How Can Mewing Affect Your Nose: Here Is What to Expect |

How Can Mewing Affect Your Nose: Here Is What to Expect


    Nose after mewing

    Mewing is an emerging non-surgical method to correct the posture of the face and mouth. Although seemingly simple, the method involves a specific tongue posture. Its proponents believe mewing could change some facial features and structurally alter the nasal and maxillary bones as well as the soft tissue.

    Mewing, in the broadest sense, refers to a series of mewing exercises that emphasize the placement of your tongue against the roof of your mouth (the hard palate in the nasal cavity). The objective is to see mewing nose results after consistent practice.

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    In this in-depth guide, you’ll read about:

    • 📑 Why mewing is a great method to improve your nose
    • 📌 The expected changes your nose will have from mewing
    • 🩹 How to know the difference between nose and mouth breathing.

    Curious to learn how your nose can change shape? Keep reading!


    Mewing Is a Great Method to Improve Your Nose

    If you wonder what is behind this method and how to mew properly to get the needed results, we’re here to give you the details. But wait – you first need to know how to place the teeth when mewing.

    Actually, you must relax and put the entire tongue, including the back of your tongue, against the roof of your mouth, with no mouth breathing. Also, the lower teeth should be placed behind your upper teeth, touching slightly.

    The nasal cavity consists of the hard palate, which is crucial for proper mewing. By engaging the hard palate by pressing your tongue against it, you’re automatically engaging your nose, too.

    Anyone can mew safely as long as they adopt the proper technique. Let’s see how mewing affects the entire look of your nose and helps you get rid of mouth breathing.

    Mewing straighten nose

    Mewing: Go-to Non-surgical Method to Improve Your Nose

    While doing mewing exercises, your entire jaw moves forward, and this provokes changes in the rest of your face. Note that mewing isn’t a magical cure for an “oversized” nose but can tremendously alter its general appearance, excluding its size. You’ll still have the same nose shape, but the soft tissue and features surrounding your nose will move forward, slightly reshaping it.

    This will make your nose appear less prominent, lowering the chances of you having a protruded nose. It will also diminish the nasal hump caused by facial recession.

    We will now discuss how mewing can reshape the facial features around your nose and improve nasal breathing.

    Mewing Makes Your Nose Less Prominent

    As mentioned above, mewing cannot change the actual nose shape, but it can affect some facial features around it (the nasal tissues), including the face tilt, facial plane, and the filter curve.

    Note: There are as many different nose shapes as there are people, and mewing works to improve each one, regardless of its look.

    Mewing Can Straighten the Nasal Septum

    By supporting the upper part of the bridge, the nasal bone can straighten the nasal septum, even in the most severe facial recession. Many proponents claim that mewing has helped them straighten a deviated septum, freeing the airways and improving their breathing!

    Mewing Improves Nasal Breathing

    Mewing accomplishes optimal breathing action by forcing correct tongue posture. In turn, you’ll notice your nasal breathing gradually become better. This is mainly because you cannot breathe through your mouth while mewing – you must do it through your nose.

    Air Filtering

    Consequently, nose breathing has many benefits for your body and overall health. One of the main benefits of this type of breathing is that it can reduce the chances of infection, as the nose can filter the harmful particles from the air outside.

    Regulating the Body Circulation

    Besides regulating the body temperature, mewing also regulates the blood flow and enables optimal blood circulation in the body. We use most of our breathing capacity while breathing through our noses.

    That is why you should try to make mewing a habit! With time, you will notice drastic tongue mewing results, and if you had problems like sleeping with your mouth shut, they will soon disappear.

    Some Reasons You’d Like to Change the Shape of Your Nose

    Mewing fix crooked nose

    Although the nose may not be the most important feature of your face, it may be your weakest feature!

    Moreover, you wouldn’t like to go under the knife and have rhinoplasty, an aesthetic surgery to reshape your nose that sometimes costs a fortune. So, you have opted for mewing, a natural and safe method that gives the best results for your nose if you do it properly and avoid errors in mewing.

    You may also have some breathing problems or have been breathing through your mouth since childhood – in which case, mewing will teach you how to breathe correctly.

    Nose Breathing vs. Mouth Breathing When Mewing

    Nose and mouth breathing impact on nose

    Mouth breathing can be a long-term problem mostly caused by a blocked or stuffy nose, swollen adenoids, or allergies.

    This can lead to a “mouth breather’s face” that is longer than the normal one. Mouth breathers have a tired look, narrow jaws, and low tongue posture. In some cases, a crooked nose and teeth may make an appearance.

    According to some scientists, this can also cause problems such as sleep apnea and snoring problems for mouth breathers.

    On the other hand, the “normal nose breather face” looks vastly different. Here we can notice the facial symmetry, correct placement of the tongue on the roof of the mouth, and gently sealed lips.

    When you start breathing normally, you will instantly have more energy! You’ll also observe your face slightly change shape.

    Most Effective Ways to Improve the Nose

    Since one of the most effective ways to improve your nose is by regular practice, you should know that the importance of tongue posture is vital for mewing. To see how to mew properly and track your mewing exercises, start using our application.

    With a quick quiz, you will get the workout program you need that suits your face in just a few minutes. You will start breathing correctly, which will lead to the reshaping of your face and better overall health.

    You can even get exercises from the hard mewing method, where you put more pressure on your tongue. So, download the application and reap all the mewing benefits from regular mewing!

    Final Say

    Do you feel like your nose affects your general appearance in a way you don’t like? You’re not alone!

    Many people struggle to accept their nose shape. However, there’s a way to improve it non-surgically.

    The best thing about mewing is that it can correct your posture, beautify your face, and improve your breathing. And while mewing cannot alter the size of your nose, it can make it less prominent.

    Start using the application today, and learn the art of practicing mewing correctly to improve the look of your face and nose!

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