chin, jawline structure, as well as perky cheeks. Regular massaging can significantly slow down the aging process, stimulating the blood flow in certain facial parts and rejuvenating the skin.

    Certain massage tools that additionally stimulate the fat-burning process and can be incorporated are numerous face rollers and anti-wrinkle massagers.

    Minimally Invasive Approaches to Fix a Double Chin and Turkey Neck

    Everyone hates their double chin – but some hate it more than others, that’s for sure.

    We’ve given you enough reasons why double chin exercises work and enough evidence to go along with them.

    But, since we promised in the beginning, we’ll also include a list of minimally invasive procedure treatments for all of you who just can’t find the sparkle of effort and start exercising and mewing for the neck fat.

    9. Healthy Diet That Helps Weight Loss and Double Chin Reduction

    Yes, dieting isn’t exactly an invasive procedure.

    But we’ve decided to include it on this list simply because maintaining a proper diet is much, much harder than implementing mewing or similar facial exercises into your daily routine.

    For a gross number of our users and other patients suffering from a double chin or turkey neck, eliminating overprocessed foods, refined sugars, and unhealthy fats has proven to be an outstanding solution.

    This is because losing face fat unveils your jawline, making you appear a lot different than what you used to look like when you “wore” those excessive pounds.

    However, considering that skinny people have double chins too, in specific cases, losing weight in a specific area (treating stubborn and submental fat) is the only solution.

    Here are some general tips for a healthy-eating diet plan:

    • Keep track of your calories
    • Cut out refined sugars, and switch to fresh or dried fruits
    • Avoid eating too salty and spiced food
    • Avoid pretzels, snacks, and bread
    • Include as many salads and lean meats as possible.

    10. Lipolysis

    Lipolysis treatments are based on the usage of deoxycholic acid, which is the atomic burner of extra fat around the treatment area. There are two basic types of lipolysis: laser and injection-based, but the ingredients of the solution are the same. Only the approach is different.

    • Injection lipolysis

    The injections are applied in the area around the neck, and to achieve the best possible results, this treatment needs to be done continuously within the interval of 4-6 weeks, multiple times per week.

    Since it includes sticking needles and injecting the solution into your body, this is considered among the less invasive procedures for treating double chins.

    • Laser lipolysis

    This non-invasive procedure targets extra fat in the targeted area using laser energy. Despite this, some swelling or redness on the skin might appear after the treatment, depending on your skin type and sensitivity.

    11. Double Chin Mesotherapy

    You can think of mesotherapy as liposuction – you can use it to get rid of undesired body fat. Mesotherapy has multiple benefits: it tightens and rejuvenates the skin, helps wrinkles fade, and eliminates fine lines that result from aging.

    So, what is the difference between mesotherapy and lipolysis? Well, they differ in the area they target. While lipolysis injections go into the subcutaneous fat area, mesotherapy injections are injected a bit deeper into the skin, in the mesoderm – which is where the name derives from.

    How to Get Rid of Double Chin Surgically

    The invasive and surgical methods we’ll shortly explain in this section should be your last resort. These treatments are risky and may result in nerve damage and swellings, while the results are not as permanent as you might think.

    12. Botox for Double Chin

    Botox injections are widely used for lifting and preventing skin sagging and wrinkling. When used as a treatment for turkey neck, the botox narrows the lower area of the face, lifting the excess skin in the upper region.

    However, botox isn’t a magical cure. In most cases, results only last a few months. You can extend the results by getting a second treatment.

    In addition, botox treatment may not seem very expensive at first glance, as one unit costs $10 to $15. However, when you count the number of units (a.k.a. face areas you want to target), a session may cost you hundreds of dollars.

    13. Hyo Neck Lift for Double Chin

    This is a surgical method for neck rejuvenation and double chin elimination, which costs anywhere from $4,000 all the way up to $15.000. According to scientific research, it’s the most successful surgery for this specific matter.

    However, it’s tricky, considering it recreates the PLA, which is near the hyoid – and this is directly involved with your cardiovascular system.

    14. Liposuction for Double Chin

    Lipolysis targets the fat with injections, while liposuction is a surgical procedure. The point is to drain the extra layer of fat. When done on the neck area, a small incision is made under the skin, enabling the suction tube to reach the double chin fat.

    Liposuction is also pretty costly and can go up to $3.000.

    The Final Verdict on How to Lose Double Chin

    Multiple exercises to get rid of a double chin have proven to be less painful, less expensive, and at the same time – the most efficient treatment for a double chin.

    Combining the use of our free and personalized app and other physical exercises as an additional double chin workout, alongside a healthy diet, will undoubtedly give results – as faster as possible.

    Also, if you allow yourself the time and effort and make mewing a routine, you’ll never have to worry about double chin appearing in the mirror ever again, even if you decide to eat dinner after 7:00 PM or finish that dessert.

    So if you’re wondering how to get rid of a double chin naturally and choose the best exercises to lose your double chin – is one click away.

    Plus – it’s 100% FREE – so there’s nothing to lose but your chin fat!

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