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Face Toning and Slimming Exercises: Most Effective Methods


    Keeping taut, beautiful, smooth skin can become challenging as we age. Our skin sags, so the face may lose the beauty it once held. But saggy skin is not the only reason for that. Many don’t pay attention to the fact that our face has more than fifty muscles, but, unfortunately, we rarely use half of them.

    If you want to tone your face and bring it to the state it once was, you don’t have to go through invasive treatments such as injections and lasers – face exercises are the natural way to keep the skin healthy and firm!

    They improve blood circulation to the face, reloading the oxygen supply in the muscles and skin, thus giving it back the youthful radiance. If you’re thinking about whether you should try them and which ones to start with, this article can give you all the relevant information you need.

    What’s more, you will learn:

    💆‍♀️ How you can improve skin muscle tone and elasticity.

    ✔ Different exercises and methods for ideal skin tone.

    👄 What the mewing technique is and how it can help!

    Let’s jump straight to business and learn more about how to tone your face and reduce skin aging. You can also broaden the scope and read up on how to improve facial skin elasticity.

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    What Are the Benefits of Face Toning Exercises?

    Like all muscles, facial muscles become stronger when using them constantly. But you are not always aware of half of them, meaning you can’t properly utilize them. Luckily, there are face exercises that are a wonderful way to keep your face looking and feeling good.

    If you perform face toning exercises consistently, you will keep your face looking youthful. Different moves will target different muscles, improving elasticity, circulation, and oxygenation, as well as having plenty of other benefits.

    Below we’ll go through some of the most common advantages of face exercises.

    Improved Facial Muscles Tone and Elasticity

    After age 20, our bodies produce 1% less collagen, a protein responsible for skin firmness, so our skin thins as we age. Regular face exercises can help with that. Namely, face exercises stimulate the production of elastin and collagen.

    This improves the health of your skin, making it look younger and more resilient. Having more elasticity means fewer wrinkles and getting the appearance of a smoother face.

    Increased Circulation and Oxygenation

    Facial exercises are natural methods to increase blood circulation to your face.  By increasing the blood flow, face muscle exercises supply nutrients to your skin cells, stimulating wrinkle prevention and skin cell regeneration.

    Since they increase microcirculation and oxygenation of cells, they also give your complexion a more balanced and luminous appearance.

    Reduced Appearance of Wrinkles and Fine Lines

    Natural collagen levels decline with age, resulting in sagging skin, and losing tone; hence wrinkles become more visible. Face exercises are effective in reducing wrinkles and preventing the aging process from starting prematurely. This type of exercise is designed to reduce wrinkles, fill hollow cheeks, and minimize other aging signs.

    Enhanced Facial Contours and Definition

    Face exercises reduce the sagging while giving you a healthy glow and bright complexion. They may also improve facial contour by helping face fat loss, especially double chin removal. In addition, building facial muscle may help keep fat where it belongs, making your face more defined.

    Natural Facelift

    Instead of going with the cosmetic procedure of facelifting that tightens the skin to make it look younger, why not give the natural way a try? Face exercises are a safer alternative that can aid in tightening the facial muscles, reducing wrinkles, and giving you a firmer appearance.

    The Wonders of Mewing

    One of the best ways to tone your face is by using the simple method of mewing. When explaining what mewing is, we must emphasize that this is a safe and natural technique that, when done consistently, can bring significant results.

    In its essence, mewing is a self-help facial restructuring method that involves correct tongue alignment. In fact, some medical professionals recommend proper tongue placement to define the jaw, correct speech impediments, and relieve pain from jaw-related problems.

    This technique is about retraining the normal tongue alignment and teaching it to adapt to a new posture. To mew properly, you need to close your lips, relax your tongue and place it completely against the mouth roof. Remember that you will need some practice for this; however, your muscles will get used to the new posture over time.

    The non-surgical method can improve your beauty by carving out the cheekbones and giving a more defined jawline. Mewing is also recommended for developing a smaller chin, more prominent jawline, teeth alignment, etc. So, you need to mew to change your face features.

    With mewing, you can, without procedures, tone your face and jawline, making mewing the best method for face toning. As you can see, mewing works wonders.

    And the best part is that you can do mewing anywhere, anytime, with our Mewing.Coach app. This coach will keep reminding you when you need to mew, give you some tips and mewing benefits for your overall health, and serve as your mewing supporter throughout the whole process!

    Other Popular Facial Exercise Techniques

    Everyone wants a flawless skin complexion and a toned face, so many turn to invasive techniques. But as we have shown you above, there are other ways; in fact, there are plenty of facial exercises that can have a similar effect as mewing.

    In the sections below, we’ve got the face yoga method covered, as well as elaborated more on other exercises to make your face look more expressive.

    Facial Yoga

    Facial yoga can help combat the appearance of wrinkles by tightening the skin. In addition, it boosts confidence because looking good often leads to feeling good.

    But facial yoga doesn’t have to be only about exercising; in fact, it can be relaxing and therapeutic. So, aside from improving your looks, these exercises can improve your mental and physical health by improving your self-esteem and decreasing stress.

    One of the most popular face yoga exercises is the cheek and the brow lifter. Here is what you need to do so you can successfully complete the cheek lifter exercise:

    • First, you need to form an “O” with the mouth for the cheek lifter.
    • Next, lift your cheek muscles by placing the upper lip over your teeth and smiling.
    • Place your index fingers on the cheek muscles beneath your eyes.
    • Lower your cheek muscles by relaxing them.
    • With the muscles pushed up toward your eyes, smile again.
    • Repeat ten times.

    For the brow raiser, you need to do the following:

    • Open the eyes widely by putting three fingertips under your brows.
    • As you lower them against the fingers, smile and hold.
    • Then, with your eyes closed, roll your eyeballs to the top of the head.
    • Continue to smile and hold for at least twenty seconds.

    And if you’re noticing saggy neck skin, do facial yoga to make your neck muscles firmer, which will result in tighter skin around your neck. It is best to lie on the back, raise your chin, and make an in-and-out motion with the jaw. Then, relax your jaw, and repeat for another 30 seconds.

    Learning Facial Resistance

    Facial exercises must include strength training of the muscles. This is where a particular set of exercises, called facial resistance exercises, can come in handy. Namely, these exercises require adding more pressure to the muscles so that there is better muscle contraction.

    For example, one good facial resistance exercise is a face burpee. To perform this facial exercise, use the middle fingers as resistance by pressing down on the brows. Then, push them up for five seconds.

    Practicing Face Lifting Workouts

    Lifting exercises are one of the best facial exercises. You can try the following workout:

    • To raise the folds around your nose, smile broadly while pressing your middle fingers between the lips and nose folds.
    • Next, try lifting your facial muscles and place the fingertips into them for resistance. This facial exercise will aid you in getting rid of cheek fat naturally while strengthening the cheek muscles, resulting in plump cheeks.

    And if you want to tighten the skin on the forehead, frown as hard as you can, trying to bring your brows closer together. Then, raise your brows as high as possible while widening your eyes. Repeat these steps five times.

    Chew Gum

    As weird as it may sound, chewing gum is a great facial exercise; however, note that it will not work miracles overnight, but with consistent practice, you will have the desired results. It is one of the most straightforward exercises and one of the best double chin reduction exercises.

    Chewing gum works your facial muscles and can cause them to tighten. It keeps your face and chin muscles in constant motion, which aids in fat loss. It also helps lift your chin. Doing this for an hour daily can assist you in losing fat from the face and thus expressing your jaw.

    Facial Expressions Can Also Be Exercises

    There are some practical face-toning expression exercises. You can start by closing the lips and smiling before sucking in as much of the cheeks as possible. Stay in that position for at least eight seconds before releasing, and repeat five times.

    And if you want to reduce the appearance of laugh lines around the mouth, the puffer fish press is the proper exercise for you. First, puff up the cheeks and close the mouth. Repeat for 30 seconds by moving the air from one cheek to the other.

    Use Jade Rollers or Gua Sha Tools for a Facial Massage

    After doing facial exercises, you can go a step further and massage away the tension with jade rollers or gua sha tools. This will smooth the skin and soothe the muscles.

    These tools are relatively cool to the touch and retain their coolness even when they come in contact with the skin. Massaging the face with them increases blood flow, making the skin appear brighter, as cooling aids in brightening the complexion and reducing puffiness.

    You can also add some face oils or other skin care products to get the best results, as oxygen will be transported to the skin cells allowing skincare products to penetrate deeper into your skin tissue. This way, you can reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

    Can Face Exercises Really Work?

    The results of facial exercises, like any other physical exercise, can be noticed if they are diligently incorporated into your daily routine. Consistency is key when it comes to getting a toned face the natural way.

    Taking half an hour out of your day each day can truly make a difference in the long run. Consistent use of face exercises has shown to be beneficial for rejuvenation and tightening facial areas prone to early signs of aging, like your cheeks, forehead muscles, and the area around your eyes.

    What’s also important is not to forget to target the neck as well. Since a facial exercise can help you lift and firm all the muscles beneath the skin, it’s good to also put some effort into the neck, as this will prevent sagging of the skin and reduce facial fat.

    Some exercises, like massages, can help prevent the occurrence of expression lines by relaxing overactive muscles while toning weaker muscles.

    Factors to Consider When Doing Facial Exercises

    Before you start doing facial exercises, you need to check some things. In the following sections, we’ll briefly go through the factors that you need to consider so you can ensure a safe and effective face-toning process.

    Your Health

    If you have any underlying health conditions, consult your healthcare provider before starting any new exercise routine. This way, you can safely carry on the workouts without any worry of side effects.

    Can You Use Moisturizers and Oils?

    You can use oils, lotions, or moisturizers with facial exercises to help smooth each movement and prevent pulling on the skin. For example, when doing a massage, it’s highly recommended to use a face oil as it has a revitalizing effect and will promote healthy skin.

    Are There Limits to Doing Facial Exercises?

    Every body has a different set of limits for different things, including doing facial workouts. So, before starting the exercises, make sure you set a limit that is comfortable for you. Don’t overdo it because you can have a countereffect – stretching out the skin instead of tightening it.

    Should You Increase the Intention Gradually?

    As we mentioned, first, know your starting limits. After that, you can begin increasing the pressure and time of doing the exercises. Make sure you don’t pull or tug at the skin, but also don’t be overly gentle – muscles must be exercised to remain strong and healthy.

    Balance Your Skincare Routine

    If you already have a skincare routine, make sure you balance it out with the exercises, as too much can have a counter effect. Most people go with simple products like vitamin C serum because it can stimulate collagen production. It will provide antioxidants to the skin cells and boost natural collagen levels.

    Wrapping Up

    Even though aging is a natural and beautiful process, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can negatively impact a person’s confidence. Cosmetic procedures to help with skin tightening are invasive and costly, but luckily face exercises are free.

    There are plenty of options when it comes to these exercises. One example that can bring good results is mewing. When done correctly, this exercise can strengthen all the muscles that are saggy, tighten the skin, soften or get rid of aging signs, and bring many other benefits. You can download our Mewing.Coach app today and start exercising the wrinkles away!

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