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Unattractive Facial Features: Turning Imperfections into Strengths


    As the age-old saying goes, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” each and every one of us has unique traits and facial features that make us who we are. It’d be too harsh to say there are ugly people, but it all comes down to how we perceive ourselves.

    In all fairness, society isn’t making it easy on us to think of ourselves as beautiful. The attractive faces we are used to seeing on social media set often impossible to achieve goals. Nowadays, beauty standards are creating a barrier to social interaction, starting from high school to workspaces to romantic relationships.

    But what is considered an unattractive facial feature? Facial hair, double chins, uneven facial skin tone, and so on are all considered rather unattractive facial features that both men and women suffer from.

    However, not everything is lost, though. Mewing has recently become a widespread technique for enhancing facial features. The basics of mewing can be easily learned so you won’t lose anything but your chin fat.

    Here’s what you’ll also learn in this article:

    • 👄 Why physical appearance is important 
    • 💅 Non-invasive options to enhance facial features that are deemed unattractive
    • 💭 Things to consider before getting surgery

    Keep reading to find out more!

    Unattractive facial features


    The Importance of Physical Appearance in Society

    As we mentioned, how we perceive ourselves is largely conditioned by what society deems beautiful. If someone is self-conscious of their facial features, they’ll tend to hide away from people they know and don’t know, making it harder to connect to others and have healthy relationships.

    Throughout history, facial beauty and facial attractiveness have been linked to power — the more beautiful the person, the more powerful they are. So, has much changed over the years? We think not. Today, beautiful people get a free pass in life, and that’s just the way it is.

    Whether we want to admit it or not, society favors facial attractiveness and dictates how we should look. Plus, things worsen if we don’t fit the beauty standards, like having white teeth, a perfect pout, or high cheekbones.

    A List of the Most Common Facial Features Deemed Unattractive

    If we were to ask women which facial features they find unattractive in men, they’ll probably start with ungroomed beards, excessive back hair, nose hair, and acne. On the other hand, men find facial hair in women highly repulsive. Moreover, men are also not very keen on chubby cheeks and double chins.

    However, double chins are just one of the facial features considered ugly or unattractive, and here are the rest of them.

    Facial and Body Hair Repels the Opposite Sex

    Whether we’re talking about bushy brows, nose hair, or peach fuzz, facial hair is known to repel the opposite sex. For men, women with facial hair are much more attractive than women with crooked teeth, for example. According to women, unkempt hair is a major turn-off that shows women a man like that does not take care of other parts of his body, too.

    For women, a unibrow in men is as unattractive as nose hair. But what to do with all the facial hair? A wild beard that’s hard to tame? Do you make it a practice to remove it every couple of days? Do you go for a laser treatment? It’s basically up to you, as there are plenty of options. If you’re totally fine with your body or facial hair, we applaud you! (although society might not be on the same level).

    Chubby Cheeks Aren’t Always Cute

    Not everyone would agree that chubby cheeks are considered attractive — women find this facial feature most unattractive in themselves. Even though a round face with fuller cheeks might be considered cute, chubby cheeks are still considered unsightly and overshadow other possibly positive facial traits.

    Luckily, there are noninvasive ways to reduce cheek fat and achieve a more sculpted look. Other than helping with your jawline getting a more defined appearance, mewing can also slim your cheeks and create an illusion of a toned face that’s been well taken care of.

    Nose Hairs Are a No-No

    We would probably all agree that nose hairs are a huge turnoff regardless of whether they are visible in men or women. As we grow older, especially men, nose hair grows thicker and longer.

    To make sure you get rid of nose hair the safest, forget about tweezers. Go for trimmers and round-tipped scissors specially designed to clip nose hair safely. Trimming nose hair only takes a minute, but if it slips your mind, it will deter your date even faster.

    Flawed Teeth Kill the Look

    No matter if you have stunning green eyes and a perfect pout — if your teeth are wonky, nothing else matters. Bad teeth can repel the opposite sex faster than anything else. A set of pearly whites is one of the main traits a person notices in another person. For centuries, people with evenly spaced, white teeth have been considered more attractive, even if missing other beauty traits like round eyes or high cheekbones.

    However, sometimes, no matter how good you are at oral hygiene, if you suffer from bruxism, your teeth can easily decay and ruin your overall appearance. Speaking of bruxism, it’s been shown that mewing helps prevent bruxism greatly.

    An Unattractive Mouth Speaks Volumes

    People with thin lips have long been considered unattractive and often struggle with low self-esteem. But what exactly is considered a bad mouth? A weirdly shaped mouth, a small one, or uneven lips can be a deal-breaker for men.

    In addition, if you suffer from TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder, your jaw could be in a lot of pain and cause your mouth to deform. Thankfully, TMJ disorder and mewing go well together to help you relieve the pain.

    Bad Skin Is More than a Flaw

    Having bad skin is hard enough on the person suffering from different skin conditions, let alone dealing with people’s opinions. Acne-prone skin, redness, uneven tone, and blemishes are considered traits of bad skin.

    Luckily, there are natural remedies that help with minimizing acne and blemishes. In addition, this guide on skin elasticity improvement can be of great help in achieving more healthy-looking skin.

    Weak Jaws Mean Weak Allure

    Undefined jaws in men are commonly regarded as flaws and attractive facial features by women. Other than genetic predispositions, weak jaws can be the result of collagen and elastin loss, which has become more prominent over the years. As we get older, our skins lose collagen and begin to sag.

    The good news is there are ways to improve the jawline so that not all is lost. Moreover, overbites or underbites can also weaken the jawline. Fixing underbite by mewing is slowly becoming a trending practice that has helped men achieve a more masculine-looking jaw.

    Double Chins, Double the Unattractiveness

    As we mentioned, a double chin is one of the most hated facial features rendering a person unattractive. However, you should know that a double chin is not necessarily here to stay — there’s something you can do about it. There are exercises to reduce the double chin that has proven to be efficient in getting rid of chin fat.

    Wrinkles Have to Go

    Another trait of beautiful people is a wrinkle-free face. As we age, our body loses collagen, and elasticity levels drop, hence, wrinkles. So, how do you get rid of them? Dermal fillers are one option to deal with deep and minor wrinkles, and a brow lift is another surgical method that eliminates wrinkles. A common facial area that is most prone to wrinkles is the forehead.

    If your forehead is smooth, your whole face will seem more toned and youthful, which a lot of people find pretty attractive.

    A Tight Neck Is as Essential as a Defined Jaw

    If we ask men what is the single female feature that’s most alluring to them, the majority of them will say a tight, slim neck, and we agree. Turkey necks are a trait no one wants, and rightfully so. Thankfully, there are ways for us to tighten our necks without going under the knife. Other than mewing, you can do some face-toning exercises that’ll help with tightening the loose neck skin.

    Non-Invasive Ways to Boost and Improve your Facial Features

    Luckily for everyone struggling with some flaw in their appearance, there is an efficient way to turn the table in your favor. For instance, if your face is asymmetrical, you can pair mewing vs facial asymmetry and see results after some practice.

    Other than mewing, makeup techniques can also help, and so can particular hairstyles. Without further ado, let’s have a closer look at some non-surgical methods to help you boost your self-confidence by enhancing your physical appearance.

    Makeup Techniques for Contouring and Highlighting

    You’ve probably seen hundreds of makeover videos showing the unmatched power of makeup. With the right makeup techniques, you can make your nose look smaller, your jawline more defined, or even your eyes bigger.

    For some time now, contouring has taken the beauty world by storm, showing people that by knowing what part of your face to accentuate and what to downplay, you can end up looking like a supermodel! In all fairness, though, too much makeup can be a dealbreaker, so keep modesty in mind.

    Skincare Routines for Improving Complexion and Texture

    Adopting a skin routine that works can help your facial features become more radiant and nurtured. For instance, makeup artists suggest sticking to a 3-step routine for the best results: clean, tone, and moisturize. That way, you’ll be helping your skin stay dewy and healthy.

    Moreover, other than skincare, people also choose to try face toning and slimming exercises.

    Hair Styling for Framing the Face

    A nice blowout can make all the difference to your overall appearance, but particular hairstyles can even make a greater difference. Regardless of your face shape, or the length and texture of your hair, face-framing hairstyles always work.

    For your next trip to the salon, consider getting a face-framing fringe, long low-maintenance layers, or chin-length layers and see the difference.

    Mewing as a Non-Surgical Option to Enhance Facial Features

    For some time now, mewing has become a popular non-invasive, face-restructuring technique practiced by both men and women. The essence of mewing revolves around tongue placement. Those in favor of mewing swear by the technique that had helped them enhance their facial features, especially the jawline.

    Surgical Options to Enhance Facial Features

    As opposed to non-surgical face restructuring techniques, surgery comes into play whenever there’s a medical concern involved. For instance, minor facial asymmetry can be addressed by non-invasive facial methods, but if there’s major asymmetry on the face that’s impeding muscular function, then surgical procedures are suggested.

    • Facelift for sagging skin and wrinkles: People that have had enough of their skin perpetually sagging with age choose to go for a facelift and have the matter resolved professionally. Before face-lifting started trending in hot plastic surgery procedures, the method was only suggested for people over 60. Today, even 40-year-olds choose to have a facelift if they notice their skin elasticity has declined.
    • Rhinoplasty for a misshapen or oversized nose: If you’re born with a rather big nose or a crooked one, you don’t have to bear the consequences. Besides non-invasive ways to enhance nasal features, rhinoplasty is one of the most popular surgical approaches to mending a misshapen or broken nose that’s preventing you from breathing properly.
    • Chin augmentation or reduction for an uneven or recessed chin: Chin augmentation procedures are mostly practiced by men looking for a defined jawline. However, it isn’t uncommon for women to go for chin augmentation fillers, as more and more of them find defined jawlines essential for overall attractiveness. As a surgical procedure, chin augmentation works by adding chin implants to move the bones in the chin to either enlarge the jaw, reduce it, or fix jaw asymmetry.
    • Eyelid surgery for drooping or puffy eyelids: Medically known as blepharoplasty, the procedure involves small incisions on the creases of the eyelids to snip the excess skin from the area, as well as get rid of any fat causing the eyelids to sag.
    • Lip augmentation for thin or uneven lips: When it comes to the lips, women tend to be more aware of their role in overall attractiveness. Namely, a woman with thin lips sees herself as unattractive, which is why she’ll probably turn to lip fillers to boost the volume of the lips.

    Things to Consider Before Getting Facial Surgery

    Before you convince yourself you need surgery to enhance your facial appearance, be mindful to understand the details around the procedure. From having an honest talk with your surgeon about what to expect to the estimated recovery period and aftercare, let’s go through some of the leading considerations regarding plastic surgery.

    • Consult with a plastic surgeon or another medical professional: Having an honest talk with a surgeon can help you understand what the procedure entails, what you should expect out of it, as well as how long it would take.
    • Risks and potential complications of surgery: As with any surgery, there are risks, and understanding what those are will help you determine whether you’re making the right choice. A surgeon is obligated to familiarize you with the risks of the procedure as well as the complications that may occur.
    • Cost and financing options: Surgeries are expensive, regardless of whether they are aesthetic or medically essential. The cost of the surgery should be discussed upfront, so you can see whether you can afford it or not. In addition, some beauty clinics offer financing options, so it would be a good idea to ask for these.
    • Recovery time and aftercare: Understanding the duration of recovery will help you plan ahead and be able to take care of yourself post-surgery. Your surgeon should be able to explain the details of recovery and aftercare so you can go about your day properly.
    • Potential for unrealistic expectations and dissatisfaction: A lot of men and women that choose plastic surgery come to the appointment with pretty unrealistic expectations that subsequently lead to dissatisfaction with the procedure. Plastic surgery can only do so much, so it’s better to grasp the concept properly and remember what the surgeon tells you, expectation-wise.
    • Mewing as a long-term solution and alternative to surgery: As we mentioned, mewing is a non-invasive facial restructuring technique that’s deemed a surgery alternative. By understanding the basics of mewing, you’ll be able to train your facial muscles to work in the most efficient manner to help you get a slimmer face, a more defined jawline, and so on.

    Common Questions

    How to Accept Being Ugly?

    Try to see the good things about yourself instead of focusing on what you don’t like. Everyone has their own unique qualities that make them special. Instead of worrying about how you look, focus on being kind, friendly, and confident. When you feel good about who you are, others will see it too!

    What Does An Ugly Person Look Like?

    Being nice isn’t just about how you look. It’s about how you treat others and how you make them feel. Being kind, caring, and respectful are all important qualities that make someone truly nice. When you show kindness to others, you’ll find that people are drawn to you and want to be your friend.

    Why Do I Feel Ugly?

    Building self-confidence takes time, but there are things you can do to help yourself feel better. Surround yourself with supportive friends who lift you up and make you feel good about yourself. Focus on your strengths and the things you’re good at. And remember, it’s okay to make mistakes – they’re a natural part of learning and growing!

    Why Am I So Ugly Compared To Everyone Else?

    Feeling different from others is totally normal, especially during middle school when everyone is trying to figure out who they are. Instead of worrying about fitting in, embrace what makes you unique. Whether it’s your interests, talents, or personality traits, those differences are what make you special. So be proud of who you are and know that you’re not alone in feeling this way.


    Coming to terms with how we look might be easier said than done. If we look in the mirror and don’t like what we see, there are ways to help us enhance that particular version of ourselves.

    From mewing to skincare routines to face contouring, there are many ways we can enhance even the ugliest features in ourselves. By doing so, we’ll be boosting our self-confidence and overall appearance.

    As one of the most widespread non-invasive facial restructuring techniques, mewing has helped thousands of people boost their facial features in a safe manner that delivers long-term results. However, mewing should be done under professional guidance to ensure proper results.

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