Mewing Effect on Lips: A Non-Surgical Improvement |

Mewing Effect on Lips: A Non-Surgical Improvement


    Mewing is the gateway to a proportional face and symmetrical lips. Fans of this technique state it can reshape the whole facial posture.

    They also believe this non–invasive technique can improve the look of your jaw and reshape it, combat sleep apnea, make your lips more prominent, and even straighten your teeth without the help of orthodontic appliances.

    In this in-depth guide, you’ll read about:

    • 📑 Why mewing is a great method to improve and lift your lip shape
    • 📌 The expected changes your mouth area will have from mewing
    • 👄 How to relax your mouth when mewing.

    So, can mewing lift your lips? Let’s explore.

    Mewing lips


    Mewing Is a Great Method to Improve Your Lips

    Let’s talk mewing! So, what is mewing exercise?

    Aside from cosmetic surgery and lip injections, mewing is the next best thing for an enhanced lip shape. This at-home method strengthens the tongue’s natural posture, which in turn aligns the nearby muscles and bones.

    The lips are altered by the mouth muscles as they contract, bringing them into alignment with the nose to create a balanced side profile. That said, you won’t see changes in the size of your lips – you can only accomplish this via a cosmetic treatment.

    Proponents of the mewing technique have witnessed other benefits besides proper tongue posture and improved lip shape. Consider these real mewing results, and you’ll get an idea of what we’re talking about.

    Let’s go over them now.

    Expected Changes to Your Lip From Mewing

    Let’s see what mewing does besides reshape your lip shape:

    Fuller Lips

    Mewing is all about breathing nasally, which is the correct type of breathing. This enables your maxilla to move upward and forward, lifting your face and supporting your facial muscles and bones.

    With the help of this technique and regular exercises, you’ll take advantage of your full genetic potential, and your lips will get a more prominent look. It is very useful for children, as their bones are still malleable, while for adults, it may take years to improve their lips.

    Improvement of the Nasolabial Angle

    The nasolabial angle depicts how the lips are aligned in relation to the nose. The general consensus is that the angle should be around 90 degrees to be considered “ideal.”

    People that decide to mew can alter the nasolabial angle and bring it to around 90 degrees – or improve it at the very least.

    Mewing improves the look of the nasolabial angle because the teeth are pushing forward on the lip while the maxilla is placed higher. With that, your lips are brought forward and are in better harmony with the nose and chin.

    Straightened Teeth and Improved Smile via Proper Tongue Posture

    When you practice proper oral posture, you will be able to lightly alter the teeth alignment and smile. Mewing patients believe that it can be a replacement for prescribed orthodontic treatment, such as braces.

    However, for this to work, the right mewing tongue posture must be implemented. You can also combine it with other techniques, such as proper spinal posture practices when sitting or standing.

    You can also try effective hard mewing, which applies more pressure to your palate with your tongue to get even faster results. Check out this article on how to rest teeth correctly when mewing.

    Lifted Jaw and Lips

    Mewing is a technique that also makes your jaw more pronounced and defined. In the social media world, they call it a “jawline you could grate cheese on”!

    This technique is also very popular with the male population since the size and strength of the lower jaw is a crucial parameter determining male attractiveness. Knowing this, we suggest you add mewing to your routine!

    Reasons You’d Like to Change the Way Your Lips Look

    Bigger and fuller are considered a sign of femininity, and many famous people get theirs done for this very reason. A fuller lip is considered ideal, while a thinner lip with little contour can usually cause frustration.

    Moreover, a full and soft lip is a symbol of youthfulness and, in some cases, can make you look younger. On the other hand, aging can reduce the contour and volume around the lip area.

    Most Effective Ways to Improve the Lips

    There are different ways to improve your lips and make them bigger and more attractive. But mewing is undoubtedly the go-to technique for this, as it’s original, free, and safe.

    In addition to mewing, can use lip exfoliator and moisturizer to moisturize and scrape the dead skin cells off your lips, so they have that prominent, sultry look. Applying red lipstick is another tip you can use to make your lips looks bigger.

    Fillers, implants, and lip injections are also other solutions. However, some of these are invasive and involve the protruding of skin and scars.

    Mewing Is Always the Most Effective Way

    The mewing tongue posture is always the best way to achieve full lips. However, you need constant and regular practice.

    The best thing about it is that it is beneficial not only for your face symmetry but also for your whole body posture. Your breathing will also improve, and you will get aligned teeth and a stronger jawline.

    With this technique, you can get to the bottom of everything affecting your facial features, including the appearance of your lip shape. But, be careful – if you mew wrong, it can lead to mewing failures and mistakes. App for Mewing Lips

    Can mewing help raise your lips? Yes, but you should probably get some assistance from a third party, such as the app.

    Answer a quick quiz and receive a workout exercise program to start performing the exercises needed to get a fuller lip, a more attractive look, and a strong facial bone structure. This will bring out your confidence and rejuvenate your look.

    There is also a pool of educational content, video guidance, and a personalized training program. Also, you can track your progress with time and target the areas where more improvement is needed.

    Final Say

    So, does mewing make your lips bigger? Not exactly, but it will enhance their shape, thus making them appear more luscious and full!

    So, if you really want to get a fuller lip and a lifted jaw and achieve face changes with mewing -give mewing a chance. Make the proper tongue position a habit, and start practicing soon as you can using the app!

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