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11 Tips on How to Treat Festoons Without Surgery


    How to treat festoons without surgery

    Festoons, commonly known as malar bags, are a prevalent cosmetic issue for many people. Under the eyes, on the lower eyelids, and on the cheeks, these unflattering pockets of loose skin and fat form, giving the face a puffy, inflated appearance.

    Although the terms “malar bags” and “festoons” are sometimes used simultaneously, festoons differ because they impact a broader portion of the face.

    If you’re struggling with festoons or malar bags and prefer not to undergo surgical treatments, we’ve got you covered. Achieving a fuller and more youthful appearance is possible without resorting to invasive interventions.

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    In this article, you’ll learn:

    • 📋 What festoons are and what causes them
    • 💆‍♀️ The best non-invasive ways that reverse festoons and malar bags
    • 💉 Medical procedures to treat festoons
    • 💪 Methods for preventing the appearance of festoons

    Keep on reading to learn more about how you can combat festoons with non-invasive treatments.


    What are the Malar Festoons?

    You may ask yourself, are festoons fat or fluid? Festoons, commonly referred to as malar bags, are a frequent cosmetic issue that shows as bloated, puffy pockets of excess fatty tissue and skin under the eyes and on the cheeks. The pockets of soft tissue are sometimes called hammocks because they droop and cause noticeably swollen eyes and cheek bags.

    Aside from their unpleasant appearance, festoons can pose practical concerns, such as impaired vision or trouble wearing eyeglasses. Some people may also experience pain or irritation around the loose tissue.

    Surgical procedures have been commonly used to treat festoons and malar bags. Surgery, while effective, carries its own set of hazards, such as scars, anesthetic complications, and extended post-operative care. Additionally, lower eyelid surgery may not always be the first choice if you prefer non-invasive treatments or are medically unable to undergo cosmetic surgery.

    Can you reverse festoons?

    Several non-surgical options are available to help minimize the look of festoons and loose skin under the eyes. Facial exercise, topical moisturizers, serums, laser therapy, and injectable fillers are just some of the treatments available to cope with swelling and muscle laxity. While the success of these therapies varies, they are usually considered less intrusive and safer than surgery.

    Festoons treatment without a surgery

    Difference Between Festoons and Malar Mounds

    Both festoons and malar mounds are beauty issues that impact the lower eye and cheek area. These are, however, two separate ailments with unique primary causes and symptoms.

    Festoons are defined by bulging, puffy pouches of fat and tissue that extend below the lower eyelid toward the face creating a puffy-eyes look. A number of factors, including age-related deterioration of the skin and underlying tissues, UV damage, and smoking, can cause them.

    Malar mounds, on the other hand, are elevated regions of tissue that develop along the cheekbones and can be part of the reason why your cheekbones might appear so big. They are frequently caused by a lack of suppleness in the cheek skin and soft tissues, resulting in a sinking appearance.

    Festoons vs malar mounds

    Malar Bags and Festoons Causes and Risk Factors

    The development of malar mounds as well as festoons, is an occurrence influenced by a variety of factors. Some of the leading causes associated with these issues include genetics, the skin’s ageing process, which consists of a loss of collagen and elastin, sun damage, chronic allergies, sinus problems, and medical conditions such as thyroid disease and kidney dysfunction.

    What makes festoons worse?

    Previous surgeries or facial trauma can contribute to the development of malar bags and festoons. Smoking and poor lifestyle habits such as poor nutrition and lack of exercise also exacerbate these conditions.

    While some risk factors are outside our control, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and protecting our skin from environmental stressors can help reduce the risk of developing these cosmetic concerns.

    How do you make festoons go away and get rid of malar bags?

    Below, you can see different answers to the question and find out which festoon treatment works best for you.

    Non-Invasive Treatments for Festoons

    1. Mewing as a Natural Option for Facial Muscle Toning

    Mewing is a method in which the tongue is positioned in a proper way to help develop the jaws and tone the muscles of the face. Keeping the tongue to the roof of the mouth can help to strengthen the facial muscles resulting in less skin drooping and better blood circulation.

    The Mewing Coach app can teach you all you need to know about mewing mastery, festoon treatment, malar bags exercise, and how to treat malar mounds naturally with facial exercises.

    Begin your journey to defined face muscles, better facial symmetry, and improved circulation. Learn how mewing has positive effect on your eye area right now by downloading the Mewing Coach app.

    You can see significant improvement with constant practice and perseverance. So, it’s time to get the app and start mewing your way to a more confident you!

    Festoons before and after mewing

    2. Get a Regular Facial Massage

    Face massages can aid in the removal of festoons by stimulating lymphatic drainage, minimizing fluid build-up, and improving circulation flow to the lower eyelids. It can relax the facial muscles and work against fluid accumulation in the upper cheeks.

    Massages can be done at home or by a professional by employing gentle circular motions on the afflicted region to encourage lymphatic drainage. Incorporating these drainage massages can help you fight fluid retention especially if you combine it with these 15 facial fat reducing exercises.

    Can a derma roller help with festoons?

    Derma rollers are known to have a stellar effect on festoons. If you decide to get a more invasive massage with a derma roller or a micro-needling treatment, contact a professional.

    Combining these facial massages with mewing can significantly benefit the festoon healing process, as there is a list of mewing advantages for your entire face, not only festoons.

    3. Apply Cool Compress

    Cold compresses such as ice packs can help reduce irritation and puffiness around the eyes. They function by tightening blood vessels, which can aid in the reduction of swelling and in preventing fluid build-up. Apply a cold compress to the problematic area a couple of times a day for a few minutes.

    4. Apply Eye Creams

    Caffeine, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid eye creams can help restore skin firmness, decrease inflammation, and boost collagen production. Use the creams on the lower or upper eyelids following the product’s directions.

    5. Use Home Remedies

    You’re probably wondering how to get rid of festoons naturally! You can try home remedies to stimulate the lymph system, decrease inflammation, soothe skin, and flush out toxins.

    Applying tea bags, cucumber slices, potato slices, Aloe vera gel, honey, or coconut oil are some of the many natural treatment options for under-eye bags. But if you wish to further initiate blood flow, try using some of our methods to increase the blood circulation.

    6.Face Yoga

    Face yoga techniques are another way to treat malar bags naturally. The gentle pressure and facial muscles workout will help with lymphatic drainage and allow you to target the eye bags more precisely.

    Professional Treatments for Festoons and Malar Bags

    7. Injectable Fillers

    Injectable fillers, like hyaluronic acid or collagen, and even botox and steroid injections can be administered to restore volume and create a more youthful appearance. The dermal filler is injected into the problem area and helps to smooth out and rejuvenate the face. However, have in mind that the longevity of the dermal fillers varies.

    Fillers can also aid you in attaining the sought-after curve dubbed the Ogee curve. Visit the mewing coach website to see the ogee curve explained.

    8. Laser treatment and Other Energy-Based devices

    It’s possible to target the malar bags and encourage collagen production with laser therapies and other energy-based tools like radiofrequency and ultrasound. These procedures tighten the overhanging skin and improve the look of the treated area.

    Prevention and Lifestyle Changes

    9. Limit Sun Exposure

    Too much sun exposure can harm the skin, speed up ageing, and cause festoons and other skin problems. You can avoid this by limiting your time in the sun, wearing sunblock with a high SPF, and using protective clothes.

    10. Ensure a Healthy Diet and Proper Hydration

    Festoon development can be avoided by maintaining a balanced diet and hydration. The skin can be nourished by eating foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. You can get glowing skin if you keep it moisturized and flexible by drinking lots of fluids and keeping a steady water intake.

    You may also lose excess facial fat, which will help you get hollow cheekbones- especially if you incorporate facial exercises like these 15 ways to get hollow cheeks!

    11. Quit Smoking and Reduce Alcohol Consumption

    Festoons can develop due to skin damage and accelerated ageing caused by smoking and alcohol consumption. You can improve the look of festoons and malar bags by quitting smoking and drinking fewer alcoholic beverages.

    Final thoughts

    Festoons and malar bags are two aesthetic concerns that may lead people to consider invasive treatments such as soof lift treatment combined with other surgeries. Surgery, however, can indeed be expensive and carries a certain risk. Fortunately, non-invasive methods can reduce the appearance of festoons and swelling.

    Festoons and malar bags can be treated non-surgically, and a healthy lifestyle can reduce the likelihood of getting them. It’s best to adopt healthy habits and try some of the aforementioned home remedies.

    Before deciding to undergo any other treatments you can try mewing to improve festoons and malar eye bags and see the benefits that the correct tongue posture will bring to the whole face.

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