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Best Kinds of Chewing Gum For Jawline Gains


    A perfectly defined jawline is inseparable from an attractive and healthy physique. But how exactly can you get that perfectly defined jawline?

    The answer is simple – you start with chewing gum!

    JAWLINER Is Our Top Pick

    Best chewing gum for jawline

    Sounds too simple? Read on to find out all the details:

    📖 The effects of chewing gum on your jawline.
    🔎 Discover the other benefits of gum-chewing.
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    Chewing and Jaw Muscles

    Usually, chewing (mastication) is a simple physical activity that doesn’t require any particular skill or strength. But chewing gum activates eight different muscles in the face, four of which are major facial muscles.

    The four main masticatory muscles are:

    • The masseter muscle – This is the main muscle for chewing and the strongest muscle in the body. Masseter muscles allow you to close the jaw with a maximum bite force of 200 pounds.
    • The temporalis muscle – It enables side-to-side motion necessary for chewing, grinding the teeth, and closing the mouth.
    • The lateral pterygoid muscle – It’s located underneath the masseter muscle, helps with all the chewing motions, and allows for the projection of the lower jaw.
    • The medial pterygoid muscle – Just like the lateral pterygoid muscles, medial pterygoids are underneath the masseter and assist with the same motions.

    Munching on chewing gum requires strength so you can build muscle and make your jawline stronger. But here’s the catch – some chewing gums are not the safest option for jaw training due to wrong angles.

    Jawliner is the safest option out there

    Hard chewing gum for jawline

    The History of Chewing Gum

    It’s believed that early chewing gums were made from the sap of certain trees, such as spruce. Our ancestors would chew on tree sap to keep hunger at bay, relieve pain, or strengthen their jaw muscles so they could eat raw and unprocessed foods. But chewing gum has come a long way since then.

    Thomas Adams is considered the inventor of modern chewing gum. He started experimenting with chicle (natural gum collected from certain South American trees) and, by the late 1880s, produced chewing gum on a large scale.

    At about the same time Adams was mass-producing chewing gum, William Wrigley Jr. entered the market. In 1893, he launched two new gum brands – Wrigley’s Spearmint and Juicy Fruit.

    Today, chewing gum is sold on every corner, and you can buy it in various shapes, sizes, and flavors. But besides being a great way to activate your chewing muscles, it has numerous other health benefits, and it’s also one of the best jaw training tips.

    Not All Chewing Gums are Equal

    Best gum for jawline

    Soon after synthetic substances started being used in gum production, manufacturers started experimenting with shape and flavor and, later on, with specific ingredients, too. So naturally, today, we have a wide variety of chewing gum we can choose from.

    Below are some factors that can determine the type of gum.

    The Shape of Gum

    The two most common shapes of chewing gum are the stick shape and the pellet shape, but there are plenty of other shapes to choose from. Ball gum, tube gum, and ribbon gum are just some of the fun forms gum is sold in.

    The Variety of Flavors

    Chewing gum is sold in a wide array of flavors. The fact that any artificial flavor can be added to the gum base allows manufacturers to offer the same product with a different twist.

    Some of the most popular flavors include mint, spearmint, strawberry, watermelon, cherry, blueberry, and licorice.

    And we have to mention the rise of sugar-free gum. To avoid increased sugar consumption, manufacturers started sweetening traditional gum with artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. This type of gum protects dental health without losing any of its flavors.

    The Many Purposes of Chewing Gum

    Chewing gum can also be created for a specific purpose. Examples include medicated gum, nicotine gum, weight loss gum, antioxidant gum, and vitamin gum.

    There are also chewing gums designed specifically for oral health. Some of them provide fresh breath, others clean and whiter teeth. And yes, chewing gum is also used for jawline improvement.

    The list of the best chewing gums for a toned jawline includes Jawline Gum, Mastic gum, Falim gum, and your traditional chewing gums.

    Where Can I Buy Jawline Gum?

    Chewing gum is one of the cheapest ways to lose a double chin and get a chiseled jaw. If you’ve decided to fix these problems by chewing gum, you’ll need information on where to purchase these different gums. And here’s where:

    • Jawline Gum – The official website of JAWLINER
    • Mastic gum – Amazon, but also plenty of other online retailers
    • Falim gum – Online or anywhere in Turkey
    • Regular gum – Online or in every physical shop

    Compared to natural mastic and Falim gum, Jawline Gum is the most affordable option. You can get a pack of 25 pieces for around $30, and most sellers offer full refunds if you don’t get results. Additionally, all orders above $60, which is a year’s supply, come with free shipping.

    Should I Buy A JAWLINER Trainer Instead?

    JAWLINER gums are made to build a well-defined jawline. They are more like jawline training devices that come with different resistance levels and can last up to three months.

    While JAWLINER products are best for short-term growth, if you combine them with daily mewing practices, the results will remain for a long time.

    Grab A Starter Pack And Give JAWLINER A Try

    Jaw strengthening gum

    Jawline Gum Overview

    The Jawline Gum is designed to get you a chiseled jawline. It is 10 times harder than regular chewing gum and provides the resistance needed for stronger jaw muscles and well-defined jawline cheekbones.

    Since Jawline Gum is artificially produced, it comes in even-size pieces and a variety of flavors – the most popular being mint. And if you’re intent on chewing sugar-free gum to protect dental health, then the Jawline Gum is the right choice for you. Plus, it’s 100% vegan and decreases your cravings for sugary and fatty foods, making it great for reducing double chin!

    For optimal results, you need to chew the Jawline Gum for 10 to 30 minutes a day, and the effects should be visible on your jaw after going through one pack of Jawline Gum.

    How Effective Can Mastic Gum Be?

    Mastic gum is derived from the drops of resin from mastic trees, which are native to the Middle East and Greece (particularly the island of Chios). This type of gum has been used for centuries, and if you want to know how to widen your jaw, mastic gum can do the trick!

    What makes mastic gum the best chewing gum is the fact that it’s completely natural. The gum from the mastic tree has a cedar flavor that doesn’t diminish regardless of how long you chew on it. It’s also sugar-free, anti-bacterial, and, surprisingly, reusable.

    Chewing on mastic gums can also help you lose weight and reduce fat deposits in the chin and neck area and improve your tongue posture.

    If you decide on giving mastic gum a go, below, you’ll find listed the best mastic gums available on the market:

    • Greek Chios Mastic Gum
    • Solaray Mastic Gum Extract
    • Krinos Imported Mastic Gum
    • Nutricology Mastic Gum

    Why Choose Falim Gum to Train Your Jaw?

    By now, you know that the answer to “Does chewing gum transform jawline?” is yes. Aside from the mentioned gums, another helpful way is the so-called Falim gum.

    Falim is a traditional Turkish gum, and even though it’s harder than regular gum, it’s softer than both mastic and Jawline Gum. It has been described as chewier than other jaw-strengthening gums, and it’s quite cheap compared to the alternatives.

    The Falim gum is artificially produced, so there’s a whole palette of flavors available. It also contains E321 or Butyl hydroxytoluene – a synthetic antioxidant. There have been some claims that such antioxidants can be harmful, but as long as you’re consuming small amounts of them, you should experience no negative effects.

    It’s recommended that you chew on Falim gum for a few weeks before you start chewing on a harder type of gum.

    Traditional Chewing Gums

    Regular chewing gum is the most affordable and easily available product if you want to enter the world of jawline exercise and mewing. If you’re unfamiliar with the practice of mewing, we have explained mewing exercises in another article.

    Traditional chewing gums can be sugar-free and chemical-free, so if you want to maintain optimal oral health or just munch on some chewing gum, you can turn to regular gum.

    However, if you’re after a stronger jawline, it’ll take you years to strengthen it with regular chewing gum. It’s best to go with a jawline trainer, but if you don’t want to go all in yet, try out Jawline chewing gum, which is only a bit harder than traditional chewing gums.

    Jawline Chewing Gum Is A Good Compromise

    Best jaw training gum

    Who Should Start With Regular Gum?

    Anyone can start with regular gum, as it is a great way to learn the correct tongue posture for a sculpted jawline. However, regular gum is not enough to make the jaw and the masseter muscles extra defined. You can combine regular gum with the mewing technique of tongue chewing to get the best results.

    How Long Does It Take to Chew Gum for Jawline?

    Chewing gum won’t get you a toned jawline overnight; you need to keep at it for some time, although the best chewing gum should show results after a month of use.

    It’s best not to rely solely on gum – throw mewing in the mix as well. You can read more about how mewing can change your face and be convinced that this is the best way to go.

    Risks of Gum Chewing

    Excessively chewing gum can have negative effects on your health. Some of the risks include:

    • Tooth decay & cavities
    • Jaw pain/ Facial pain
    • Ear ache
    • Pain while chewing
    • Locking or clicking of the joints and other symptoms of TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder
    • Stomach conditions

    Always be careful when chewing harder gum and if you notice any of the listed symptoms, make sure to consult a doctor.

    Which Gum is Best for Jawline?

    Choosing the best chewing gum for jawline definition is difficult, as each of them comes with certain disadvantages. However, if you want to settle for one, we recommend going with a jawline trainer or jawline chewing gum from JAWLINER.

    The Best Jawline Chewing Gum Right Now

    Keep in mind that jawline gum is extra hard, so be careful not to overwork your jaw. The winning combination is that of jawline trainer and hard mewing for more advanced users.

    Another Great Option to Build Your Facial Muscles

    Chewing gum is not the only way to define your jaw. Mewing is a great practice that can help you get a chiseled jawline without putting anything in your mouth and risking damage to the teeth, dental fillings, or braces. This technique can even help with your overall posture, as posture causes a double chin and various other problems.

    If you don’t know how to mew, don’t worry – get our app and learn it quickly and for free, meaning you don’t have to keep making purchases to see results. The app can help you get the desired jawline in the healthiest way possible, so it’s definitely worth looking into!

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